9/11 Attacks Cast a Shadow 12 Years Later

Traumatic incident for the country


Michael Ollis was not even in high school when terrorists slammed jetliners into the World Trade Center towers.

This summer, 12 years later, he was serving his third combat tour with the United States Army when insurgents attacked his base in Afghanistan.

Staff Sergeant Ollis, 24, a Staten Island native, was killed. He was one of 92 New Yorkers who enlisted after 9/11 and died in battles that were spawned in the smoldering rubble of ground zero.

As the families of those killed on 9/11 gathered on Wednesday morning in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia to mark the anniversary of the attacks, Sergeant Ollis's death, one of thousands during a decade of war, offered a reminder that the costs of what happened 12 years ago are still being borne across the globe.

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  1. As a lifelong libertarian, it saddens me that my favorite gaggle of like minded souls, people who instinctively distrust govt. and have made a dedicated career of trying to educate the populace to the sublime benefits of freedom can naively pretend that the opposition is loyal and genteel, and is simply misinformed or ignorant. The so-called “war on terror” is not an end but a means, the latest of many gambits in a loose plan to abolish the Constitution and install a police state that would shock George Orwell.
    Anyone with one eye and half a brain (that looks) can see the 9/11 attack was a false flag, and it’s time you guys (at Reason) acknowledged it.

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