Brickbat: You'll Put Someone's Eye Out with That


Six Transportation Security Administration agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport had to be taken to the hospital after one of them sprayed the others with pepper spray. Agent Chris Yves Dabal reportedly found a container of pepper spray and began to play with it.

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  1. The agent …discovered the device … and tried to determine if it was real. He told Port Authority cops that he “found the canister on the floor and thought it was a laser pointer.”

    No wonder they are always patting down people’s junk – how else are they going to learn what genitalia feels like?

  2. Grainy surveillance video shows the spray actually came from a seventh agent on the grassy knoll.

  3. Shouldn’t “Enjoys playing with confiscated weapons” be a firing offense for a security officer?

    1. I believe that’s one of the “Preferred” skills.

  4. Can we FINALLY have a conversation about common sense spray can control? How many more TSA agents have to go blind before we can ban all spray cans? It’s not like we are coming to take away manual pump spray bottles, only those dangerous automatic spray bottles with that thing that goes up.

    1. You can have my pepper spray when you pry it from my hot and spicy hands.

    2. Well, Floridian, if we dissolve the TSA, no more TSA agents will be hurt.

      1. No, no. You aren’t playing the statist game correctly. If you are the opposition you have to disagree with me and then come up with your own version of the ban that won’t actually solve any problems. And you claim to work for the government. Pshaw.

        1. I am an IT guy. My employer happens to be a government. To me it is just another job.

          1. Dude, couldn’t you at least pretend you’re our fifth columnist, bringing down the system from within?

            1. That would imply I’m a libertarian. I’ve always told you guys I’m not. You’re just useful allies on certain issues.

              1. I’m sure you have, but i don’t pay very much attention to anything or anyone around here.

                1. It’s okay, I’m used to people not reading my communications – even when it’s a response to their own uber-urgent super-duper emergency request they sent me.

          2. You’re Edward Snowden, aren’t you!

            How’s Moscow?

            1. I work for New York state. I don’t have sexy spying data, just health insurance information.

              1. “OOooooo – I think that’s sexy. Tell me more…” – every statist pol and bureaucrat

                1. Sorry, that would be a violation of federal law and our own policies regarding customer data. If you come by I think we’re going to have another ‘unplanned’ outage because of all the old software we’re running. It’s terribly unstable you know, keeps crashing.

      2. Dissolving the TSA will not give us the solution we want.

        1. that rather depends on the solvent

    3. No one is saying you can’t keep them for bears and, um.. mountain lions. It’s just that no one NEEDS more than 10 grams of capsaicin.

  5. 6 f-in people? I don’t think you could you could send that many people to the hospital with a deliberate spraying. My god, that’s like cartoon level stupid.

    1. He probably only sprayed one of them. The other four just caught of a whiff of the stuff and had to be taken in just to be safe. You know, union rules and all. The sixth man saw the whole thing and needed counseling for mental trauma. You know, union rules and all.

  6. Sounds like some scary stuff man.

  7. Taken to the hospital? You mean they weren’t handcuffed and forced to lay face-first in their own drool?

    1. They’re not civilians, sarc! Geez!

  8. It could have been worse. He could have been playing with his dick and sprayed them with……

    St Alfonzo would be proud!!!!

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