NJ Teens Leave Money For Items After Entering Closed Store That Looked Open

Who says it's all doom and gloom?


It pays to be on your best behavior, even when you think no one is watching.

That's a lesson learned by a few young men from New Jersey after cameras caught them doing the right thing at a local store.

Sunday night, the management of Buddy's Small Lots got the after-hours call all retailers fear.

"We got a phone call at the police department saying there had been a break in at the store," Marci Lederman of Buddy's Small Lots said.

But when they got to the store, nothing appeared out of place. But the eye in the sky sees everything, so they went to the video tape.

The cameras caught it all. A handful of young men cautiously enter the store before heading downstairs.

They do a little shopping, calling out to a clerk who never shows up. After doing a little mental math, the guys decide to pay for sunglasses and batteries, even though no one's around to force them.