Food Trucks

Rutgers Evicting Last of Grease Trucks From University Parking Lot

Spent the last two decades at the lot, now moving for new construction


The end of an era is coming August 15, when Rutgers University will force the five remaining "grease trucks" to vacate a university parking lot that they have made famous with their presence over the past 21 years.

Forced to move to make way for a major redevelopment project set to begin construction this fall, the beloved food trucks are facing an uncertain future with less than two weeks until the move.

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  1. No big loss. All the good ones were bought out about five years ago and converted to Halal. I’ve no problem with Muslim food (quite the opposite, actually), but not being able to get pork roll or real bacon while drunk at 2:30 AM is heresy.

    They also took down all of the pictures from my college days and trashed all the old names because OMG RACIST/MISOGYNIST. They will only be briefly mourned.

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