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Cellphones Don't Cause Cancer, New Study Reports


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Earlier this month, my number 3 pick for the Top 5 Bogus Health Scares was the claim that radio frequency waves from cellphones cause cancer. A new study in the International Journal of Epidemiology by Oxford University epidemiologist Victoria Benson and her colleagues adds more evidence that cellphone-induced cancer is bogus.

As the folks over at the American Council on Science and Health note…

…the British Million Women Study… followed nearly 800,000 women for seven years. The women's cell phone use was assessed at the start of the study (1999 through 2005), and again in 2009. The occurrence of several types of brain cancer, such as glioma and meningioma was ascertained.

 During the follow up period, there were approximately 52,000 new invasive cancers overall, and of these 1,261 were brain cancers. When the researchers correlated the occurrence of cancers overall with the use of cell phones, they found no change in risk of cancers. When they examined specific brain cancers and compared their frequency in people who reported long-term use of cell phones with those of people who never used them, again there was no difference in risk.

The study concluded:

In this large prospective study, mobile phone use was not associated with increased incidence of glioma, meningioma or non-CNS cancers.

For more background, see my column, "Top 5 Bogus Health Scares."

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  1. Phew. Maybe now the mobile phone market will take off.

  2. Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer, New Study Reports

    Oh, thank you! I can finally bring myself to using one, at last!

  3. Every fucking person in every first world country and many more beyond that have a god damn cell phone, and have so for years and years, and we’ve seen no uptick in cancer from it, and people are still worrying about this? Holy shit, don’t those researchers have anything better to do?

    1. Do you want verification of the obvious or not?

    2. There’s money in researching stuff like this. Follow the money.

      1. There is? What fucking money? No one wasn’t getting a cell phone because of this, except paranoid cranks like Hugh or your mom, ProL.

        1. Do you really believe that grant money didn’t flow into this research? Really?

          1. Who the fuck would pay for this study?

            1. The government.

              Game, set, match.

              1. To what possible purpose? You keep saying this shit, yet you never give a why.

                1. DUH!

                  Obamaphone lawsuits you fool…

                2. Because people fear the cellphone “radiation.”

                  Really, you’re being silly, because the study was, in fact, commissioned. Why do you fear the cellphone?

            2. Duh. The Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation.

              1. If it had been the Society to Preserve Landlines, I suppose the conclusion might’ve been different.

                In all seriousness, I suspect companies who’d like to avoid silly litigation based on some cooked-up theory that cellphones cause cancer might fund studies like this. Especially knowing that there’s almost no chance of finding anything bad.

                1. Pro-

                  Bailey demonstrates a distinct lack of zeal for finding the truth by citing the American Council on Science and Health.

                  The organization has enjoyed a rich and sordid history for distorting facts, cherry picking study results and being in bed with big pharma.

                  Many of its “scientists” are frauds.

                  1. Check out the history of one of ACSH’s all time greats, Dr. Gilbert Ross.

                    What a piece of shit.

    3. Doesn’t stop Luddites and conspiracy theorists from propagating claims that they do cause cancer, nor does it stop the guilable (even those who should know better) from believing them

  4. I assume that cell phone technology has improved so much that you would need less power in the antennas nowadays?

    1. Are you telling me that my Gordon Gekko brick phone might still be killing me?

  5. The other commenters may scoff at this study confirming the obvious, but I will garantee that it will be cited in some luddite website as proof that cell phone use DOES cause cancer.

    1. Another cover up. Like that bullshit story Big Pharma issued about the anti-vax movement being started to drum up litigation.

      Like that?

    2. luddites have websites?

      1. They do.

        Luddites are also oblivious to irony.

  6. “Ever been to Utah? Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. You hear the most outrageous lies about it. Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it’s bad for you. Pernicious nonsense. Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year. They ought to have them, too.”

  7. I remember watching the TV set when I was young.
    “Don’t sit so close to the TV or you will go blind!” My mama said.
    I wish I would’ve listened to her.

    1. And we all thought it was because you “touched yourself”.

    2. Wait a second Ray. I thought your mama told you you would go blind from playing with yourself so much. I guess, well we all, stand corrected.

      1. Maybe by doing both, you offset the risks of going blind. But doing just one or the other, and your eyes are toast.

        1. Let me know.

    3. Worst Haiku Ever.

      1. Unintented consequences.

  8. Now, on to the cellphones-don’t-cause-plane-crashes study!

    1. I am awaiting the study on how many hospital visits are caused by people needing to get their cellphones removed from their throat because somebody rammed it there when the perp wouldn’t stop talking on it in the theater or restaurant.

  9. Why would any person take the folks over at American Council on Science and Health seriously?

    1. You’re on both the “vaccines cause autism” and the “cell phones cause cancer” bandwagons? Why am I not surprised?

      1. Did I write that I am on those bandwagons?

        Are you on the selective, cherry picking bandwagon?

        One who is rigorously committed to knowing the truth does not buy that which Bailey or the American Council on Science and Health is selling.

        1. Who sponsors the study?

          Who funds the study?

          Does the entity which funds the study or sponsors the study have a track record of releasing ALL of the results of the studies?

          Who conducted the study?

          Do the sponsors, funders and conductors of the study stand to benefit from the “right” findings and conclusions of the study?

          Do you routinely ask the above questions regarding “studies”?

          Do you actually search for the answers to the above questions?

          There is no person here more hard core in favor of the free market and individual liberty. This means that I do not take what crony capitalists and those who would stand to benefit from “studies” have to say as gospel.

        2. You’ve already stated that you’re an antivax moron.

  10. Interesting, I’ve collaborated with a number of neurosurgeons who won’t bring a cell phone anywhere near their head if they can avoid it. Bluetooth for them. It would certainly be more convincing if the study regressed against hours per day spent on a cell phone. But, it is a nice big sample size – I’m surprising they’re even reporting p < .03 effects as significant with a sample size like that.

    1. “I’ve collaborated with a number of neurosurgeons who won’t bring a cell phone anywhere near their head if they can avoid it.”

      Yep, MDs can be real idiots when they’re beyond their specialty.
      Look at the number who swoon about Obamascare.

    2. Do they think Bluetooth works by moving fairy dust back and forth, or what?

  11. Well, lessee, A: cellphones don’t emit ionizing radiation. (You know, the kind that actually can cause cancer.)

    B: I don’t go around with my cell screwed into my ear 24/7.

    Therefore, I really don’t worry about my cell zapping my brain. But, that’s just me.

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