Ed Krayewski Debating the Situation in Syria on Russia Today at 10:15AM ET

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I'll be on Russia Today's "Cross Talk," debating the issues surrounding intervention in Syria's civil war at 10:00am ET. I'll be joined by Yazan Abdallah, a Syrian activist based out of Damascus and Michal Shank out of Washington, D.C.

There ought to be lots of questions, like whether Western intervention in Syria is imminent and whether war with Syria's been a long time coming? Was a "red line" crossed, and should chemical weapons use constitute a red line anyway? Hasn't Western intervention, and Russian and Iranian and Israeli, started already? France has threatened "force" if the Syrian regime was confirmed to have used chemical weapons and the United States says it has, so what's France going to do and why should we care? Is the United States going to let itself get dragged into a "quagmire" even the Turkish government seems to know enough to avoid for now? And if President Obama does pull the trigger on military intervention in Syria, is Congress going to do something about it or roll over like a good rubber stamp? Or are the dogs of war in these dog days of August full of bark but no bite?

Tune in at 10:15am Eastern if you have the channel, or check it out online here, and see more Reason on Syria here.

Update: This was apparently a pre-tape. I'll share the actual airtime when I find out.