Hey Filmmakers! Deadline for Reason Video Awards is August 31, 2013!


The deadline for this is August 31, 2013!

The Reason Video Award (RVA) honors short-form, online video, film, and moving pictures that explore, investigate, or enrich libertarian beliefs in individual rights, limited government, and human possibilities.

Entries may consist of one to five pieces by the same filmmaker(s) but cannot run longer than 15 minutes total (including all titles, credits, and other indicia). Submissions can be narrative, dramatic, fictional, documentary, etc. but cannot be excerpted from longer works. Entries will be judged as a complete unit, so care should be taken in making sure all parts are of equal quality and build to a coherent effect.

The Reason Video Award application and judging process will be overseen the staff of Reason TV. Entries must have been published online between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

First prize will be $7,000, second prize will be $2,000, and third prize will be $1,000.

Full info and online submission form at https://reason.com/video-awards.