Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald Called for a Drone Strike on Julian Assange of Wikileaks

This is the same Grunwald who called for more government control of everything


A TIME magazine reporter caused ire on Twitter Saturday night when he said that he "can't wait to write a defense of the drone strike that takes out" Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Michael Grunwald's tweet, since deleted, was quickly met with outrage and bewilderment. Glenn Greenwald, who recently broke several revelations about NSA surveillance programs based on documents provided to him by leaker Edward Snowden, was particularly vocal in expressing his disgust with Grunwald's statement.

Editor's Note: This is the same Michael Grunwald who wrote "Tread on Me: The Case for Freedom From Terrorist Bombings, School Shootings and Exploding Factories," calling for more government control of everything.

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  1. In my book under the NAP Grunwald may now be fair game for Assange to take out. And maybe even self-appointed Assange reps.

  2. All these leftists seemed fine with leaks etc. under that evil BusHitler.


    1. I can’t get over how brazen they are about it no though

      1. get rid of the “no”

        1. I mean think about it-they’re CHEERING on the IRS, this Twat wrote a book called “tread on me”-Usually they try some kind of half ass “Can’t yell fire in a crowded theatre” type reasoning, but in the past few years, they’ve been getting pretty aggressive.

          1. Historically the hard left (and our regime is hard left currently) have always been the biggest fans of the security state.

            I’m not saying that the GOP types (hello Juan McCannot) aren’t also cheerleaders, but the lefties gave you the NKVD, KGB, Stasi, that austrian midget with the stupid ‘stache’…

            Statists abound, but to be a REAL statist you are gonna have to be a real leftist.

            1. its cuz for the lefty paradise is just one more regulation away,just over that mountaintop in the distance. It doesn’t matter what we do in the here and now, because our future will be so great that it will absolve us of all the sins we have created in the present.

  3. Sometimes I think thats the only way to deal with statist fucks like him. Eiax ther that or the HYPERLOOP (worse segway ever), imagine if that shit tales off and peeps are able to criss cross the planet buying what they want? A tax free haven just being a few hours away!

    1. Are you attempting to create a new language? Or is this an existing English vernacular I’m not familiar with?

      1. yeah I should have edited it first

  4. Time’s Michael Grunwald is threatening Julian Assange with proposed drone strikes; may Assange take Grunwald out first, sending a drone or hit man to Grunwald’s South Beach (Miami) home, as long as, unlike Greenwald’s hero Obama, he doesn’t also kill Greenwald’s wife Cristina Dominguez and their children?

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  7. Well, in Grunwald’s defense, he is retarded.

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