Former ABC News President: Media Shouldn't Hype Lotto

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The media may not be telling us much these days about radical Islam in Nigeria or corruption in our local city or town, but there's one story that no one can escape: the Powerball lottery drawing. Last week, the most recent Powerball awarded $448 million in winnings, the third highest in history (so far). And the networks were all over it.

We learned that a third of the pot will go to a group dubbed the Ocean's 16, employees at a garage in New Jersey that normally services state vehicles but who took some time out to buy some lottery tickets. We learned that another third will go to Paul White, a project engineer from Minnesota, who will use some of his new wealth to buy his father's first car, a 1963 Chevy Impala. And, we're just a bit frustrated that we don't yet know where the remaining millions are heading. But rest assured, once the winner or winners come forward, we'll hear the story in great detail.