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Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flag Shirts

In response to another teen wearing a rainbow flag shirt


Two 16-year-old students are up in arms because school officials suspended the pair for wearing Confederate flags as clothing on the grounds of their high school.

The students' reasoning? A classmate wore a rainbow flag to school for the past two weeks in honor of LGBT History Month.

School officials at Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, Washington reportedly stated that the boys wore the flags to make an anti-gay statement, KIRO TV is reporting.

One of the students, identified by KOMO News only as Grady, confirmed to reporters his peer's decision to wear a rainbow flag during the school day prompted their decision.

(Hat tip to Tahoma High alum Adam!)

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  1. The title of this post isn’t accurate at all and borders on the sensationalistic.

    1. The two boys at Tahoma High School are suspended until Monday for violating the dress code and causing a disruption.

      Seems pretty accurate and not at all sensationalistic.

    2. HM, the 24/7 post and title seems to be impartial and factual to me. The Huffington Post article (titled “Tahoma High School Students Wear Confederate Flags In Alleged Anti-Gay Statement”), and the local news video they link, is what is sensationalistic and tendentious. The news channel states only that school officials claimed it was “an anti-gay statement”.

      The school apparently considers itself the arbiter of what political statements can and cannot be made, as school officials admitted they allowed another student to display a gay pride flag for two weeks. It is rank hypocrisy that the school allows only “officially approved” political statements to be made.

    3. The title of this post isn’t accurate at all and borders on the sensationalistic.

      Isn’t accurate at all? Really?

      1. HM is aeasily butthurt about things like this.

        He thinks we care.

    4. “Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flag Shirts”

      The go ahead and edit it for us , you pathetic fucking crybaby.

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