War on Cameras

Alec Baldwin Confronts Photographer on Street, Photographer Calls Cops

don't put in the pig picture by mistake


New dad Alec Baldwin has been accused of yet another violent temper tantrum involving a freelance photographer.

The habitual hothead grabbed a photographer near Baldwin's West Village home in front of several witnesses after noon on Tuesday, photos obtained by the Daily News show.

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  1. If the photographer was taking snaps of Baldwin without his consent, I’m on the actors side.
    If someone was taking pictures of me, I’d treat them like a stalker.

  2. If you are visible from a place where the public has a right to be, you think you own the photons that you emit? If so, then you are an ASSHOLE, plain and simple! Go and join the likes of your fellow asshole, Alex-the-Asshole Baldwin? Hey, a million light-years out, the space aliens caught pictures of my taking a whizz in my back yard! Would you PLEASE go and beat them up for me!?!?!

  3. Who is Alec Baldwin?

    1. Alec Baldwin is my yard-boy, cuts my grass and kisses my ass. I have tried and tried and tried to help him keep his tongue in check and his dick in his pants, he just won’t listen to riddle ol’ me? dunno what I’m a gonna do next, I am open to your advice?

    2. The guy MSNBC finally found that is a bigger asshole than Keith Olbermann.

  4. You are worthless, Alec Baldwin
    You are worthless, Alec Baldwin
    You failed in every way and now my stock in you has fallen.
    Your career is stalling’ and you’re worthless, Alec Baldwin
    That’s why I blew your head off
    And your children are all bawling’

  5. Here’s a strategy for getting rid of paparazzi. If a paparazzi gets your picture, take a similar picture of yourself, then release it creative-commons on flikr or instagram. The paparazzi will soon figure out they can no longer make money sneaking up on you and taking your picture.

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