Some Kanye West Merchandise Emblazoned With Confederate Flag, "Ain't Coming Down"

How to nurture controversy for profit 101


Kanye West and the Confederate battle flag. That's the discussion.

It's not about race relations or a relic's true meaning. It's not about whether a group can co-opt a pejorative of which they've historically been the butt and make it their own, much like the gay community did with "queer" or African-Americans did with the n-word.

No, the conversation is about West and that flag.

The rapper thrust himself into the spotlight, yet again, with news that several pieces of merchandise from his Yeezus tour are emblazoned with the controversial Southern Cross. At his tour store in Los Angeles, a replica of the flag is affixed to the wall with red tape and adorned with the words, "I ain't coming down."

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  1. This is funnier than shit. I just skimmed the article, btu it wonders if this is like gays co-opting queer and blacks co-opting nigger; what will all the good ole rednecks do if their beloved flag suddenly shows up on half the clothing worn by blacks? Or if blacks start plastering the flag on their cars?

    Just cracks me up. I couldn’t tell Kanye West from Pole South or Berlin East, but I’ll root for him.

    And I hope he follows up with a line of white hoodies emblazoned with KKK, for Kanye Kardashian Klothing.

    This is just fantastic. I lobe this kind of shit.

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