Baylen Linnekin on Oreo Cookies, the "Stuf" Ridiculous Lawsuits Are Made Of


Credit: sameold2010 / / CC BY-NC-SA

Earlier this week a mini food scandal erupted under the following headline: "Double Stuf Oreos Don't Actually Have Double The Creme." The scandalous headline, courtesy The Huffington Post, is the result of the efforts of Dan Anderson, a high school math teacher in upstate New York who had his students weigh three types of Oreo cookies and report their findings. The students determined that the creme in the Double Stuf Oreos they tested weighed less than twice as much as the creme in regular Oreos they tested. Baylen Linnekin explains why he's worried that the next step in the Oreo saga will be a frivolous lawsuit filed by a class action lawyer.