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South Carolina's Coastal Carolina University has banned the distribution of the "Weekly Surge" from campus. School administrators say they banned the newspaper because it has carried articles about and advertising for alcoholic beverages. "Several of the articles were about fixing cocktails and reviewing happy hours. … That's not something we want to promote to our students," said CCU Vice President of Student Affairs Debbie Conner.

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  1. We should probably wait until people are adults before sending them off to college. That way it will lift from administrators the burden of coddling and protecting our helpless little collegians.

    1. But if we wait until they are 26 (the ACA line of adulthood), the administration will just make us carry the little darlings on our adult insurance until they are 30.

  2. Is it a lack of self-awareness or are they just that craven? Both I guess.

  3. Why dont universities just go ahead and ban all written material from their campuses and have students kneel in the presence of staff while they are being instructed on the proper things to think and say?

  4. Links, Chucky!!!

    Here’s a link to the original article.

    And here is the Daily Caller reporting on it.

    From DC article:

    CCU is a public university, and bound to follow the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of the press. But it is also an autonomous non-government institution, complicating the legal issues at stake.

    Whether or not CCU is legally obligated to let the newspaper distribute on campus, administrators shouldn’t try to police their students personal habits, said Shibley.

  5. I think we can all agree that Weekly Surge is a terrible name.

    1. I’d go with “Seekly Wurge”, myself.

        1. Nice …

          Sounds like the name of a hero from Rocky & Bullwinkle, too!

    2. Retool and relaunch as the “Quarter Monthly Throb”

    3. Better than Monthly Surge.

  6. Wouldn’t have happened if they’d been *real* journalists…

  7. “Several of the articles were about fixing cocktails and reviewing happy hours. ? That’s not something we want to promote to our students,” said CCU Vice President of Student Affairs Debbie Conner.

    Thanks Zod that they’re all now safe in a cocoon of blissful ignorance, all to this woman’s credit.

    1. What if all the reviews said the happy hours *sucked*?

    2. Vice President of Student Affairs

      There’s nothing left to cut. Budgets are stretched thin and students are suffering like scabies ridden hookers in Calcutta.

  8. Ah, Coastal, the repository of South Carolinians who can’t get into either Clemson or USC (which is saying something…) and hot chicks from the northeast.

  9. Why bother with printing? Make a website, host it on godaddy or any other host out there. No school property is involved.

    What’s the school gonna do then, restrict what people can view over the school internet? Well, I mean, obviously the school would TRY that, but it wouldn’t be very effective.

    1. They’d get the site placed in the coming national blacklist.

    2. What’s the school gonna do then, restrict what people can view over the school internet?

      You have clearly never glanced at the config file for a university firewall…

      1. Nope, never attended or worked at a university, which is probably why hampering a vital research tool doesn’t make any sense to me.

  10. Sex education is predicated on the idea that the kids are going to fuck anyway so we’d better teach them about responsible sex. And if you disagree with sex education, you’re some sort of freak.

    If you suggest that we have alcohol education because the young’uns are going to drink anyway, so we ought to teach them responsible drinking, people look at you like you’re a freak and hate the children.

    1. To be fair, I am a freak and do hate the children, but it has nothing to do with my support of alcohol edumacacion.

    2. What if I don’t think schools should be responsible for “teaching” students how to pursue any of their various lifestyle choices and that parents should stop being fucking pussies and learn to have ONE embarrassing conversation with their kids one day out of their life?

  11. Perish the thought, of course, that we lower the drinking age to the legally-accepted age of adulthood for every other purpose (except health insurance now) so that “underage drinking” on a college campus is a legal concept that can’t even exist.

    1. One can only imagine the moral forces that would unite if 18 year-old’s could freely imbibe. You’d need just a couple of nasty incidents related to legal youth drinking to instantly create a newer-wave feminist/Christian-hens cabal of tyrannical ‘decency’. These temperance idiots would forcefully reintroduce prohibition and, sadly, a helluva lot of guilty and woefully uninformed drinkers would back them today just as they did 80 years ago. Hell, a grown man or woman can barely toke in peace in most parts of ‘Merica today MAINLY because of the youthz. Drink would eventually fare a similar fate if the fresh-out-of-HS could tipple freely.

    2. Because of blood borders, we had to have a uniform nationwide drinking age of 21. No, a uniform nationwide drinking age of 18 would not have worked because, well, it just wouldn’t have, okay?

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