San Francisco Prioritizes Real Crime over Drugs, Michelle Obama Fights Obesity with Hip-Hop, Justice Dept. Wants to Block Airline Merger: P.M. Links


  • Twerking does burn a lot of calories, though.
    Sir MixaLot

    Drug arrests in San Francisco are down by 75 percent as the police there focus on serious and violent crimes. Credit budget cuts. The police department's staffing is down, so officers have been shifted away from the narcotics unit.

  • First Lady Michelle Obama is hoping to channel the power of hip-hop to fight childhood obesity in an upcoming album release. I'm guessing none of the many hip-hop or rap songs that extol the beauty of trunks with some junk in them will be making an appearance.
  • Larry Ellison, CEO of tech company Oracle, is parting ways with his peers and defending the National Security Agency's mass surveillance systems. In an interview, he actually said, "This whole issue of privacy is utterly fascinating to me. Who's ever heard of this information being misused by the government. In what way?" Of course, Oracle is a company that focuses on database management systems, so take it for what it is.
  • The Department of Justice is trying to interfere with the merger between US Airways and American Airlines for what appears to be little more reason than thinking the new company will be too big.
  • New York's attorney general is going after personal loan companies due to their high interest rates, some as high as 355 percent.
  • Zimbabwe's re-elected President Robert Mugabe is promising to finish what his party has started by continuing efforts to seize foreign and white-owned assets in the African nation.
  • Nobody at Reason was tricked by this fake story about Dog the Bounty Hunter going after Edward Snowden, and we're just sharing it with you for fun. (Shut up.)

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