Egypt's Tourism Not Exactly Thriving on Unrest

See the pyramids, and die


GIZA, Egypt — It looked more like a fortified military zone than a top tourist attraction that draws millions of visitors: Metal barricades, tan-colored tanks and men in army fatigues blocked the way to the Giza pyramids on Saturday.

"This is the street of the pyramids?" asked Sabr Agaya, who offers camel and carriage rides, in a rhetorical tone. "I can't believe this is the street. Sometimes my head spins."

Tourism in Egypt was devastated this week as museums and archaeological sites shut down and violence erupted, propelling looting and sinking the industry.

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  1. Reason must support the military’s crackdown so as to restore order. Only with order will there be a tourism industry.

    It’s all about the monies huh.

    1. “Reason must support the military’s crackdown so as to restore order.”

      Either take your meds or stop taking so much of them.

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  3. Yeah, I know nothing makes me want to visit someplace more than the prospect of getting my ass shot off.

    1. I went there with a US passport during GW2. My experience at the airport was really awesome. The passport dude told me I was a fucking infidel for creating Bush (uh?). And then all my luggage was ransacked by their faggotty ‘security’ boys who wore fabulous outfits with white patent leather holsters.

      Actually they were not homosexuals. Homosexuals wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the costumes these clowns wore.

  4. Well you can have the old military regime or apparently you can have the MB, who are the mother and father of every Islamist terror group on earth including AQ. Who, by the way, are officially decimated…erm…ok….

    1. Or, you can stay the hell away and let ’em demolish the pyramids in their squabble.
      I really don’t care; bleevers kill each other on a regular basis, and maybe one day, they’ll all kill each other and the rest of us won’t have to listen to that silly crap.

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