A.M. Links: Syrian Govt Rejected Soldiers' Request to Use Chemical Weapons, NSA Won Big in Court Case, Sony Delays Release of PS4


  • The Syrian government reportedly refused to authorize the use of chemical weapons, according to messages intercepted by a German spy ship. President Bashar al Assad and his Russian allies insist the United Nations continue their probe for the alleged weapons, stating that there is no evidence the government is responsible for attacks. Nevertheless, Secretary of State John Kerry demanded that the Syrian government hand over "every single bit" of their chemical weapons within a week. The White House also released graphic video of the gas attacks in Syria in a bid to drum up support for intervention in Washington and among the public.

  • Oh look, Congress' attention to the intervention in Syria is drowning out ongoing political issues like the farm bill, immigration, and the debt limit.
  • The Obama Administration won permission for the National Security Agency to search deliberately through Americans' communications in a 2011 court ruling that overturned a Bush-era ban. Unsuprisingly, it was also revealed that the NSA is collecting data from smart phones.
  • Dennis Rodman said that he has a big announcement when he returns from North Korea, where he was visiting authoritarian ruler and "friend for life" Kim Jong Un.
  • The Chinese government is threatening three years in jail for anyone who spreads rumors online.
  • Serena Williams continues to be one of the most dominant tennis players as she won her fifth US Open.
  • Sony spurned Japan and announced that it will delay releasing the PS4 for three months in order to fulfill holiday demands in America. USA! USA! USA!

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