Newest Samsung Galaxy a Flip Phone

Smartphone/dumbphone hybrid


With smartphones having just recently surpassed feature phones in the global cell phone sales market, thanks to a 46.5 percent jump in sales this past financial quarter, now would seem like an odd time for one of the world's most popular smartphone makers to take a step backwards. However, that's just what Samsung is doing with its latest edition to the Galaxy lineup of devices. The Galaxy Golden flip phone has just been debuted by the company.

Rather than sport the standard all touch screen that most smartphones do now a days, the most significant thing about the Golden is the fact that' it's also a flip phone with physical buttons on the inside. A few days ago the company launched the Hennessy Android smartphone, also a flip. This device was expected by many to hit the Chinese market. The Golden, poised to make a splash in the Korean market, was announced, but this one comes with slightly better specs.