John McCain: Assad "Euphoric" About Obama Decision to Get Congressional Authorization

Red lines are red lines the senator says


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is "euphoric" about President Obama's surprise announcement Saturday that he will seek congressional authorization for a limited strike in the war-torn country, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Sunday on "Face the Nation."

When Mr. Obama said the use of chemical weapons in Syria would mark a "red line" that Assad wouldn't be allowed to cross with impunity, McCain said, "he didn't say, 'It's a red line—and by the way I'm going to have to seek the approval of Congress.' He said it was a red line, and that the United States of America would act. And that's a big difference, and that's one of the reasons why this is so problematic."

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  1. Can we please force our elected idiots to retire at age 65?

  2. …”that’s one of the reasons why this is so problematic.”

    Yeah, that and that damned Constitution.

  3. Is he completely unfamiliar with the way this country is supposed to work.

  4. Ya know, if that fuckhead McCain is so goddamned hot to trot to grow blow up what he considers camel jockeys, someone give the old gasbag a dusted off A-4, some past their expiration dates, pat him on the head, send hom off, and remind him not to fuck up this time and get captured again.

    1. Well, skip reminding him not to get captured this time. He made lots of friends with the Jihadi inspred rebels – they’ll come recue their pal Johnny-Mac, right?

      1. They might very well if they thought there was some aid money in it.

  5. His war-boner is so large McCain literally can’t see anything else. That is a big boner.

  6. McCain and Feinstein are going to win reelection forever and ever. They’ll both receive cybernetic enhancements by 2020 to enhance their unnatural senatorial lifespans so that they can get our grandkids killed in whatever perverse adventurism the future holds.

    Meanwhile, Gary Johnson will continue to appear once a month on alternate media channels instead of running for the house or senate.

    1. New constitutional amendment: if you look like you smell like pee, you’re ineligible for office.

  7. Not because of any phony god’s blessing?

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