Netanyahu to Focus on Iran's Nuclear Threat

Wants more pressure on them


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said Tuesday that he would focus on halting Iran's nuclear program in a meeting with President Obama in Washington at the end of the month and in his annual speech before the United Nations General Assembly, using the Syria situation to increase pressure for a "credible military threat."

Repeating a four-step formula he has been urging for months, Mr. Netanyahu told his cabinet that Iran must stop enriching uranium, remove enriched uranium from the country, close its nuclear plant near Qum and stop what he called "the plutonium track."

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  1. NO MORE WARS! The Jewish state has ICBM nukes and openly threatens Iran, actually campaigns for war against Iran. Israel, not Iran, is the warmonger. Resolution lies with lifting all sanctions and compensating Iran for damages from the $$$ billions we will no longer be giving the Jewish state. An Iran with nukes just might inhibit the Jewish state’s brutish pursuit of invulnerability, territorial conquest and racist empire. Mutually assured destruction could actually make Mideast peace possible. NO MORE WARS!

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