Animal Behavior

Two Boys Killed by Python in Canada

Escaped from pet store


CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick — Police say two young boys are dead after they were strangled by a python that escaped its enclosure at a pet store in Canada.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Const. Julie Rogers-Marsh said Monday the boys, aged five and seven, were sleeping in an apartment above Reptile Ocean Inc. when the incident occurred in Campbellton, New Brunswick. She says police arrived at the apartment around 6:30 a.m. and found the two boys dead.


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  1. President BOOOOSH is to be blamed for this! Vote for Government Almighty Wisdom under Emperor Obozo, and these things would NEVER happen, not even in Canada? Some kind of slightly backwoods and remote auxiliary outpost of the American Empire, as I recall?

  2. Tragic. Possibly a Burmese Python. Idiots in Florida bought these big boys as pets but failed to understand they grow full sized to be hundreds of pounds and 15+ feet long. So, being humane crackas they…released them into the Everglades.

    There have been several documented cases of these super snakes eating Gators in the Glades. Big Gators.

    Kids would be NO problem.

    1. I thought a hurricane destroyed a python farm or broke up a pallet of pet store-bound pythons down there in Florida.

      W/o RTFA, my money is on a reticulated as the Canadian kiddie crusher culprit..

  3. FU for your unkind comments about gators getting got by lizards in the glades – they never seem to get the crazy ass crackas there.

    But they are documented as apex predators there which is interesting.

    Still waiting to hear if they’ve taken down a bear but the gators thing is real.


  4. wow.. it’s amazing news.. two boy killed, i’m sorrow!

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