NSA Expert Report Delayed by Two Weeks, White House Promises to Fix Obamacare Website by End of Next Month, Connecticut Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening New York Mets Over Social Media: P.M. Links


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    A two week delay of the report from an "expert" review panel on the NSA's spying practices has been blamed on the partial government shutdown. Leaked memos, meanwhile, show the United Kingdom's intelligence service worrying about legal challenges in the wake of revelations about its cooperation with the NSA and its own surveillance practices.

  • The Obama Administration says it'll have the Obamacare website "fixed" by November 30. An Obamacare subcontractor has been promoted to general contractor and charged with leading the effort. Democrats facing difficult re-election campaigns next year, meanwhile, are increasingly open to the idea of delaying Obamacare.
  • There is an all-time high of 1.2 million homeless students in US public schools, according to new government data.
  • Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. will sell his home to pay the fines associated with his corruption conviction. His two and half year prison sentence is set to begin November 1.
  • A Connecticut man was arrested for allegedly threatening the New York Mets over social media.
  • A mailman in Detroit fought a fire and saved a woman from the second floor of her house before returning to his route.
  • A bitcoin ATM set to go live in Vancouver next week may be the first like it in the world.
  • The mother of a blonde Roma girl seized from her presumptive parents in Greece was found to be a Roma woman in Bulgaria who says she left the child in Greece because she could not afford her.
  • A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the eastern coast of Japan earlier today, triggering a tsunami warning.

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