A.M. Links: China Warns U.S. About Possible Default, Obamacare to Release Sign-Up Numbers Monthly, Researchers Getting Closer to Nuclear Fusion


  • how'd they expect a government website to work?

    China warned the US about a possible default while the White House insists it remains open to a short-term debt limit deal. Senator Tom Coburn says the US won't default if the debt limit is not raised and Senator Rand Paul called the president irresponsible for suggesting otherwise.

  • Jay Carney says the Obama Administration will release numbers on Obamacare sign ups monthly, like Romneycare and Medicare Part D did.
  • House Republicans say they're going to investigate reports of federal officials shutting down businesses and evicting residents on federal parklands because of the partial government shutdown.
  • The Obama Administration is reportedly no longer using "black sites" in foreign countries to interrogate extraordinarily rendered individuals, so that the government can still try them in civilian courts.
  • Arizona will continue to require proof of citizenship to vote despite the Supreme Court striking down the law. In California, Jerry Brown, who has recently signed bills into law allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses and practice law, vetoed a bill that would allow them to serve on juries, comparing the activity to voting.
  • The FBI helped arrest an auxiliary cop in Massachusetts who was allegedly selling drugs out of his police cruiser.
  • Chinese state media reports the government has two million "public opinion analysts" in the country policing the Internet.
  • Peter Higgs and Francois Englert were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for predicting the existence of the Higgs-Boson, observed last year, half a century ago.
  • Researchers at the National Ignition Facility in California say  they've reached a milestone toward self-sustaining nuclear fusion.

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