Brickbat: Bouncing Around the Room


Officials in Gothenburg, Sweden, have ordered a nightclub to reduce the volume of the music played there. They say the loud beats aren't healthy for fish kept in an aquarium at the club. The club's owner, who wasn't named by local media, says the loudness of the music wasn't properly measured.

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  1. But the board insisted that the club gets either new aquariums or quieter music, otherwise it risks losing its permit to have animals on the premises.

    Freedom means asking permission and taking orders.

    1. Wait, what? You have to have a permit to have a fish tank? How about potted plants? Do those require a permit too? Jeez!

  2. Hard to believe the Swedes conquered most of the Baltic at one time.

    1. The pussification of the Vikings is one of the great tragedies of history.

      ..unless you’re Irish or English.


  3. Make the bass drop.

  4. I’d like to buy a fish license, please.

  5. For fish? Who the fuck cares about fish? They are decorations. Then they die and you flush them down the toilet.

  6. +1 Peak Retard Point for the Swedes!

    Come on UK and Aussieland, you have to step it up if you’re going to win!

  7. when pet animals are in the vicinity

    Right, because the needs of a fish in an aquarium are exactly the same as those of a dog or cat.

    Aside: I used to breed the species shown above.

    1. Oscars?

      1. They are Convict Cichlids. Oscars are cichlids too though. A side note – Cichlids are pretty tasty (Tilapia).

        I don’t know why music is considered bad for the fish (or why anyone would care – they are fucking fish) when cichlids living in the presence of other cichlids is FAR worse. They literally tear each others faces off all day long just for fun. It’s like living your entire life in the mosh pit at a norwegian black metal concert.

        1. They literally tear each others faces off all day long just for fun.

          I know what I want for Christmas this year.

  8. I’m betting the order from swede officials will be even less healthy for the fish than the music.

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