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2 The Corruptions of Being the World's Policeman

Obama's Syria blunder demonstrates the folly of playing international sheriff. Matt Welch

6 Contributors

7 Letters and Reaction

When policing becomes harassment…

12 Citings Gun grabs; SCOTUS v. freedom; cellphone tracking; ObamaCare for thee; online surveillance; change stupid immigration laws…


8 Eric Holder's Prison Break

The attorney general's belated but welcome criticism of mass incarceration and mandatory minimums. Jacob Sullum

10 No Utopia for Detroit

Until the Motor City fixes its services, liberal and libertarian renewal ideas will remain fantasy. Shikha Dalmia

18 The Kids Aren't All Right Younger Americans are being suffocated by spending, subsidies, and debt. Veronique de Rugy

54 Five Phony Public Health Scares

Activist misinformation harms Americans. Ronald Bailey

70 Drinking for Charity

The rise of the philanthropub. Greg Beato


20 Pot Goes Legit

What the end of prohibition looks like in Colorado. Jacob Sullum

24 Colorado's Rump Prohibitionists

A Denver suburb tries to opt out of marijuana legalization. Jacob Sullum

28 Marijuana Money Muddle

How does a pot dealer pay taxes and write checks? Jacob Sullum

32 Too Stoned to Drive?

Colorado's new DUID standard threatens to treat pot smokers as public menaces–even when they're not. Jacob Sullum

36 How to Break an American City

The municipal bankruptcy mess is heading to a local government near you. Shikha Dalmia, Eric Boehm, Scott Shackford, Ed Krayewski, and Steven Greenhut

48 The Scientific Case for Decriminalization

Neuroscientist Carl Hart on the fundamental ignorance that shapes our national conversation about drug policy.

Culture & Reviews

56 The Death of the Age of Stuff

Peter Bagge

Briefly Noted

60 Katherine Mangu-Ward on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black

62 Jacob Sullum on Nathan Belofsky's Strange Medicine

64 Brian Doherty on Evans, Galbraith, and Law's Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

66 Ed Krayewski on the film Fruitvale Station

60 Hardhats for Peace, Students for War The surprising shape of public opinion in the Vietnam era. Jesse WalkerHardhats, Hippies, and Hawks: The Vietnam Antiwar Movement as Myth and Memory, by Penny Lewis

64 The Myth of the Better War

Faulty history lures Americans into foolish interventions. Christopher Preble

Wrong Turn: America's Deadly Embrace of Counterinsurgency, by Colonel Gian Gentile

68 Meet the Vinyl Community

Welcome to a weird, wonderful world where people watch each other play old records on YouTube. Clark Stooksbury

72 Cops Give Seattle Stoners Special Doritos Snack food helps educate about legalization at Hempfest. Peter Suderman