Mass. Cops Shoot Dog That Was Hit By Car When They Couldn't Find Anyone to Help

State officials say if the town had its own animal control officer the cops wouldn't have had to take the dogs into the woods and shoot it


Fifteen-year-old Kassidy Edwards can't forget the horrific sound. "It was just two big loud popping noises right after each other and there was nothing after that," she describes.

Those popping noises? Police shooting a dog who was hit by a car because they couldn't find its owner or anyone to help.

Kassidy and her mother say they discovered the dog hit by a car on their Leominster street early in one morning this spring and called police for help.

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  1. You know, in this case I can’t really find fault with the officers. From what the article reports, they did the best they could to find assistance for the dog and called everywhere they could to get help, but had to put the dog down because it was dying and suffering and there was nobody to take care of it.

    Don’t really understand why this story is being posted…it’s not a puppy-cide story, just one about cops doing their job correctly.

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