A.M. Links: White House Delaying Obamacare Penaltax, Germany Summons US Ambassador Over NSA Revelations, Pakistani Children Injured in Drone Strike to Testify in Congress


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    The White House is unilaterally delaying by six weeks the deadline to purchase insurance before being penalized taxed for not doing so. Republicans, meanwhile, who have largely been blamed for shutting down the government in an attempt to get Obamacare delayed or defunded, are reportedly looking for a way to avoid doing so again in the future.

  • President Obama is scheduled to make a statement later this morning about immigration reform. He plans to urge Congress to finish working on the issue, something that seems completely unnecessary and extraneous.
  • Germany has summoned the US ambassador in Berlin for an explanation about the latest revelations of NSA spying in Europe, which include an allegation the German president's mobile phone was tapped. The revelations may dominate the European Union's latest summit.
  • Two Pakistani children injured in a drone strike that also killed their grandmother will testify in Congress on Tuesday, appearing with their father. Pakistan's recently elected prime minister Nawaz Sharif, meanwhile, met with President Obama and urged him to stop ordering drone strikes in Pakistan; Obama says there are "misunderstandings" between the countries.
  • Dick Durbin is a liar; the senator claimed a Republican congressman told President Obama he couldn't stand to look at him, but the White House denied anyone made such a statement to the president.
  • Three children at an elementary school in California were injured when a visiting cop's firearm "accidentally discharged."
  • Kim Jong Un was awarded a doctorate in economics from the HELP University in Malaysia, leading to public criticism of the institution.

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