Brickbat: No Parental Involvement


Some schools in Texas now bar parents from walking their children to class. It had been a tradition in many schools, but officials say that new security measures introduced as a response to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School require parents to drop their children off just outside schools.

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  1. Well, the entire system of government running the schools was explicitly designed to remove parents from their children’s education. As they say in comedy, you buy the premise, you buy the bit. So nothing wrong with this.

  2. I’m of two minds about this. One this may make children less safe but then you get rid of the helicoptor parents and have more free range kids who can handle themselves.

    1. Some younger children enjoy being walked to class. Granting this particular request does not make a parent over-protective. No particular free-range skill is required for walking to class alone as a 6 year-old.

  3. ‘ello, what’s all this then? A second Brickbat? I’m going to call this a Britback because it was backdated.

    Anyway, why don’t parents have surveillance drones follow their brats into class? They could literally be helicopter parents!

  4. The specificity of these edicts is ridiculous. Because there was a spectacular mass shooting of children in a school, they try to prevent exactly that from recurring?as if crowds of adults (widely available) or crowds of children someplace other than a classroom weren’t just as likely or likelier targets. During the Cold War there was some thought given to dispersing the popul’n to make for less attractive H-bomb targets, and at least that had some strategic thinking behind it, but now it seems nobody’s even thinking?like the way the shoe bomber led to shoe inspections.

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