A.M. Links: UK Votes No on Action in Syria, Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested in Egypt, Study Finds Marijuana is Popular and Pain Killers Are Deadly


Credit: bisgovuk / Foter / CC BY-ND
  • The British Parliament struck down a motion supporting the principle of taking military action in Syria to dissuade Assad from using chemical weapons by a slim margin of only 13 votes. Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged afterward that involvement in Syria may not be popular. 
  • Mohamed El-Beltagi, a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who was suspected of inciting violence last month, was arrested in Egypt.
  • Marijuana is everyone's favorite drug, according to a first of a kind study in illicit drug use worldwide. The study also found that pain killers caused more than half of the drug-related deaths last year. 
  • Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, is doing well in prison, says her lawyer.
  • Seven members of Detroit's building inspection department were charged with taking bribes.
  • America experiences canyon envy as one larger than the Grand Canyon was recently discovered under ice sheets in Greenland. 

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