Brickbat: Professional Behavior


An alert traveler spotted a bag containing a computer and passport that someone had left behind at Orlando International Airport. That person  turned it over to Transportation Security Administration Officer Keith McKnight. But McKnight didn't take the bag to lost and found. Instead, he took the computer to a local shop, told them he'd bought it at a flea market and asked to have it wiped clean. Fortunately, the computer had a tracking device that allowed the owner to track it down. Police arrested McKnight, who resigned from his job.

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  1. I’m attesting this brickbat was posted by 6:10.

    Also: “I’ve heard stories about this going on at different airports so I’m not surprised. But I’m surprised it would continue,” said visitor Mike Archer.

    Wow. Canadians really aren’t that bright, eh?

    1. I’m attesting this brickbat was posted by 6:10.

      My campaign is working!

    1. It works here in Sunny Minnesota. Our governor is in the news today for calling for a repeal of a tax that he may or may not have been aware of before he signed a big tax bill last year.

      “It was a very bad mistake,” the DFL governor said. He said the tax slipped into the massive tax bill at the end of session with little notice. “No one wants to take responsibility for it. I was not aware of it, my staff was not aware of it until the next morning when the tax bill was already buttoned up.”

      Local GOP is OK with repealing the farm tax, and they also want to repeal a warehouse tax. However the gov says:

      Dayton said he remains unfriendly to the idea, pushed hard by Republicans, of repealing the new warehouse tax during the special session. He said he has invited the GOP to come up with a new source of income to replace that tax but none have come forward.

      1. Oh yeah, the kicker is that the new tax Dayton won’t get rid of until the revenue has been replaced hasn’t gone into effect yet.

        Dayton has said he agrees that tax should be revoked, but it doesn’t take effect until April 1, and he thinks lawmakers should wait to address it when they return for the 2014 regular session in February.


      2. If you want a small state, pass a law to have state guvernment funded entirely by pull-tabs. 🙂

        1. You really are in the pocket of Big Pulltab aren’t you

        2. LUDDITE!

          E-pulltabs is where it is at. Why here in River City we are paying for an entire Vikings stadium and other charities with e-pull-tabs. Oh, wait. No one plays e-pull-tabs.

          Guess the Vikes stadium is coming right out of the general fund.

          Initially projected to bring in $34 million by the end of this year to cover the state’s share of stadium costs, electronic pulltabs and bingo have been slow to ramp up and revenue projections have plummeted to $1.7 million.

          Remember those are still projections. Not real money that has actually been collected.

          1. The Star Tribune said so far about $300,000 has been collected. This stadium deal is going to screw us all just as expected.

  2. Fight Global Warming. For the Dolphins.

    Standard Reuters shit; post headline, suggest “climate change,” then tag on the actual news story somewhere towards the end.

    1. I’m pretty sure the dolphins will be raping their way merrily across the seas at plus or minus 3 degC.

  3. I couldn’t have read that correctly – i thought it said a guy who wears a uniform for the government resigned just because he was arrested

    1. The actual article said he was fired I think.

      1. Woops, I had it confused, although the wording is still marginally ambiguous. “he was arrested and resigned” *could* mean he “got resigned.”

  4. Sounds like your typical TSA folk to me lol.


    1. Anonbot is no dumber than our government employees and elected officials.

      1. that’s a pretty low standard for dumb in anyones book…

  5. Just another day at the Thieving Scoundrels’ Agency.

  6. Makes you wonder how many times he’d done this before getting caught.

    1. You’re skeptical of his massive collection of shampoo bottles?

    2. Hey now, if only they would pay TSA agents a living wage, they wouldn’t have to resort to thievery.

      1. you mean to tell me that they’re alive??? couldnt be, no one that stupid could be called living

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