Attn Filmmakers! Enter Reason Video Awards, $10,000 in Prize $$$


I'm happy to announce the first annual Reason Video Award (RVA), which will honor

short-form, online video, film, and moving pictures that explore, investigate, or enrich libertarian beliefs in individual rights, limited government, and human possibilities.

Entries may consist of one to five pieces by the same filmmaker(s) but cannot run longer than 15 minutes total (including all titles, credits, and other indicia). Submissions can be narrative, dramatic, fictional, documentary, etc. but cannot be excerpted from longer works. Entries will be judged as a complete unit, so care should be taken in making sure all parts are of equal quality and build to a coherent effect.

The Reason Video Award application and judging process will be overseen the staff of Reason TV. Entries must have been published online between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Submissions are due between now and August 31, 2013.

Go here for full rules and to enter online.

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  1. Please tell me Warty’s home movies don’t qualify.

    1. Why am I not surprised that I’m not the only one to have such perverted thoughts?

      1. I’m not sure if “human possibilities” should horrify me with it’s potential or does human possibilities limit this enough? I suspect we’ll get the no STEVE SMITH but yes Warty ruling.

  2. I’m envisioning a film about some large, impending global event. Government agencies are inadequate to the task, so they call upon private sector expertise to save the world. Oh, wait, that exercise in exceptional libertarian cinema has already happened, in a little film called Armageddon. Of course, it’s too perfect so it couldn’t be cut down to short form without losing so much nuance.

    1. How about The Mating Game?

      Quick synopsis: Debbie Reynolds is the adult daughter in a bohemian family of farmers who get everything they need by barter and thus don’t pay income tax. Jealous neighbor (who wants the farmland) snitches to the IRS; IRS agent Tony Randall winds up falling in love with Reynolds while the neighbor is portrayed as a complete asshole.

      1. Randall’s not a good enough actor to make me believe he’d really fallen for Debbie Reynolds. Burt Reynolds, maybe.


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