Brickbat: Plea Bargain


New London, New Hampshire, Police Chief David Seastrand has resigned and given up his certification as a police officer after a female college student said he offered to drop underage drinking charges against her if she'd allow herself to be photographed nude. The state attorney general's office says no charges will be filed against Seastrand.


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  1. Totality of circs, procedures were followed, etc etc

    1. He wasn’t trained that it’s wrong to solicit nude photos in exchange for not charging someone.

  2. No double standard. Civilian and law enforcement officer alike, there will be no charges filed as long as you offer to quit your job.

    1. This brave member of the thin blue line does not deserve to have his reputation and future career opportunities besmirched by addition to the sex offender registry. His selfless and noble service to the civilians of New London has placed him beyond reproach.

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  3. What???

    The guy is artiste!

  4. Aaron Hernandez is out of the NFL. Why is he still being charged?

    1. If Bashar Assad were to step down today he would almost certainly receive asylum in a friendly country and live out his days with no fear of retribution for his acts.

      But there is no double standard.

    2. Because he didn’t have a badge to convert into a get-out-of-jail-free card. His own fault, really, for not choosing a career path that would afford him special legal protections.

  5. Roll that beautiful bean footage.

  6. Just a normal part of “Stop and Frisk.” It’s a lot easier to frisk when they’re not wearing any clothes.

    1. It’s a lot easier to be frisky, too!

  7. But some longtime residents are standing by the chief.

    “I’m sure the Chief merely meant that *he* wanted to be nude as he took her photo.”

  8. Is your Police Chief interested in photography? “Photographs, eh”, he asked him knowingly. Snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

    All joking aside, the photos would have been very tasteful, and the nudity artistically valid

  9. This is just shocking! A small town police chief who only wears one star. Usually they are decked out in more stars than Eisenhower on D-Day.

  10. Wait, am I not reading article after article on this very sight bitching about people being arrested for trying to take pictures of cops? Doesn’t Reason always go to some guy at a site named “Photography is not a Crime”?

    Seems to me there is a bit of a double standard indeed.

    How is this poor cop supposed to satisfy his urge to look at naked co-eds? If only there was somewhere he could go to satisfy his urges…

    1. Naked women on the internet aren’t usually crying with embarrassment. plus he doesn’t get that “I am in control” rush from a website. Gotta satisfy the fetish.

  11. Someone used “Bad Lieutenant” as a training film.

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