What's Weird About America?

Foreigners give their answers.


One of the best Reddit threads I've seen in a while asks non-Americans who have visited the U.S., "What is the weirdest thing about America that Americans don't realise is weird?" Among the answers: We eat a lot of pickles, there are ads for lawyers everywhere, the disclaimers at the end of our pharmaceutical commercials are freaky, and "Those huge-ass bikes with the RATATATATATA sound and tattooed bald people riding them. What's up with that?" There is also a lot of discussion of the way our public restrooms are designed. And best of all, there's this comment by a Redditor who was actually raised here in the States:

I teach and have a lot of international students. Since it's an anthropology course, one of their assignments is to go out and observe social behavior on campus.

One of my Chinese students told me, "I think Americans live very much in harmony with nature. There are so many trees and squirrels! When I first get here, I thought I was in a fairy tale movie."