Bloomberg Targets E-Cigarettes, Cop Punches Mentally Ill Teen Girl, Alec Baldwin May Get MSNBC Show: P.M. Links


  • Stop that, you!
    Credit: momentimedia / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    Nanny Michael Bloomberg is looking to ban flavored e-cigarettes, raise the tobacco age to 21, and prohibit cigarette advertising in stores in New York City.

  • A cop punched a 14-year-old mentally ill girl in the face at a Florida psychiatric facility and now the clinic's conditions are under investigation.
  • Illegal vaginal cavity searches of female drivers by Texas state troopers may be happening more frequently than has been noted by the media.
  • Alec Baldwin may be getting his own news show on MSNBC.
  • Members of Congress want President Obama to take a tougher attitude toward Vladimir Putin and Russia.
  • Silent Circle secure email service has followed Lavabit in shutting down rather than risk having to cooperate with federal government scrutiny.

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