Toronto Mayor Admits Smoking Crack, Rand Paul Addresses Lack of Citing in Works, Works with McConnell on National Right-to-Work Law: P.M. Links


  • Won't somebody think of the regulations?
    Credit: Chris_Parfitt / / CC BY

    The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has finally admitted to smoking crack, probably in a "drunken stupor" (his actual words). He says he is not an addict and is refusing calls to resign.

  • In the wake of his plagiarism scandal, Sen. Rand Paul acknowledged that anecdotes in his material had not been properly "sourced and vetted" and will be implementing a new process.
  • In other Paul-related news, he's working with fellow Sen. Mitch McConnell to try to append national right-to-work legislation to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
  • A New Jersey couple is suing over the state's ban of therapy to try to turn gay kids straight, saying it denies their right to seek treatment for their teen son.
  • Officials in Eastvale, Calif., are going door-to-door checking dog licenses to justify their expensive contract with the county in response to complaints about loose dogs.
  • The latest limp White House defense of the Obamacare disaster and the president's untruthful statements about citizens being able to keep their insurance policies is that Barack Obama lacks the ability to go back in time and not say those things.

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