"Death Test Watch" Monitors Users' Health and Longevity

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People may often tell you to live as if you'll die tomorrow, but that only makes sense if you are actually diagnosed with terminal illness and decide to quit your job to enjoy some last moments on earth. For everyone else, this concept just attempts to glorify YOLOing recklessly or justify that one night stand with the waitress from Hooter's. No! Not okay! Unless you have a definite estimate on how much time you have left in life, there's no reason to behave dangerously. To get that estimate, however, you might need to wear one of these "death test" watches to predict when you're going to kick the bucket.

Created by physics professors Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock from Lancaster University in England, the Endotheliometer is a watch-like device that can administer these so-called death tests. Using laser technology to evaluate your health conditions, the watch sends beams deep into the wearer's skin to analyze tiny cells inside the ­capillaries and determine how the body is aging.