A.M. Links: Alleged Navy Yard Gunman Arrested Before, U.N. Still Debating Syria Resolution as Rebels Demand Action, Occupy Wall Street Returns


  • They're back!
    | Credit: Atomische * Tom Giebel / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    Alleged Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, had been arrested previously for shooting the tires out of a car in 2004.

  • Occupy Wall Street activists plan to return today to Zuccotti Park to mark the two-year anniversary of their protests, which began on September 17, 2011.
  • Edward Snowden, who exposed the U.S. government's clandestine PRISM surveillance program, has been nominated for a European human rights prize whose past winners include Nelson Mandela and Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
  • Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen is now seen as the frontrunner to become the central bank's next head, following Larry Summers' withdrawal.
  • According to the latest Fox national poll, 68 percent of Americans are worried about how Obamacare is going to affect their personal health care.
  • The U.S. and Russia and their allies are still debating over who is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but the UN is determined to come up with a resolution. The rebels in Syria are demanding a swift response in their favor from the international community.
  • Facebook and Twitter were briefly uncensored in Iran. Authorities were quick to rectify the situation, presumably saying, "jk lol."

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NEXT: Syria Rebels Demand International Response to UN Report on Chemical Weapons Use

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  1. According to the latest Fox national poll, 68 percent of Americans are worried about how Obamacare is going to affect their personal health care.

    They shouldn’t worry. The hypertension resulting from that stress is considered by ACA as a crime against the state.

    1. Eh. Its not like he neglected them and left them alone in his drug fueled rampage.

      1. Exactly. I see a man who is trying to actively engage his children in his life. Parents should take note. The family that binges on meth together, stays together.

    2. And why that car was wearing prosthetic breasts, we’ll never know!

      1. It wanted to be a fifties Cadillac.

      2. I’m more interested in how the car hit 160K mph.

        1. Impulse drive

          1. Impulse drive

            I must have missed this option the last time I went car shopping.

    3. I don’t have kids.

        1. legal, schmegal

      1. I don’t have kids.

        A fact which makes the entire world, sigh in relief.

    4. Transphobia. The prosthetic breasts clearly make her the children’s mother

  2. Edward Snowden, who exposed the U.S. government’s clandestine PRISM surveillance program, has been nominated for a European human rights prize…

    Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama finds this unbelievable.

    1. He had to read about it in the papers, just you and me, while the NSA already knew about it.

  3. “Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition”

    The law allows the president to waive those prohibitions if he “determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.”


    1. Remember when it was a big deal when Reagan sent arms to the contras because the contras were apparently not such nice guys? Didn’t the Left spend pretty much the entire Cold War ranting and raving about how the US armed all of these bad people around the world? And didn’t I hear a whole lot in the 00s about how America armed Bin Ladin?

      I guess I must have just imagined all that. If I didn’t, this would be like a big scandal or something and the Left would be having a fit, right?

      1. -Remember when it was a big deal when Reagan sent arms to the contras because the contras were apparently not such nice guys?

        I think there was a big deal about arms going to the Contras and a separate, though related and at times linked, big deal about Reagan subverting the Boland Amendment (and some criticism for his tough talk re: Iran while dealing arms with them behind the scenes). But to the extent that the Left was upset solely about sending arms to rebels that had committed atrocities such as killing nuns, then your point is a good one (since at least some Syrian factions have committed seemingly worse atrocities).

        1. Why did the Broad Amendment get passed? Because the Left objected to sending arms to the Contras because they claimed the Contras were bad guys. That was my point. It wasn’t about Iran Contra. It was about the general objection to arming the Contras at all.

          1. The outcry over ‘Iran Contra’ was certainly not only over arming ‘bad guys.’ The connection to Iran and the violation of the Boland Amendment were quite prominently cited as reasons.

            1. The outcry over ‘Iran Contra’ was certainly not only over arming ‘bad guys.’

              For the second time, I am not talking about Iran Contra. Long before Iran contra, the left objected to arming the Contras at all. That is why the Bond Amendment was passed. It is that objection I am referring to. Iran Contra has nothing to do with my point.

              1. Yes, as I said ‘to the extent that the Left was upset solely about sending arms to rebels that had committed atrocities such as killing nuns, then your point is a good one (since at least some Syrian factions have committed seemingly worse atrocities).’

                1. But now the Left remains quiet as we arm Al Quada and people who do a lot worse things than the Contras ever did. That is my point.

                  1. As said, it is a good point. Of course does it not necessarily cut both ways? The same Right that defended the arming of the Contras should embrace the arming of the anti-Assad forces, right?

                    1. Not really since there was a legitimate argument that a non communist Nicauragua was in the US’s military interests. I fail to see how there is ANY US interest in Syria outside of Obama’s desire to protect his legacy.

                    2. So, I take it you were not a fan of the ‘Axis of Evil’ talk of the Bush administration?

                    3. So, I take it you were not a fan of the ‘Axis of Evil’ talk of the Bush administration?

                      No one hear was.

                      Its like you showed up here in 2013 and didnt read the archives.

                    4. No one hear was.

                      Im blaming John for infecting me.

                    5. Are you the Hit and Run archivist or something? I am sure Rasilio can answer for himself, and I doubt there were absolutely no commenters here prior to 2013 that accepted the Axis of Evil talk.

                    6. Nope, not really.

                      I vaguely supported going into Iraq as necessary, not because of any axis of evil, not because of WMD, but simply because global politics frequently resembles a 3rd grade playground and we needed to remind the world just how militarily powerful we were and Iraq made a nice target for that. I also said at the time that while invading was necessary and the outcome inevitable that Bush would screw up managing the peace by trying to nation build and not simply slapping a makeshift local government together and leaving. In the end I was proven correct on both counts.

                    7. I doubt there were absolutely no commenters here prior to 2013 that accepted the Axis of Evil talk.

                      I dont remember any.

                      Of course, there has been almost a complete turnover of regulars since the Postrel days.

                      John and Pro Lib and Epi are about the only regulars who predate me (sorry to anyone I forgot). So of those of us who were here when Bush said that (and I was an irregular at that time), and are still around, none of them accepted it.

                    8. Dondero probably accepted it and he was a regular at the time.

                      But thats Dondero.

                    9. I don’t recall ever buying that remark or even being entirely comfortable with the invasion of Iraq. I did accept the attack on Afghanistan, though I never thought we’d take up extended residence there.

                    10. I fail to see how there is ANY US interest in Syria outside of Obama’s desire to protect his legacy.

                      It is in US interest to prevent Syria from becoming a state controlled by al Queda. So arming the rebels terrorists is directly against America’s interests.

                  2. people who do a lot worse things than the Contras ever did

                    Is Al Qaeda killing communists now? The objection to arming the Contras was that they were anti-communists and fighting a legitimate communist government.

                    1. Perhaps you missed all the talk about killing nuns and such?

                    2. The Left didn’t really give a shit about nuns. Because I guarantee you Communists have murdered more nuns then anyone else.

                      They didn’t want the Contras armed because they wanted the Communists to maintain control of Nicaragua. They’re not antiwar, they’re just on the other side.

                    3. The Contras had Human Rights issues far beyond those few nuns murdered.

                      -“I believe it is irrefutable that a number of the Contras’ actions have to be characterized as terrorism, as State-supported terrorism. ”

                      ?–CIA Director Stansfield Turner, 1985


                    4. Yeah I know that Latin American guerrilla groups commit atrocities. This is not news to me.

                    5. Sure they did Bo. But the Sandinistas had a lot more. And the Left really didn’t seem to give a shit about that. So their concern for the Contras human rights abuses rings a bit hollow. Virginian is right. They were on the other side and were pissed that Reagan had the nerve to fight the communists.

                    6. The argument I have read about is that we should not be arming either side when both of them are human rights nightmares. Reagan’s supporters were arguing we should support evildoers (to borrow a phrase) as long as they were fighting other evildoers. By that logic we should be funding the Syrian opposition. It is the logic of those who opposed funding one set of evildoers to eliminate the ‘worse’ evildoers on the other side that I subscribe to.

                    7. Except the Contras didn’t want to destroy America and Al Qaeda does.

                    8. How ’bout a link to the dead nuns. You are confusing El Salvador with Nicaragua

                    9. FAIL

                      That is from 1990. Well after the hue and cry about US support for the Contras.

                    10. ”It is our conclusion,” the report declares, ”that those responsible were a unit of the rebel Resistencia Nicaraguense, or contras, firing indiscriminately at the vehicle without warning to stop but also without knowledge that the vehicle belonged to the church.”

                      You’re conflating the 1980 rape/murder of nuns in El Salvador with the contras in Nicaragua.

                    11. The Contras had Human Rights issues far beyond those few nuns murdered.

                      -“I believe it is irrefutable that a number of the Contras’ actions have to be characterized as terrorism, as State-supported terrorism. ”

                      ?–CIA Director Stansfield Turner, 1985

                      I’m kinda puzzled as to how the actions of insurgent guerillas could be described as ‘state-sanctioned terrorism’. Which ‘state’ was doing the sanctioning?

                    12. “legitimate communist government”

                  3. I seem to recall that al Qaeda types have actually attacked the US, but I don’t remember any such attacks by the Contras.

                    If memory serves, some of the militant Muslim attacks, both within the US and abroad, have been fairly significant in terms of innocent American lives lost and property damage. In terms of harm against US interests, nothing the Contras did was remotely comparable.

            2. The outcry over ‘Iran Contra’ was certainly not only over arming ‘bad guys.’

              Except that Iran was considered bad guys, and selling them arms was the first component of Iran-Contra

              And worse, we made a profit, which is inherently evil, by doing so.

              1. Excellent point VG. That was the other half of Iran Contra. We were arming Islamic enemies of the US. So, even thought I didn’t reference Iran Contra, it further proves my point.


                1. Dude…he is MNG. Seriously.

                  Good to have you back MNG, we missed you.

                  1. He sounds more like a Tulpa-puppet.

                    1. He doesn’t really have the Tulpa martyrdom complex.

                2. -That was the other half of Iran Contra. We were arming Islamic enemies of the US. So, even thought I didn’t reference Iran Contra, it further proves my point.

                  Well, it seems to further mine about the Right as well.

      2. What you don’t hear them say is that Carter and Brzezinski started arming the mujahedin in the summer of 1979, for the express purpose of provoking a Soviet invasion. Sure, it was a mistake for the USSR to obligate itself by treaty to the mutual defense of the Afghan regime, but still, it was a border state, and they had experienced a few incursions and terrorist incidents already.

        1. They also never mention that the mujahedin were the “Northern Alliance” and an ethnic minority. They were not majority Pashtunes and thus were not the Taliban and not Bin Ladin and in fact hated them both.

        2. To this day I don’t understand why the Soviet invasion was such an outrage. You correctly point out it was a border state and clearly within their sphere of influence. I certainly understand why we took the opportunity to fight a proxie war against them there. But I have no idea why Carter had such a stroke and people look back on it as being some sort of huge Soviet outrage on par with invading Hungary or Czechoslovakia.

          1. It’s dominos all the way down.

            1. Right. We had a containment strategy and a belief in dominos, so any expansion was going to be contested.

            2. Dominoes is an abomination.

          2. Detente was working, brief as it was, but I think Brzezinski’s historical Polish grievances superseded his duties as national security adviser. It certainly was disingenuous of Carter to feign outrage and stage the Olympic boycott, when he knew all along that an invasion would happen.

          3. I think the kidnapping and murder of the US ambassador to Afghanistan in early 1979 incensed Carter mightily, and he blamed the murder on USSR.

        3. “but still, it was a border state”

          So being a neighbor justifies this? Would you be OK with another US invasion of Mexico? Doesn’t ring very libertarian, but a lot more Westphalian-like.

      3. Remember when it was a big deal when Reagan sent arms to the contras because the contras were apparently not such nice guys? Didn’t the Left spend pretty much the entire Cold War ranting and raving about how the US armed all of these bad people around the world?

        Goddamn but I wish I had your memory for these things!

        1. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

        2. I can’t spell. But I can remember. I have been a news junkie since I was five years old. I lived through all that stuff. And I haven’t forgotten any of it.

      4. No, you didn’t imagine it … Henry Gonzalez (D-Tx) introduced articles of impeachment over Iran Contra.

    2. -“Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition”

      In the next few days it will be good to note how many people engaged in public displays of dismay over ‘the availability of ‘automatic’ weapons’ and ‘cowardly acts of violence’ were pushing for bombing Syria and using our tax dollars to give automatic weapons to Syrian rebels (and without background checks!).

      1. This can not be over emphasized.

  4. and speaking of sugar…

    Soft drinks should carry tobacco-style warnings that sugar is highly addictive and dangerous, a senior Dutch health official has warned.

    Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam’s health service, the Dutch capital city where the sale of cannabis is legalised, wants to see sugar tightly regulated.

    “Just like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is actually a drug. There is an important role for government. The use of sugar should be discouraged. And users should be made aware of the dangers,” he wrote on an official public health website.

    “This may seem exaggerated and far-fetched, but sugar is the most dangerous drug of the times and can still be easily acquired everywhere.”

    1. This may seem exaggerated and far-fetched….

      Stop right there

      1. Talk about a qualifier. Sure, what I am saying sounds ridiculous and stupid on its face, but shut and listen anyway.

    2. My name is Snark Plisskon and I’m a popaholic, er, I mean sodaholic.

      Actually, we called every soda a coke.

      1. I thought you were coming out as Roman Catholic at first reading.

      2. Hi Snark.

        1. Thank you for sharing that.

    3. “Public health” officials are some of the nastier control freaks out there.

      1. It’s that last step beyond epidemiology into social engineering that ruins the whole profession.

    4. Health insurers should have to finance addiction therapy for their obese clients.

      Ye gods.

    5. “sugar…the most dangerous drug”


      “First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women”

      1. “They call it ‘cane’, ‘sweety-pie’ or ‘sugar’, and it comes in different forms like turbinado, brown, granulated, but scientists say sucrose is here, it’s dangerous, and your kids may already be taking it without your knowledge.”

        1. Sucrose is plenty dangerous, but the drug lords have created an even more powerfully addictive substance in their laboratories:

          Crystalline fructose is the latest scourge.

          Many believe it is the leading cause of obesity, diabetes, and other devastating diseases.

      2. Texas tea… sweetener!

      3. To the Beemobile!

  5. Occupy Wall Street activists plan to return today to Zuccotti Park to mark the two-year anniversary of their protests…

    And to trade notes on how their government-aided student loan defaults are going.

    1. We need an update on the Puppeteer’s Guild!

  6. Obama’s ‘unbelievably small’ presidency

    In today’s Wall Street Journal, senior officials leak how they desperately tried to talk Obama out of his “head-spinning reversal” on airstrikes and his decision to go to Congress. “He received swift ? and negative ? responses from his staff,” the Journal reports. National security adviser Susan Rice, we learn, warned that “he risked undermining his powers as commander in chief.” Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel “also raised concerns.” But Obama ignored their advice and “took the gamble anyway.”

    1. Jon Stewart skewered the war boner crowd last night for their tearful reaction to the chemical arms reduction agreement.


      It is funny unless you sport a Fox News/WSJ war boner.

      1. Dammit – that one is Sep 3. Got to go to the full episode from last night – first segment.

    2. Man, the spinning in the comments is causing me vertigo.

      “Obama forced Putin to disarm his client.

      How much bigger can success get?”


      “Would you want him to do the decider and get us in another war? At least the president is thinking things out before he rushes in like they did when they said their were weapons of mass destruction.”

      It’s hopeless with these folks. They’re fucking nuts. Oh, he’s “thinking” alright. Thinking of his March Madness brackets.

      The other new excuse – it’s a fast-changing environment! No shit. But I don’t recall ANY liberal giving Bush that benefit of protection.

  7. Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen is now seen as the frontrunner to become the central bank’s next head, following Larry Summers’ withdrawal.

    Don’t you mean abrasive misogynist Larry Summers?

  8. History Professors Give Obama B-, Mark Him Down For Not Being Liberal Enough

    President Barack Obama’s report card is in, and it looks like he’s barely pulling a B-.

    History professors from across the nation weighed in on Obama’s job performance, and even some his biggest fans ? left-leaning scholars ? consider him average, even disappointing. But don’t get too excited, thinking Ivory Tower educators may be starting to see the light.

    1. History professors just want something to write about. Big things that have impressive results, whether good or bad. They are the gullible dates of the educational establishment. All you need is a bad pickup line and they’ll go to bed with you.

      1. But no one ever reads what they write. Go look at the best selling non-fiction history books. They are nearly all by amateurs or journalists. The history academia has totally ghettoized itself into the world of general hate studies and PC.

        They may say they want big things. But they never write about them anymore. The last way to get tenure is to write about big things like Kings, war and diplomacy. You get tenure by writing about small things and pretending they are big but have only been ignored by the evil white males who wrote history.

        1. It’s a fad. Everybody wants to be mentioned by Matt Damon in his next movie.

          Wait until some other celebrity idolizes Anne Applebaum and then it will turn.

          1. No. They are too fat dumb and happy in their tenure. People effectively do idolize Anne Applebaum in that she has achieved about as much public acclaim as an historian can get. Trust me, they hate her for it and are jealous as hell. But they will never admit that she is so well known because she writes about things people care to read about.

            1. Who is this Anne Applebaum of whom you speak?

              1. Are you being sarcastic?

                If not, she writes incredibly researched and detailed histories of the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union. Well worth the read.

                1. I genuinely have not heard of her. I’ve been reading a bit more on ancient Greece and Rome lately, as well as familiarizing myself with NY state divorce law.

              2. She wrote the recent pop history on the gulag.

                1. I read The Gulag Archipelago years ago and haven’t felt the need to revisit. I am interested in the works of Robert Conquest but haven’t had the time lately.

                  1. I haven’t read the book Restoras. But it got a lot of press. Like you I have read the GA and a lot of other things about the subject. It is too depressing of a read for me to want to revisit very often.

          2. “They call me mad, but one day, when the history of France is written, they will mark my name well. Sydney Applebaum!”

        2. I imagine some of that trend lies in the fact that academics are supposed to write about something new, and most of the ‘big topics’ have been extensively covered. So instead of the ten thousandth thesis on George Washington you get one on his free black tailor.

          1. To get tenure sure. But once you get it, you can write about whatever you want. Beyond that, there is always something new to write if you look hard enough.

            Beyond that, not everyone can be well known. So, yes most academics are not going to have best sellers. The problem is that you would expect the top academics to have them. But the top American ones never seem to. And the most publicly revered American historians tend not to come from the academy. In contrast, the best UK ones tend to. It is a problem with the American academy.

        3. Better than the historical lies put out by conservatives – see David Barton for example.

          1. I have come across some whoppers by Barton in browsing SoCon lunacy for some posts here. He is cringe worthy.

          2. Better than the historical lies put out by conservatives – see David Barton for example.



            1. Nobody is going to give David Barton a Bancroft prize.

              But Columbia University will award it to a fraudster who puts forward a ridiculous history that advances the agenda of gungrabbers.

              1. Did you see what that asshole Roger Lane said about Bellesiles?

                “It is entirely clear to me that he’s made up a lot of these records. He’s betrayed us. He’s betrayed the cause.

                Fuckin’ hell–no self-accountability whatsoever. Yeah, Bellesiles lied his ass off, but he knew damn well his colleagues in academia would praise his thesis to the skies. They wanted a self-affirming anti-gun tome from a “scholar” and they got it. That’s not Bellesiles’ fault, and if academia isn’t as respected as they used to be, it’s because of incidents like the above where their true hive-mind is put on public display.

      2. Although some of us are seeking to bring things down from the inside.

  9. Greetings, H&R. As a married man, I would just like to say that I can no longer participate in the Daily Mail drool fests. Until my wife leaves the room.

    And that the Loewes properties at Universal Studios are the Cheesecake Factories of resorts. The Portofino was a Days Inn with bars, restaurants and prices tacked on. Despite that, the new wife and I managed to enjoy ourselves.

    1. You should have married a bawdier woman, so that she’d participate with us. 🙂

      1. Sorry, I got a good-looking woman who hates wearing clothes and likes adult activities two people can do together, but also does not threaten to cut my man bits off. I took the win.

        1. Pics or it doesn’t happen

          1. I also finished Nanozombie on the honeymoon. A good yarn.

            1. good lord, what kind of monster are you? Reading on your honeymoon?

    2. Congratulations Brett, you dumb bastard.

      1. Second!

        Now, when does the kid arrive? cause most of those nice things you mentioned above take a hit after that.

        1. December 3 is the target date. Hopefully after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.

    3. Is she okay with the Ke$ha updates then?

    4. As a married man

      You poor, dumb bastard. I wash my hands of this.

    5. You stayed at the Portofino in Redondo? I wish you had consulted me first.

  10. Porn Film Industry Faces New Condom Challenge In Florida

    The organization that successfully pushed a Los Angeles ordinance mandating adult film actors use condoms has set its sights on Florida, saying film companies are skirting the law by shooting in other states.

    1. Huh. Its almost like there’s a giant invisible system in place that allows people to go where they feel like they are able to best balance their risk, wants, and needs to determine for themselves what they best value.

      1. But there isn’t. You can tax and regulate businesses as much as you like, and they’ll never move to another state. My prog friends tell me so.

        1. The obvious answer is capital and human movement restrictions.

    2. “saying film companies are skirting the law by shooting in other states.”

      That is Tony level derp…”skirting the law” by not doing something prohibited in the jurisdiction in which it is unlawful. Argh!

  11. Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen is now seen as the frontrunner to become the central bank’s next head, following Larry Summers’ withdrawal.

    Well, like Dr. Scholl asked, will she fit in like Magellan?

    1. It’s Pearl Harbor Attack times 0.0058675.
      Damn Germans.

    2. “Radical Buddhist in Violent Dispute with Former Employer”

      1. by late Monday night, they said they were convinced the shooting was the work of a lone gunman

        All clear, Senators. You can get back to work now!

      2. “White Black Buddhist In Racist, Ageist Murder Spree”

  12. An important counter to the calls for “assault weapon” bans that have already come out of this shooting is that police believe the shooter brought a Remington 870 pump action shotgun in with him and gathered his other weapons from his first victims. While he shot some people with an AR 15 allegedly, that gun was already present on site, likely as part of the security detail’s weaponry. The shooter was found with a Glock pistol and an AR15, but initially entered with the 870 shotgun, which he had purchased in Virginia at a gun store last week.

    1. He stole an M16 from a navy weapons vault. Unless you plan to ban the Navy from having M16s, it seems unlikely that such a ban would have prevented this. Moreover, considering the appalling level of competency of most police departments, if you ever did, criminals would just steal the weapons from cops.

      1. “Unless you plan to ban the Navy from having M16s…’

        Don’t give Durban and Biden any ideas.

        1. Well, the Navy doesn’t need little guns…

          1. “This is my rifle, This is my gun…”

            1. Oh, and the Marine Corps is a wasteful duplication of effort and needs to be disbanded, thanks for reminding me.

      2. Army banned guns on base after Nidal did his jihad, so don’t put it past them.

        I did see a pic of some Marines in desert cammies with M16s and sidearms, though I assume they came over from Marine Barracks

  13. State Hires Convicted Prostitute, Who Steals $44,000

    Handly would begin stealing money from the state in a complicated scheme and did not stop until she was caught and arrested for first-degree larceny for stealing more than $44,000 in benefits, officials said. She confessed to the thefts and told an investigator that she was “battling addiction to Oxycontin” at the time of the larcenies, according to an arrest warrant affidavit by the chief state’s attorney’s office.

    1. “Suki L. Handly?” Who do you know at that paper that lets you write the articles?

      1. She answered the phone: “Suki L. Handly, at the public teat!”

  14. A planet made of cabbage.

    Farts will lead us to alien life, European scientists suggest

    What’s the most obvious sign of life on another planet? Believe it or not, it’s flatulence.

    In a new spin on a “whoopee” moment, scientists believe such “gas byproducts” will be the first clues to existence around distant stars.

    In particular they want to sniff out methane, an animal byproduct on the nose here on Earth because of its greenhouse gas properties.

    or the burrito buffet.

    1. Taco Bell is the sign of civilization.

      1. And that is why all restaurants are destined to become Taco Bell’s

    2. And here I thought the moon was made of green cheese.

  15. I was out running yesterday and an old Clash song called “Career Opportunities” came up on my Iphone. The song is a really great rant about the horrible state of the British economy in the early 80s. It dawned on me that America’s youth are as bad off today in terms of unemployment and opportunities as British youth were at the time that song was written. Yet, I can’t think of a single piece of popular music expressing anger over that. It is simply unimaginable that a modern American rock band could produce a song like that, especially when you consider all of the great jabs the song has against the government. It has classic lines like “I hate civil service rules. I won’t open letter bombs for you”. It makes me wonder if the American left has succeeded in raising a generation that is so docile that it doesn’t even have the language to express rage against the social system or government.

    1. The Kinks – 20th Century Man

      I was born in a welfare state
      Ruled by bureaucracy
      Controlled by civil servants
      And people dressed in grey
      Got no privacy got no liberty
      ’cause the twentieth century people
      Took it all away from me.

      Don’t want to get myself shot down
      By some trigger happy policeman,
      Gotta keep a hold on my sanity
      I’m a twentieth century man but I don’t want to die here.

      from “Muswell Hillbillies”

      1. I love that song. I think I want it played at my funeral. I am not sure there has ever been a pop song I more strongly identified with.

        1. Tax Man by the Beatles?

    2. It makes me wonder if the American left has succeeded in raising a generation that is so docile that it doesn’t even have the language to express rage against the social system or government.

      Both Orwell and Huxley would approve.

    3. The likes of Clear Channel should share the blame, I think. Strummer, Jones, et al had good music to form their sensibilities, and a somewhat more articulate media culture, too.

      1. I was thinking along those lines. Strummer and Jones grew up in the 60s when there was enough of the old system left they got a good education such that they had the language to be able to think and express their rage against the right target. I am starting to wonder if this generation didn’t get that.

    4. the horrible state of the British economy in the early 80s.

      Actually from 1977 pre-Thatcher

      1. You are right. I was listening to the live version. In that version Strummer references the Fauklands War. So I assumed it was after 1981. But that was added in and not part of the original recording.

        So yeah, they are talking about Labor Britain. That actually means the song proves my point even more. They were going after a leftist government. Our current generation seems incapable of criticizing the government when the Leftists are in charge.

        1. “Cultural critics” commonly refer to the late 1970s British punk/new wave as being a reaction to “Thatcherite Britain” when she was still only an MP.

          1. The facts must fit the narrative. Labor Britain was the most awful dysfunctional place outside of the Eastern Block.

              1. I love that episode. They are so subversive and glib. This car was made by communists who spent most of the year on strike. Between their hatred of British Leyland and total dismissal of global warming the BBC brass must really hate them.

                1. My favorite was the shitstorm when they drove to the north pole.

                  They put on the cruise control and enjoyed some gin and tonics.

                  Millions of fainting couches in England collapsed as millions of outraged temperance socialists leapt onto them.

    5. Pop-music-wise, it’s kind of like we’ve gone back to the 1950s.

  16. Can’t Concentrate On Studying? Try This Box

    Dubbed the “Study Cube,” this wooden box allows you or someone you love to buckle down and study, study, study. And when they are tired of studying, they can study some more.

    You know who else got to sit in the box?

    1. It doubles as a sauna!

    2. So, like the Bene Gesserit pain box? Hold a Gom Jabbar to their throat?
      Works for me.

    3. Looks cozy. And as a bonus, it’s soundproof so you don’t have to listne to them sobbing in there.

      1. Couple days in the hold never hurt anybody.

    4. Deborah Skinner?

    5. When Lt. Colonel Nicholson came out of the box he was heralded with a round of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”

    6. Schroedinger’s Cat?

    7. Wilhelm Reich

    1. Hmmm…has to be a fake. I couldn’t see any glass towers/spires at all.

  17. -The Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis played violent video games including Call of Duty for up to 16 hours at a time and friends believe it could have pushed him towards becoming a mass murderer.


    1. Since he stole the evil assault weapon and he is black and apparently a Buddhist, violent video games is about all they have left on this one.

      1. PTSD from being near Ground Zero.

        1. So it is Bush’s fault then.

        2. PTSD from being too close to Bush.

          1. Waxing saves lives.

            1. I would like to get in front of this issue.

    2. There will be your standard demonization of guns in the days to come, but look out for attacks on video games too. Shamefully even the NRA took to this after Newtown, so it could be a bi-partisan ‘source of agreement’ for a folk devil scapegoat after the Navy Yard shooting.

      1. And GTA V launches today. Coincidence? I question the timing!

        1. Did they take out the constant pestering by “Friends” I didn’t like to begin with?

      2. It’s a good strategy. The video games angle is impotent, so it’s harmless to send the ban boners off to bang their heads against that brick wall. Nobody’s going to ban video games, and even if they do, people will find a way around it without much difficulty or uproar. You’re not going to see minimum sentencing laws on possession of an unlicensed video game.

    3. Christ, the derp has already begun.

    4. huh – I manage to play Red Orchestra 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Rising Storm – all without shooting real people.

      1. I guess people that played Q*bert end up jumping around everywhere.

        1. Live action QBert does sound like fun.

      2. I’ve been playing Rome: Total War 2 and have yet to feel the urge to lead a campaign into Germania.

        1. What kind of sicko are you? Finish them!

        2. You know who [else] wanted to lead a campaign in Germany?

        3. You know who [else] wanted to lead a campaign in Germany?

          1. The squirrelz?

        4. Yes, but I did send Legio IV Gallica and Legio III Rapax to exterminate rebels in Jerusalem. I must be an anti-Semite.

          1. Am I the only one burning Carthage?

            1. I’ve had an army camped out there for a while, but some other bastard has had the city blockaded for ages, so I can’t attack.

            2. Oh wait, I’m playing the first game, haven’t gotten 2 yet ($60 put me off, half that and I’d have jumped at it)

              1. In the first game, Carthage was always taken by the Blue Romans, which I usually played because they had the best boats.

          2. Ah, I’ve had Legio I Italica and Legio II Apollonia kicking the shit out of the Greeks.

        5. Is it as hard to get into as the Empire and Shogun II? I think Medieval II was the sweet spot.

          1. My main issue with Shogun II was that unit upkeep was so high that you could only afford to defend either your borders, your interior or your waterways, pick one. If a single general goes rogue or a province rebels, you’re done for.

            I get why 2/3rds of japan didn’t like me for controlling the other third, it was ‘worrysome’. But the same general management strategy which left me flush with cash in Empire was insufficient to break even in Shogun II.

          2. Midieval’s problem is merchants. They are barely worthwhile and somebody will always come up with some kind of Merchant Badass who will just go around destroying everybody else’s merchants – which doesn’t make any sense because he doesn’t make them any money. They’re worthless unless you have Timbuktu.

            1. They create those merchant badasses through mergers and aquisitions (they get more XP from destroying other people’s operations than from trade for some reaosn) and use them to reduce your economic power.

            2. I thought they were just right, because they probably won’t break your game if you make none of them, but you can make a shit-ton of money if you dominate the merchants in local unoccupied territories.

      3. huh – I manage to play Red Orchestra 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Rising Storm – all without shooting real people.


        /Public Safety Officer

    5. Aaron Alexis worked for the government in the past, and then became a mass murderer (allegedly). Can we have a ban on working for the government?

      1. I want op-eds about the threat of Radical Buddhism and how Thai restaurants are incubators of radical terrorism.

    6. My go to game is Madden and I am constantly running around and tackling people in the office.

      1. You do have a tendency to state the obvious ad nauseam.

        1. The commenter that posts the most usually wins the post count.

          1. I see what you did there

        2. I do?

          1. Fuck, nevermind. I ruined the thread.

            *Runs and spears the printer*

      2. My go to game is Madden and I am constantly running around and tackling people in the office.

        Terry Tate Office Linebacker?


    7. The Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis played violent video games including Call of Duty for up to 16 hours at a time

      Problem located.

  18. High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment

    The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

    1. I get that they were summarizing the literal language of all the amendments, but that’s a pretty fucking noteworthy change.

      1. They’re contradicting the Supreme Court’s interpretation. Remember when liberals said the Supreme Court’s opinions were the law of the land which it was treason to contradict?

  19. Just saw that drudge is beating the “violent video games” drum again this morning.

  20. Fairbanks man punches grizzly

    A Fairbanks man punched a grizzly after the bear entered the camping tent he and his girlfriend were sleeping in at Sourdough Creek Campground.

    The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that Jason Lauesen and Liz Pawelko were awakened about 6 a.m. on Labor Day by shaking and the entrance of a bear head, or maybe a paw, into Lauesen’s side of their tent.

    At the time, Lauesen didn’t have his glasses on, and doesn’t know what part of the bear he made contact with. But whatever part of the bear entered the tent shredded the inflatable pad he was sleeping on.

  21. Russian shot in argument about Kant.

    A police spokeswoman in Rostov-on Don, Viktoria Safarova, said two men in their 20s were discussing Kant as they stood in line to buy beer at a small store on Sunday. The discussion deteriorated into a fistfight and one participant pulled out a small nonlethal pistol and fired repeatedly.

    So he got tased?

    1. Both participants lived, didn’t they?

    2. I am thinking someone really objected to the categorical imperative. What do you mean violence is always wrong? Wanna bet? TAZ!!

    3. In college I got in an argument about Kant that ended in violence when she jumped me and forced her tongue down my throat.

      1. “The Critique of Pure Passion”

        1. Worst. Porno. Ever.

    4. They have to stand in line to buy beer? On Sunday?

      1. False flag! Everyone knows Russians only drink vodka.

        1. Not true, used to be Beer was regarded as non-alcoholic (too low a % for the Russians to notice) and was sold as soda.

          1. That’s actually sorta true, here in Czechia.

          2. You are thinking of Kvas. And you can keep it.

        2. I thought they drank the blood of fascists and Chechens?!

    5. Probably one of these:

      Gas Pistol

      I guess they are relatively popular in Europe.

  22. I notice that these Occupy protesters seem to spring up in odd-numbered years, but are thinner on the ground in federal election years. Are they kept under warps when the Dems are seeking votes from normal people?

    1. They just got out of the box

  23. Standby as the mainstream media blame gun ownership and video games as the culprit behind the shipyard killing spree even though millions of people own guns and/or play violent video games without ever hurting a soul.

    Meanwhile, the news outlets ignore the real reason someone might want to engage in a mass murder: The establishment media (especially cable new outlets) make them into worldwide Charles Manson class celebrities with their sensational wall-to-wall coverage. Simply stated, these people wanted to “go out with a splash” and the media, while blaming other social phenomena, conveniently ignore their own complicity in creating an incentive for these nut cases.

    I’m not advocating censorship. I’m only pointing out the transparent hypocrisy of their self-serving finger-pointing.

    1. They should downplay it, but it sells ads-so fuck casualties.

  24. Doesn’t the chart here about where Americans spend their money just hull about every wealth-envy talking point?

    1. Health care is only 7%. We are a really rick country. I think 7% sounds like a pretty low number. I thought health care was going to eat all of our incomes in the future?

      1. The obvious fix from this chart is that poor people need to buy more insurance.

      2. That is because more than 70% of all Health Care Spending in the US is paid for by government with some additional percentage being paid for by corporations/unions

        1. Yeah, its takehome, but It would still only be 11% if you counted every dollar my company spends on me as both takehome pay and medical spending.

    2. That 13% for food is pretty amazing. At no other point in human history has this been true. Hell, even in my own life time I remember my family not having meat at every meal because we simply couldn’t afford it.

      As impressive as putting a man on the moon is, I think our ancestors would be far more amazed that we complain about how fat our poor people are.

      1. Any society whose poor are too fat is not a complete and total failure.

        1. Not fat enough for me to sell my line of Orphan Juicers to the monocle and spats markets.

      2. What is amazing about that is how high it is when you consider how cheap food is. If you were willing to eat a Spartan diet and rarely eat out, you could probably feed yourself on less than ten dollars a day or less than $4,000 a year, which is a lot less than 13% of the mean income.

        1. +5 dollar foot long

        2. Notice how much the top 20% still spends on food, even with all the extra money they have.

        3. It’s one of the things I’ve been working on teaching my son. Even a basic knowledge of cooking can make a gigantic difference in stretching a food budget. Let’s look at chicken for example. You can buy chicken breasts for 3-4 dollars a pound, or you can find a roaster chicken for a dollar a pound. Even better, that leftover chicken can be plucked clean of meat for a chicken pot pie, and the bones can be boiled down to make about five bucks worth of chicken stock. Give me a chicken, some flour, some potatoes, celery, lettuce, flour, rice and carrots (all for under ten bucks) and I’ll give you about ten or fifteen meals.

          I hate being in a supermarket watching the purchasing decisions of people with their EBT cards….even worse when I hear them complain about how little they get. In New York State they receive 7 dollars per person in the household each day. If you weren’t wasting your money you could eat like a king for that kind of scratch.

          1. But – that requires work, so they’re just going to bitch about it.

          2. Every kid ought to be taught basic cooking and food preservation skills. So many young people run up credit card debt eating out when shouldn’t be. Eating out is the easiest thing to cut out of your budget. But you can’t do that if you can’t cook.

            1. Give them a book like The Joy of Cooking. It has recipes for every food, and about half of the book is reference material for literally everything about preparing, cooking, serving, and hosting meals. I cooked my way through the basics a couple of times, and occasionally still reference it if I am suspicious about another recipe’s cooking time and temps.

            2. I still want to point out that eating out isn’t necessarily a problem. Depending on your income level, it can be a sensible choice, either as an opportunity cost or as an entertainment option.

              But yeah, if you’re making $20k you probably shouldn’t be eating out all the time.

              1. Sure. I can make the case that as a single guy living alone, I was just as likely to view food as an entertainment cost and eat out four nights a week. But if you’re poor and not trying to make it selling your big idea at dinner, “work” that extra two hours a week to prepare meals like a chicken roast or a pork shoulder and cook yourself breakfast and make your lunch.

            1. Fuck…too late. Sorry, Auric.

          3. No shit. You can have steak, lamb, salmon, whatever every day cooked at home for the price of McDonald’s.

        4. You could do MUCH less than $10 a day.

          If you were willing to eat a diet centered primarily around rice, beans, and greens you could easily feed yourself on $4 a day

          1. My wife and I have a way-not-Spartan diet and looking at Mint we have fed ourselves for $7/day/person for the past year.

            1. That is with both of us having full-time jobs, her being seven months pregnant, and my metabolism not having slowed much since I was a teenager.

          2. Was in a comment-discussion on The Atlantic the other day about how a 30 cent reduction in SNAP was going to cause children to starve to death. The example was a single mom w/ 3 kids receiving ~$9/day on top of her other entitlements.

            I managed to put together a menu which would cost about $300 for the first month, and $200 a month going forward, which would provide 2 meals a day (the kids get a subsidized lunch at school), some variety, and would be filling and nutritious.

            Of course if the woman profiled in the article was capable of making sound decisions her kids wouldn’t be at risk of malnutrition from a loss of 30 cents.

        5. Granted, this was 33 years ago but when my first wife and I set up our home we went as low as we could go for food expenses the first month… $50

          I made my own tortillas, cooked my own refried beans, just got by on the smallest amount and slowly, month by month, moved it up a little.

          If I got hit by some catastrophic financial disaster I know I could make due with next to nothing.

    3. I suppose they lumped it under entertainment, but I really need a separate category for “sports”. My Bruins tickets are being delivered today.

    4. They left off taxes.

    5. The rent is still too damn high.

  25. -SoCon Group Blasts Seth McFarlane’s Shows

    -Seth MacFarlane has consistently blasted audiences with the foulest and most sickening content on broadcast TV, with his prime-time cartoons Family Guy and American Dad; and this fall, MacFarlane may have another opportunity to offend audiences with his first live-action comedy.

    As the PTC has previously demonstrated, it’s not news that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s previous programs have consistently indulged in racial and ethnic bigotry. Thus, it cannot come as a surprise that his new show does also. MacFarlane’s new “comedy,” Dads, has a paper-thin plot device: two young friends are forced to accept their elderly, fathers as roommates. The show’s “humor” derives from the older men’s bigoted remarks: as the men watch a boxing match, one father asks if they are watching Punch the Puerto Rican, and mistakes a Latina friend of his son’s for the maid. Naturally, the program goes on to also denigrate African-Americans, Jews, and the handicapped.


    1. There’s a fine line between making fun of bigoted characters and using them as a vehicle to smuggle in ethnic jokes and insults.

        1. There’s still a demand for ethnic jokes, and entertainers are going to meet that demand, even if they pretend to distance themselves from such jokes.

          “Get a load of that racist – he just said that on the bottom of a bottle of Polish beer it says ‘open other end’!”

          1. Ah jeez. It’s all clear to me now, Meathead. The Jews are behind this, aren’t they?

          2. Ah jeez. It’s all clear to me now, Meathead. The Jews are behind this, aren’t they?

          3. “And did you hear about the racists who beat up some blacks in a bowling alley, and one of the racists, a Polack, started smashing bowling balls with a hammer and yelling ‘get the eggs!'”

      1. Well, yeah. Taboos go in and out of fashion like everything else. 100 years ago ethnic humor was mainstream, but blasphemy was strictly off limits. Today it’s the other way around. Today’s taboos are tomorrow’s fashion stetements. And given that today nothing is more taboo than ethnic humor, expect it to make a big comeback.

    2. How does Seth McFarlane keep getting green-lighted to make shitty network sitcoms?

      1. Because shitheads convince themselves that they’re funny and watch them.

      2. Becasue people other than you watch them?

        1. Oh sure, to be fair, I don’t watch anyone else’s shitty network sitcoms either.

      3. In all fairness… American Dad! is really funny. It also rips on both sides of the political spectrum. A really good example of how bizarre the show can get is the episode: Lincoln Lover.

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCdJMNTcWGs

      On the April 22, 2010 edition of Larry King Live, Penn Jillette, Seth MacFarlane, and Rachel Harris are the guests of Larry King. The segment featured in this video is in regard to a debate about whether the Tea Parties are racist. Penn Jillette used the Socratic Method to destroy the arguments presented by MacFarlane and Harris while Larry King sits there with an amused look on his face.

      1. MacFarlane comes across as a complete douchebag in that.

        1. So, he’s being true to character. He is a douche.

          1. Which is a shame. She’s so bloody cute.

    4. So it upsets you when socons go after bigots?

  26. If Call of Duty turns people into mass shooters, does Civilization turn them into megalomaniacal bureaucrats?

    Disclaimer: I like playing Civilization.

    1. You monster.

    2. SimCity makes Bloombergs out of decent people.

      1. I think SimCity makes global warming advocates.

        1. I governed SimCity based on low taxes, always allowing construction of dangerous/ugly things that brought in direct revenue (The SimCity Prison/Military Base/Toxic Waste Dump Complex), and always ended up blowing the city funds on enormous transportation-vanity projects that my Sims refused to use.

          1. And what about the tornadoes?

          2. Despite the funds spend on providing safe and ready transit for the Sims, ridership is down. As punishment, I’m demolishing the bridge connecting east town from west town. Ride the Subway you bastards!

  27. “”””The rebels in Syria are demanding a swift response in their favor from the international community. “”‘

    Or what, they will rebel?

    1. They will stamp their feet. Or maybe blow up some Western target, for all I know.

    2. I find their insistent behavior very telling.

    3. They’ll unleash more chem weapons… uh, oops, nevermind

    4. I’m demanding a 2 hour blow job from Jessica Alba

      Demands really are kinda meaningless unless you have some way of enforcing them.

  28. Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits

    A projected $650 million in welfare benefits will be distributed to illegal alien parents in 2013, county officials said Monday.

    Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich announced the latest figures from the Department of Public Social Services, which showed more than $376 million in CalWORKs benefits and food stamps combined have been distributed through July to illegal alien parents for their native-born children.

    1. Just waite until they get documents.

    2. But no one would ever come here for welfare. That is just a right wing meme.

      1. Of course they do – we know that. My question is why the fuck won’t Republicans do anything about it while they are in power?

        Republicans only want to cut spending when a D is president – which is a good argument for having a D president.

        1. Yes dipshit, we know, in retard world, there is always a reason to vote D.

          Go die in fire.

          1. Republicans do have a poor record of cutting spending when a Republican is in the White House. That is no reason to vote Democrat (who have a poor record of cutting spending regardless of who is in the White House), but it is still true.

            1. That’s right because it’s all about power and using the spending trough and the tax code to stay in power.

        2. No, it’s a good argument for making the Republican Party more Libertarian and fiscally conservative. If that fails (we’ll know by 2016), it is an excellent argument for abandoning both parties.

          1. THIS

            It is an argument for reforming or replacing the Republican Party not for electing Democrats who are even worse.

          2. That talk has gone on for a long time, people who subscribe to it seem more like abused wives who think that ‘this time’ their spouse will reform to me.

            The GOP has a proven track record of taking libertarian’s votes and then doing the ‘same old, same old,’ if not worse, when in power.

            1. Yes, but this time there are actual Libertarians and fiscal conservatives leading a revolt from within the party.

              If they win there really is reason to think this time may be different. If they lose there is no reason to waste time with the Republican party any longer.

              Either way the Republican Party as it has existed will cease to exist within the next 8 years, it will either completely reform itself or splinter.

            2. The theoretical difference is that libertarians will be taking conservative votes instead.

              I havent voted for a major party candidate for president since 1988, but if the GOP runs Paul, I will this time.

              Or if the Dems run Paul (or equivalent).

  29. IRS workers turn to elite D.C. lawyers for defense

    Even as the tea party-targeting scandal dies down, the staffers at the center of the mess are turning to some of the city’s top lawyers to defend themselves against ongoing investigations and congressional inquiries.

    Lois Lerner, who became the public face of the scandal as the former head of the IRS tax-exempt unit, turned to William Taylor. He’s a founding partner of Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, where he has represented, among others, Strauss-Kahn and Kenneth Langone, who successfully fought prosecution in a high-profile executive compensation case.

    1. Yeah, this is a non-scandal where the IRS official who took the Fifth Amendment hires some of the biggest of the big-shot lawyers to defend herself against the totally made up and non-scandalous scandal.

      1. I wonder if there will be an IRS investigation of where they are getting the money to hire big time lawyers?

        1. Better call Saul.

          1. Nice. Just watched that episode this weekend.


        2. I swear this comment wasn’t here when I started typing mine! 🙂

          Only Fisting of Etiquette should be beating me to the punch!

          1. It’s okay; I’m pretty sure DJF is one of my sockpuppets.

            1. You wish, or maybe I wish or at least someone wishes

      2. just two workers in Cleveland!

        1. Baby, if you’ve ever wondered,
          Wondered whatever became of me,
          I’m living on the air in Cincinnati,
          Cincinnati, WKRP.

          Got kind of tired packing and unpacking,
          Town to town and up and down the dial
          Maybe you and me were never meant to be,
          But baby think of me once in awhile.

          I’m at WKRP in Cincinnati..

    2. Where do they get the money to pay such elite lawyers?

      1. No kidding. An elite DC lawyer is going to command in the neighborhood of $500 and hour. Hiring them is easily a six figure and perhaps seven figure bill. And even top government employees only make in the low six figures.

        That would be a really good story to follow up on. You know, if we had something besides a state run media.

      2. Serious speculation: Her “executive insurance” covers it.

          1. I’d have guessed the previous poster is thinking of “key man” insurance, although I don’t know if such an insurance policy would cover a case like this.

        1. Since when does the federal government provide such insurance?

  30. -Oklahoma Law Limits Use of Abortion Inducing Drug to Uses under FDA Protocol

    doctors have found ways to induce medical abortions through a combination of the drugs that is said to be safer, less costly, and more efficient. These notably simpler protocols allow the combination to be used for two weeks longer into the pregnancy ? that is, sixty-three days or nine weeks. Since the development of these alternative approaches, almost all medical abortions are done this way, it appears.

    But those alternatives are considered to be “off label” ? that is, applications of drugs in a way not specified on the FDA-approved label. It is not uncommon, in medical practice, for doctors to prescribe “off-label” uses.

    That is where the Oklahoma law passed in 2011 now focuses. It mandated that doctors may only prescribe RU-486 or any other “abortion-inducing drug” as authorized by the protocol spelled out on the FDA-approved label.


    1. I am sure they didn’t intend that, but that is effectively a pay off to planned parenthood. If you can’t use the drugs, you go to a clinic and have it done the old fashioned way.

    2. “nine weeks”

      fetus at nine weeks:


      1. Eleven weeks under the compromise John recently argued most Americans would be happy with.

      2. -Your new resident is nearly an inch long ? about the size of a grape ? and weighs just a fraction of an ounce. She’s starting to look more and more human.


        1. “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

          1. It does seem appropriate to fall back on Dr. Seuss when arguing for full human rights for a human grape.

            1. A human grape? Can you make fetus wine out of it?

              1. Not enough sugars for fermentation, sorry.

              2. I have heard of women consuming the afterbirth, but not fetus wine.

            2. …fall back on Dr. Seuss when arguing for full human rights for a human…

              Dr. Derp or Dr. Seuss, choose one

            3. …fall back on Dr. Seuss when arguing for full human rights for a human…

              Dr. Derp or Dr. Seuss, choose one

              1. I like the repetition, very Seussian!

  31. Apparently the FBI is asking the shooter’s friends and associates to come forward and be interviewed mysteriously killed in an interview room while everybody else is out in the parking lot having smoke.

  32. I’m just going to assume that the Polish chick who wants to screw 100000 men and the creepy Northhampton night clown got posted, right?

    1. Not yet.

    2. Yeesh. She can just screw John 100,000 times.

    3. Damn. If she banged 5 new guys every day, that would still take 50 years.

      1. You aren’t counting the instant replays.

        Oops, wrong joke.

      2. and we won’t go into the “moon cycle” issues.

        (and yet another reason why there aren’t any libertarian women)

        1. Assuming I correctly understood your point, there are a lot of guys who aren’t scared of that.

          1. I am… but I normally don’t like the sight of blood. A good punch up, no problem… but on me? Gah.

            1. You can be one of the other 85% of days.

      3. Math may not be her strong suit.

        Back in May, Ania Lisewska, a 21-year-old graphic designer in Warsaw, decided to attempt the massive man marathon in what she described as a statement about sex positivity.

        God Bless her though. I hope she inspires a movement of young easy Polish chicks spreading out in waves across the world to screw men of all types.

        1. Well, she might have correctly figured out the numbers, but failed to account for how much harder it is going to be find 5 guys a day to bang her when she’s 70.

          1. Well given that she claims to have had sex with 35 men over the course of 8 hours once it’s not like she’s afraid of getting worn out. It’s also pretty clear she is not restricting her definition of sex to just penetration

            1. 13 minutes a guy…

    4. Redundantly creepy clown

      There is a clown roaming the streets of Northampton, and … that’s it. It’s just a clown, with white face paint and red hair and occasionally some balloons, and it’s just walking around, and it’s awful.

  33. Pro Lib, how is the Bucs return game? Slater is out for the Pats, and his contribution to winning the field position battle has been a big part of scraping by in these low scoring games so far.

    1. The Bucs couldn’t win a close game against a bad team if they needed to. God do they suck. I guess Josh Freeman is taking this year off from being good, too.

      1. Yeah, I’m not too worried about Freeman. He’s looked bad in the bit I’ve seen, and the Patriots defense has actually looked pretty good so far (albeit against other questionable offenses). But if the game is going to be low scoring, which is what I expect, a long return or two could kill the Pats.

      2. I’m not happy with their start, but the offense will probably get it together before too long. What has surprised me is how well the defense is playing.

        1. Scniano needs to go. He promised the Bucs discipline and has failed to deliver.

  34. http://dailycaller.com/2013/09…..rty-video/

    David Brooks unwittingly makes the case for Ted Cruz. Apparently Cruz is out to destroy the Republican establishment. And worse, he can’t be bought. He doesn’t seem to care about rational things like stealing for his cronies or getting committee chairs. He is like some kind of terminator or something, immune to the normal weapons available to the establishment. Oh nos!!

    Also note how Brooks drops in the “Canadian born” qualifier when speaking of Cruz. What a asshole.

    1. Well, you know these Canucks, with their hockey sticks and maple syrup, just waiting to infiltrate across the border into Texas.

    2. “That Tea Fucker is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

      1. To be fair to Brooks, Cruz is in favor legalizing the purchase of phased plasma rifles in the 40-watt range without a background check.

    3. Yeah, who in the world would complain about the destruction of the Republican establishment?

    4. If David Brooks hates him, he’s last on my list to get rid of. But still on the list.

      1. I like Cruz. He is exactly the kind of person Libertarians better figure out how to work with if they are going to get anything done.

        1. I guess that’s what I meant. He’s not a libertarian, but there are 98 people in the Senate who I want to get rid of mre.

        2. I am wary of Cruz. I think he could be the Republican Establishment’s man to undercut Rand Paul’s growing appeal among traditional Republicans. It is hard for me to take him seriously as an opponent of the Republican establishment when he has spent so much time as part of it (he clerked for Rehnquist, worked for one of the top DC law firms [while there represented John Boehner]) and served in the W. Bush administration).

          1. It is hard for me to take him seriously as an opponent of the Republican establishment when he has spent so much time as part of it (he clerked for Rehnquist, worked for one of the top DC law firms [while there represented John Boehner]) and served in the W. Bush administration).

            So anyone who has ever been a part of something is precluded from rejecting it? That is shreek level stupid, just make without the obscenities and normal level of insanity. By your logic, we shouldn’t take Ron Wyden’s attacks on the Democratic leadership seriously since he has been a part of said leadership and been in Congress for years.

            Stop it.

  35. Milwaukee Will Fight Slippery Roads With Cheese Brine

    Milwaukee might not salt its icy roads this winter. Instead, the city plans to cover its potentially hazardous motorways with cheese brine, the salt-and-water solution used in the production of cheese. The brine, considered a wasteful byproduct, is apparently cheaper and much more abundant than rock salt. (Well, at least it is in Wisconsin, the country’s leader in cheese production.)

    Damn cheese-heads.

    1. Just wondering what Milwaukee might smell like, come Spring.

      1. About the same, I expect.

      2. My underwear after working in the hot sun for two consecutive days.

    2. The Hungarian Battle Plan:

      Once the (Russian) tanks started rolling into Budapest, they noticed something a little weird about the streets — specifically, that they were on the slippery side. That’s because the rebels had covered the roads in cooking oil and soap so the tanks couldn’t get traction. At one point the tank drivers found themselves trying to drive over piles of silk that had been strewn across the streets. Have you ever tried to drive on silk? It’s not only impossible, but kind of fabulous. Even more embarrassing, while the tanks were stuck on the world’s most aggressive Slip ‘n’ Slide, kids would smear their windows with jelly.


  36. Occupy Wall Street activists plan to return today to Zuccotti Park to mark the two-year anniversary of their protests, which began on September 17, 2011.

    Because if they didn’t, they would be completely forgotten.

  37. The Germans are sending their retirees to Poland.

    “I can only say, children, when your parents get older, send them to Poland,” said Miskulin’s 66-year-old daughter, Ilona von Haldenwang.

    You know who else encouraged Germans to move to Poland?

    1. They need more breathing room?

    2. You know who else encouraged Germans to move to Poland?

      Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen?

    3. Funny, I thought lebensraum was for something else. Germany wins in the end.

  38. Now the hunt begins for the last two bodies: Search teams move in to recover missing victims as battered and filthy hulk of the Costa Concordia emerges from the sea after 19-hour salvage battle

    They got it upright, though it ain’t ever gonna float again.

    1. They’ll just cut it for scraps.

      Been following the engineering behind all this. Incredible.

  39. Natural beauty: Emmy Rossum highlights her slim figure in pink pencil skirt at charity benefit after Fashion Week successes

    Way too skinny for John.

    1. Borderline. Her face is so boney. Her legs are sticks. She is not bad looking. But she is not a raving beauty either.

    2. Way to skinny and emanciated for ME. That’s why I like Latin women better.

      1. and the “‘dat ass” factor.

      2. Meh, not enough redheads.

  40. Life on the breadline: Millionaire CEO of Panera Bread tries to get by on just $4.50 a day (which is less than just ONE of their loaves!)


  41. Breakfast in bed? Terrified man finds an 8ft crocodile hidden under his bed after it spent entire night just inches from where he slept


    Another good reason to never visit Zimbabwe.

    1. Between the crocodiles and the government, you can guess which I would prefer.

    2. The really disconcerting thing about the whole episode is the fact that I was sitting on the edge of the bed that morning, bare foot and just centimetres away from the croc.

      This isn’t too surprising. The fact it wandered away from the river and hid under something suggests it wasn’t hungry.

    3. Wait, are there any good reasons to visit Zimbabwe?

    1. This is the clown on St Michaels road going around my town on his own scaring people! why?

      Oh my god! People… going around… doing things! This is an outrage!

  42. Homeless man of ‘extraordinary honesty’ who found $42,000 in a bag and turned it in to police is rewarded as well-wishers set up fund to give him reward

    Glen James found a backpack on Saturday containing $2,400 in cash and a WHOPPING $39,500 in AmEx Travelers Cheques
    The Good Samaritan – who is homeless – handed the pack over to Boston police
    He was honored on Monday and thanked for an ‘extraordinary show of character and honesty’
    James has been homeless since losing his job in 2005 and suffers from Meniere’s disease which has vertigo-like symptoms
    A fundraising page launched on the GoFundMe.com website has raised more than $4,000 for James

    What would you have done?

    1. Brought it to the police. With that much money, there’s no way someone isn’t looking for it and I wouldn’t want to be implicated in anything.

      Of course, if I were homeless, my calculus might change.

      1. I’m not sure what I would have done. Being the selfish prick that I am, I’d likely have pocketed the cash and then left the bag where I found it. Then again you never really know until you’re put into the situation.

    2. Traveler’s checks aren’t bearer bonds. They’d be worthless to the finder. The cash not so much. If someone claims the find, the least they could do is see if the cash has a chance of helping the homeless guy out. It’s tricky. Maybe pay the rent up front for a place for the guy over the wonter?

  43. I posted this yesterday but I think I’ll post it again.

    Tie dye for: Katrina Bowden shows off her (30) Rock of a stomach as she parades body in pink print bikini on holiday


    I’ll be in my bunk.

    1. She is one of the few women that would benefit from a well done boob job.

      1. Nah. She just needs to put on five to ten pounds and those puppies would fill in on their own.

        1. She has a great ass and legs, even though she is very thin. She has fat but in the right places.

    2. What is it with these hot chicks who marry these short, skinny, ugly dudes? Do they just want to make sure they’re the center of attention wherever they go?

      1. She likes me for me
        Not because I look like Tyson Beckford
        With the charm of Robert Redford
        Oozing out my ears
        But what she sees
        Are my faults and indecisions
        My insecure conditions
        And the tears upon the pillow that I shed

      2. They don’t want their date taking any attention away from them.

      3. Reduces the likelihood of him trading up in 20 years.

  44. ‘I will go to my grave angry at that man’: Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks opens up about the psychiatrist she blames for ruining her chances of having a family


  45. Not quite ready for her close up: Bare-faced Julianne Hough braves the outside world with no bra and shower wet hair

    She could poke someone’s eyes out with those things!

  46. Video shows illegal lobster killing method at major Maine seafood plant, cruel dismemberments and an employee JUMPING on a bin of the creatures

    Peta claims seafood factory breaks slaughter laws
    Animal rights group to file criminal complaint against Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster


    I don’t know how many hundreds of live lobsters I stabbed between the legs and opened up to make baked-stuffed lobsters in my time as a cook. They’re fucking bugs for fuck’s sake! They don’t feel pain the way we do. They’re bugs that crawl around on the ocean floor eating trash!

    1. I feel no sympathy, but I won’t eat them either. Something about scavengers and filter feeders makes me uneasy.

    2. Yeah, I am not the least bit concerned about how lobsters are killed. I think a few European countries have made it illegal to plunge a live lobster or crab into boiling water. What’s next? You must allow that mosquito biting you to drink its fill and go about its business?

      1. You shouldn’t boil them alive for purely culinary reasons. Killing the lobster first prevents the stress reaction of being unable to escape the boiling pot from ruining the meat adrenalin.

        1. I’d think I’d have heard of that before being that I live in Maine, have culinary arts training, and many years working in Maine restaurants that serve lobster.

          One thing I know for sure is that you never eat a dead lobster. It only takes minutes for a dead lobster to go from tasty to food poisoning.

      2. Won’t someone think of the Malaria!

      3. You must allow that mosquito biting you to drink its fill and go about its business?

        Did anyone actually make that argument?

        The mosquito is attacking you, giving you cassus belli. The MYOB lobster, not so much.

        1. Whatever. You can’t kill ants or house flies or something. You know what I mean.

          1. No, he doesn’t.

            Tonio is to animal rights what Sevo is to any conversation involving religion, full fucking retard.

    3. Lobsters are basically giant bugs.

    4. They don’t feel pain the way we do.

      So what does that mean, exactly?

      1. They have a bug’s nervous system.

        1. They have a bug’s nervous system. I have no idea what I’m talking about, really, but because I say so…

          OK, they are not actually true bugs, which are the hemiptera insects (hint: lobsters not insects of any sort).

          But assuming by “bugs” you mean “things with more legs than me which I consider inconsequential” the number of neurons varies from 100K for lobsters and fruit flies to 1M for honeybees. That’s a whole order of magnitude variance within “bugs” (as colloquially defined).

          So, again, what are you trying to say?

          1. They’re bugs.

            1. LOL. No. Well, sorta, in the same sense that pre-darwinistic cultures think bats are a form of bird because they all fly…

              1. OMG, I posted that before I saw tarran’s comment.

          2. I don’t know how many hundreds of live lobsters I stabbed between the legs and opened up…

            Oops, you’re just engaging in ex-post-facto justification. I withdraw my question.

          3. 100,000 vs 85,000,000 = They don’t feel pain the way we do.

            And they’re bugs.

            1. Not going to interfere with you ex-post facto justification.

              1. I considered them to be bugs then just as I consider them to be bugs now. No ex-post facto involved. Yes I know that technically they’re not insects, but as far as I’m concerned they’re just bugs.

  47. Naughty and nice! Tiffani Thiessen shows off her impressive cleavage at NBC event… while Doutzen Kroes contrasts in angelic white frock


    The only way Giada’s jeans could look better would be on the floor next to my bed.

    1. Tiffani Thiessen shows off her impressive cleavage

      That dress showed precisely zero cleavage.

  48. A man was hit with a brick and stabbed before being robbed of the much awaited Grand Theft Auto V video game in north London.

    1. What, no digital distribution for him?

      1. Assault bricks AND violent video games. “It’s a PERFECT STORM!”

  49. CDC Mission Creep, 9-13 effort:
    “Report links antibiotics at farms to human deaths”
    Well, the claim is based not on animal treatment, but on someone getting hold of it and self-medicating.
    Doesn’t stop the CDC from bullshit claims.

    1. Isn’t antibiotic use in cattle causing resistance in humans? I didn’t think that was a myth. Or is it?

      1. John,
        According to the article, it’s not easy to transfer the AB from the treated animal to a human.

        1. So all of this stuff about antibiotic residues in meat causing resistant strains of bacteria to develop is BS? Interesting. I have been hearing that for like 25 years now. I always believed it.

          1. It’s an issue with overuse of antibiotics in humans- MRSA is no myth. But it has nothing to do with meat being contaminated with cow antibiotics.

            1. pangloss90@gmail.com| 9.17.13 @ 10:45AM |#
              “It’s an issue with overuse of antibiotics in humans- MRSA is no myth.”

              If *that* claim was made, there’d be no link.

            2. I don’ think resistance is a myth. But I have always understood cow antibiotics contributed to it. Maybe not.

              1. The one credible explanation that I have heard is that overuse of antibiotics in cattle has the potential to lead to strains that are resistant to the bacteria that they are trying to protect the cattle from, thus leading potentially to either sicker cattle or even higher doses of antibiotics (which may now be ineffective).

            3. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Bacteria, even from very distant taxa, can exchange genes on plasmids, which is often where AB resistance cassettes are found. So, you can induce resistance in a benign strain, but it can transfer its resistance to a pathogenic strain. I’m not saying it’s likely, just saying that it’s not true that the issues are totally separate.

      2. It probably is causing resistance in some kinds of bacteria, though.

        1. Zeb| 9.17.13 @ 10:30AM |#
          “It probably is causing resistance in some kinds of bacteria, though.”

          Yes, but what the headline ‘suggests’ is a direct correlation between farm ABs and “23,000 annual human deaths(!)”
          The article makes it clear that a horse-back guess at best.
          Goddam fear-mongering, nothing else.

    2. The CDC just backtracked on its 40 year campaign to get Americans to consume less salt because the science was – wrong.

      So I guess I’d say take anything the CDC says with as much salt as you like.

    3. Curious if the “fish” antibiotics that the preppers are buying up will be the next shoe to drop.

      1. You mean will they be banned? Or relegated to prescription status?

        1. Pick your favorite govt intervention…

    4. Commercial flocks of poultry are fed antibiotics on a regular basis to prevent the flock from becoming infected. In a purely natural state the bacteria only encounter antibiotics when they encounter mold strains such as penicillin. When you prophylactically treat entire populations you create an environment where most harmful bacteria die, but a few survive; the survivors are the antibiotic-resistant ones. You are creating an ideal environment to breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

      The traces-of-antibiotics-in-meat thing is a different issue, one that is sometimes conflated with antibiotic-resistance by the anti-tech hysterics, but is in reality only tangentially-related.

      Natural selection, how do it work?

  50. I don’t know about this prize, but if it’s anything like the Nobel prize reports of a “nominations” are truly meaningless.

  51. Greetings rom the Fainting Couch!

    Just when one might have thought that lunacy over gun policy in the U.S. cannot be exceeded, think again.

    In the wake of the Newtown massacre, Colorado adopted a universal background check system and a modest restriction on the size of high-capacity magazines. This was good news for everyone except gun sellers who don’t want the sales to felons and the insane to dry up (and those who think what for most purchasers would be a five-minute background check is too much of an imposition).

    Since gun sellers call the shots at the NRA, the lobbying group launched an effort to punish Colorado legislators who stood up for public safety over gun seller profits. Now, two thoughtful Colorado legislators have been recalled and the NRA is crowing at having exercised its muscle once again.

    Just imagine his frenzied anguish after yesterday.

    1. Since gun sellers call the shots at the NRA

      Where did this little bit of idiocy originate? I know that leftists think ordinary jerkoffs would never disagree with them if not for the baleful influence of CORPORASHUNS, but I’ve seen this meme enough for the last year that it had to come from some focus group somewhere.

      1. It’s not a focus group thing. These people are really that ignorant.

        My parents were gungrabbers as is the American wing of my family.

        In conversations with them, they assumed that few law-abiding person would really want to own a gun, and that therefore the gun industry must be trying to market to criminals in order to move enough product to stay in business.

        It’s like listening to Gloria Allred to describing what it is to be a PUA.

        1. I don’t like your simile there. Gloria Allred knows exactly what it is to be a con artist.

          1. I’m not happy about it either.

            Ghandi writing a manual on infantry tactics?

            Naomi Klein writing a book on history?

            Hitler’s dad writing a book on raising a child without administering any fatal beatings?

      2. They can never accept that their view is unpopular. One of the big part of liberals’ smugness is the certainty that they are always fighting for the People. So the NRA cannot be an organization of individuals. It must be some kind of astro turf fake organization run by the evil corporations.

        Liberals have no interest in reality. The whole world and everyone in it are just props for their own internal morality play.

  52. KSTP-TV anchor has her driver’s license data searched 1,380 times, lawsuit alleges

    Suit says Jessica Miles was “shocked and disgusted” to learn that her driver’s license info was accessed by officers and personnel from about 180 different departments and agencies.


    1. But the NSA collecting everyone’s phone calls will never be abused. I mean no bored NSA drone would ever use it to listen in on attractive women’s phone calls and such. Never.

      1. They already have admitted to listening in on phone sex between deployed soldiers and their sweethearts.

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