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Archbishop of Canterbury Says Christians Must Repent for Treatment of Homosexuals

Was not in favor of letting gay couples adopt children when he was a young priest


LONDON, Aug. 29 (UPI) — Christian malice toward homosexuals and homosexuality is "totally wrong" and "demands repentance," Britain's archbishop of Canterbury told evangelical leaders.

"The church has not been good at dealing with homophobia," the Most Rev. Justin Welby told a gathering of leaders of the Evangelical Alliance, representing Great Britain's 2 million evangelical Christians.


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  1. Speak for yourself buddy. Like slavery and the Indians I had nothing to do with all that. Is this guilt by association?

    1. Agreed. As a christian myself, I never bore any ill will toward gays. Since “Christ”ians are supposed to be following the example of Jesus, it’s a wonder that this is only starting to happen now.

  2. Translation: The constant gay bashing over the years has turned off young people and the old worshipers are dying off at such a rate that the church risks finding itself going the way of the Greek temples if they don’t find a way to bring in young asses to fill the seats and, more importantly, young money to fill the coffers.

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