A.M. Links: Manning Trial Verdict Expected Today, Medical Pot Legal in DC, Taliban Free Prisoners in Pakistan


Credit: US Army/wikimedia
  • A military judge will issue the verdict in the Bradley Manning court martial today. The Army private, who leaked classified information to Wikileaks, faces life in prison.
  • The Taliban have staged a jailbreak in Pakistan, freeing 243 prisoners.
  • Unsurprisingly, Anthony Weiner is now polling fourth in the New York City Democratic primary for mayor.
  • Syrian state television announced the "collapse of the terrorists' citadel" after the army retook the rebel stronghold of Khalidiya in the city of Homs.
  • A Missouri judge didn't mince his words when rejecting the state education agency's attempt to prevent a charter school from renewing its charter. 

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  1. A Missouri judge didn’t mince his words when rejecting the state education agency’s attempt to prevent a charter school from renewing its charter.

    Would you say they got schooled?

    1. People, I demand a laurel for my accomplishment today. Laud me, dammit.

      1. I offer you a laurel and hardy handshake.

      2. [While standing behind NLK in the chariot of state, holding a laurel over his head, whispering: You are not a god. You are not a god…]

        1. that’s not what you said last night…

          1. There’s a difference between “ohgodohgodohgod…” and “oh, gawd…”.

            1. Aw, you guys will be reason’s second cutest couple behind Banjos and sloop

              1. You see how long they remain cute what with the six kids they’re going to have.

      3. What did you accomplish?

        1. Man, what are you new here? The standard for Being First on Morning Links is you must comment on one of the stories.

          1. He’s taunting you, NLK.

          2. Yes, but to win the laurel, you must also include the word “first” – taking the very real risk that you may not, in fact, be first, and therefore suffering the embarrassment of saying “first” when you were not.

            1. No, you need to never mention it. And if anyone mentions it about you, you lose too.

              Also you need to be more than 12.

      4. “People, I demand a laurel for my accomplishment today. Laud me, dammit.”

        We represent the Lollipop Guild
        The Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild.
        And in the name of the Lollipop Guild
        We wish to welcome you to HyR.

  2. Bras begone: China clamps down on cheating in university entrance exams by banning brassieres

    1. I approve.

    2. Meh..not much in Chinese bras anyway.

      1. some of the *ahem* most fantastic breasts I’ve seen were those of a Chinese woman. She was, at least in her home province, a local celebrity – doing news reports, etc. But she was definitely a rarity.

        She was sadly married… oh, and never play Scrabble with a Chinese person who is still learning English. Secondly, don’t let her drive!

        1. Asians of the CJK variety do nothing for me.

          1. Oh dear. Now we’re going to have the “Asians: hot or not” catfight between Lord Humungus and NLK to rival the fattie vs. thinny debate between John and Sarcasmic. 🙂

            1. I prefer the Nordic type actually.

                1. I can’t wait for season 2

                  1. Me too, but more for the Ragnar than the Lagertha. Though pretty much everyone is the cast is hotter’n hell.

                2. No. The NORDIC type. Not the Russo-Canuckistanian axis of poon. She is hot, no doubt, but she ain’t nordic.

                  1. When she’s dressed as a Viking shield maiden playing a legendary Viking chick, she’s Nordic.

                    1. Her hotness and ancestry aside, I wish she could act better. She’s going to kill her character if they give too prominent a role to her next season. She needs to be there, but on the periphery.

                      That said, I’m not sure that either of the main characters can act all that well.

                1. Am I missing a joke or are you some weeabo who likes little girls?

                  1. Look at who’s in the upper right hand corner.

                    And no, I just follow Scifi Debris.

          2. Get. Out.

          3. Asians of the CJK variety are the best kind.

            Not that I mind other people having bad taste. Works out fine for me.

        1. Possibly NSFW if your boss is a dick.

          1. What if he’s a Weiner?

        2. There are 10 American women with the same body and a better face.

          Asians = Overrated

          1. Yes, but the Chinese work for 1/10th the American wage!

            1. I’ll take Indians on that wage scale any day of the week and three times in the middle of the night.

              1. Dude, Chindians: the best of both worlds.

                Man, I miss Singapore.

          2. Only 10? What if they all have dates to the dance already?

        3. Nipples are a little on the pale side…

          1. Tough crowd. *Adjusts collar*

        4. She has a glorious rack, but she can’t model for shit. And she’s not that pretty either.

        5. I like ’em at the other end of the spectrum.

          Meet Valerie

          1. The other end of the spectrum?

            If you like your women purple, you may be choking them too hard.

          2. You have good taste, my friend.

          3. Looks like a crossdresser twink, frankly.

            1. Not really.

              Though I have been previously accused here of liking “little girls that look like little boys”, so there’s that.

          4. She looks like a 12 year old anime character.

          5. That’s fucking creepy, like the evil little kids in horror movies level of creepy.

        6. Those tits are far too big.

          1. This looks like English, but for the life of me, I just can’t decipher it.

    3. Thank God. I hate those overpriced, pretentious French restaurants anyway.

  3. The Taliban have staged a jailbreak in Pakistan, freeing 243 prisoners.

    They should have known since that Talibani prisoner had tats all over his body.

    1. +1 cell mate named Sucre.

  4. UK ‘Porn’ Filter Will Also Block Violence, Alcohol, Terrorism, Smoking And ‘Esoteric Material’

    Based on conversations with several ISPs, Open Rights Group says the new “parental controls” will reach far beyond pornography. By default, the controls will block access to “violent material,” “extremist and terrorist related content,” “anorexia and eating disorder websites,” and “suicide related websites.”

    In addition, the new settings will censor websites that mention alcohol or smoking. The filter will even block “web forums” and “esoteric material,” though Open Rights Group does not specify what these categories would include.

    1. That actually gives wankers cover. They can tell their ISP’s they want opt out of the filters so they can research esoteric smoking.

    2. will censor websites that mention alcohol or smoking

      So, no more household cleaning tips or news about forest fires.

    3. I just wanna know what esoteric material is. Is that like Liber Al Vel Legis or the Book of Eibon? Can I go download the Rosicrucian Mysteries or will the filter block me?

      Being cynical, one might assume esoteric material is the catch-all for “shit we don’t like that doesn’t fit in the other categories”.

      1. That’s what I would assume too.

        1. Of course, it is the UK. Esoteric might be the Ancient Protocols of the Elders of Dentistry.

          1. +1 root canal.

      2. esoteric material

        They don’t know about it and they don’t understand it so it can’t be good.

        1. Yeah I was hunting for that shit all night last night, coulda bought it on the broker but the cheapest it was going for was 50 plat

      3. The Necronomicon, duh.

    4. UK; Worlds largest daycare facility.

    5. Apparently not all the Puritans actually left England.

      1. Bravo, Sir.

    6. With nationalized healthcare, a Briton could get a prescription for Internet masturbation, right? I mean, all is within the purview of the NHS.

    7. True to form, a Huffpost “super user” blames austerity:

      Truth, Justice and the American Way
      30 Fans
      54 minutes ago ( 9:04 AM)
      Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to take the British’s people’s eyes off their economy. Cameron has been an economic disaster for the country with his growth via austerity policies. They are in their 3rd recession since 2008.He wants to talk about anything but economics, so a hot social issue like Porn is a political play taken out of Carl Rove’s playbook.

      Hitler, internet censorship… is there anything bad that can’t be blamed on austerity?

      1. You know who else blamed things on austerity?

      2. Considering that a big chunk of their “austerity” was tax increases, I can’t really fault someone who says that their economic woes are due in part to “austerity.”

  5. Unsurprisingly, Anthony Weiner is now polling fourth in the New York City Democratic primary for mayor.

    Weiner getting spanked.

    1. Flogged?

    2. Weiner’s bringing up the rear hoping for a come from behind victory

  6. Unsurprisingly, Anthony Weiner is now polling fourth in the New York City Democratic primary for mayor.

    I don’t get it. Do I need to check urban dictionary?

    1. Would you rather they said he’s coming in fourth?

    2. “Poling forth”, Bee.

      Must I explain *everything*?

      1. Could you explain how Thomas Friedman manages to dress and feed himself?

        1. No one can explain that.

        2. He doesn’t, he has people for that.

  7. Part of my “let the bombs fall” meme:

    Doctor Who fan-mania: Why I had to build my own Tardis

    Around the world, a select band of Doctor Who fans are at work in their spare time building their own personal Tardis.

    It is a secretive community, though members do share their tips and experiences on a website, Tardis Builders.

    1. If they were actual Dr Who fans shouldn’t they be building something that destroys Tardis?

      1. No, if they were really fans they’d be building something to destroy Moffat.

        1. +1

        2. Moffat: The British Brannon Braga or the one guy that could make JNT look good.

  8. Medical marijuana is now legal in Washington D.C.

    No it isn’t.

    1. Medical marijuana’s now legal until the Feds decide it isn’t. There, is that better?

    2. It was awfully nice of them to make it easier on Obama to perform raids.

      1. +1 wrong door raid on a congressional staffer.

        1. +1 wrong door raid on a congressional staffer critter, followed by a dog shooting.


          For the record, I loe dogs, and don’t really wish a congress critter’s dog any ill simply for being a congress critter’s dog. It isn’t his fault. But the only way we might be able to address the use of the King’s Troops is if one of their own gets the same bullshit we get.

          A congressional staffer isn’t enough. They’re fodder. It needs to be one of the exalted ones.

          1. If you think the DCs cops don’t have all 535 of those addresses red-flagged in the database, you’re fooling yourself. It’ll have to be at someone else’s house, because they are not busting in on one of those addresses with a SWAT team.

            1. One can hope. They got the mayor of a town in Maryland.

            2. That’s why its a wrong door raid.

            3. Besides, it’s not like any of them actually live in DC proper, because… ewww, yucko.

              At best, we could hope for a raid on DiFi’s dealer when she was there.

  9. Watchdog: Borrowers in Obama housing program re-defaulting
    306,000 borrowers have re-defaulted on their loans, SIGTARP says

    Nearly 1.2 million mortgage modifications have been completed since the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was first launched four years ago. Yet more than 306,000 borrowers have re-defaulted on their loans and more than 88,000 are at risk of following suit, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) found in its quarterly report to Congress.

    In addition, the watchdog found that the longer a homeowner stays in the HAMP modification program, the more likely they are to default. Those who have been in the program since 2009, are re-defaulting at a rate of 46%, the inspector general found.

      1. *Unexpectedly* unexpected!

    1. Managing risk? How the fuck does it work?

      1. With a healthy dose of RACIZM!

    2. That’s like a double negative, right? Their credit scores will be going back up?

    3. So people who bought a home they couldn’t afford still can’t afford it despite getting a sweet deal courtesy of the taxpayers who had no choice in laying out our cash?

  10. Woman pukes at IKEA, stays for a nap

    During a visit last week to the Netanya outlet of the do-it-yourself mega-chain, the woman felt ill and vomited on one of the couches.

    Apparently unembarrassed by her antics, she sauntered over to the bed section, where she proceeded to remove her shoes, settle into a queen-sized, and fall fast asleep.

    1. Isn’t this what IKEA furniture is for, having strangers puke on it and then pass out?

      1. Yep, sounds to me like she was just testing it out.

    2. Who hasn’t barfed and napped in an Ikea?

      1. Before or after eating in an IKEA cafeteria?

        1. Either…I thought that was just what one did when visiting an Ikea.

          1. is it the horse meatballs or the Linekenvegberryshshsmmm juice?

            1. It’s the $1.99 roasted “chicken”

            2. Mmm Lingonberry juice.

              It’s funny but the only thing I usually go for is to buy food from the food store up front. For the most part I hate their furniture because it all seems to be made for people who are 5’2″ or shorter

          2. As I’ve always understood it, to not do so is an insult to Ikea’s Swedish culture

    3. During a visit last week to the Netanya outlet

      The Israeli’s are developing like crazy in Gaza

      1. Which Israeli, and his what is developing like crazy in Gaza?

        1. + 1 grammarian

  11. A Missouri judge didn’t mince his words when rejecting the state education agency’s attempt to prevent a charter school from renewing its charter.

    This is definitely a win, but none of the officials involved in abusing their power and violating the law will suffer any kind of recrimination.

    1. They almost never do, and when they do, only by mistake.

  12. It is a secretive community, though members do share their tips and experiences on a website, Tardis Builders.

    Nothing says “secretive” like being on a BBC news report.

    As long as the blue paint makes them sterile, I support this movement.

    1. We actually have a two Tardises in our house. One is made of cloth and the doors have zippers. The other is a cookie jar that makes the Tardis noise when you close it.

        1. They’re not mine.

            1. damn, there goes that hive mind again.

        2. You were never alive to me to begin with, Dr Who hater.

      1. Get out.

      2. And people mocked me when I got a life size Archer cardboard cutout. Thank you.

        1. When you reveal things like that, you’re putting yourself in the danger zone.

        2. A cardboard cutout… damn it,I had something for this!

        3. Lana.

    2. It’s going on their application for working for i09.

  13. Glendale May Sell City Hall To Pay For The (Phoenix) Coyotes

    The NHL has been trying unsuccessfully to sell the Coyotes for four years?because all the legit buyers want to move the team. The league doesn’t want that, and Glendale doesn’t want that. So the city agreed to pay the league $25 million a year in 2011 and 2012 to operate the arena, and cover some of the team’s debts. Glendale borrowed from itself to pay the NHL, but the well’s tapped.

    So here’s what’s on the City Council agenda for today: a measure that would let the council find outside investors to purchase City Hall for $30 million up front, and the city would lease it back from them. The lease-purchase agreement, as the Globe and Mail puts it, “is essentially the same as mortgaging the family home to pay your debts.”

    1. No, it more like mortgaging your family home to pay for NHL tickets.

    2. Why don’t they just sell the entire city and abolish the government?

      1. I would move there, if they set it up like the Belle Isle (sp?) plan.

    3. I’d be willing to buy a coupla government officials as indentured slaves. My floors need a-scrubbin’ and my garbage needs a-haulin. No fatties.

      1. Aren’t you in DC? Just score yourself an intern. There’s some desperate and dumb idiotic college student who’s just dying to put “Assistant to the X” on his resume.

        1. “Assistant to Professor X”

        2. I’d rather have someone who has already had a taste of power and needs a little debasing.

          1. Dave Tippett just re-upped. You’ll have to make do for this guy.

          2. Just make sure your intern was President of their school’s [insert meaningless but overly self important organization, like a political club or a fraternity]

        3. “Just score yourself an intern.”

          Kramerica Industries!

    4. Vegas will take them. (The yotes not the council.)

      1. Given the council’s demonstrated skill with debt management, I imagine Vegas already owns them.

    5. That’s a month old; how did the Council vote?

      1. They voted yes.

        And they won’t be facing a legal challenge to it.

    6. If my city leaders were this wise, I would vote to dis-incorporate.

      1. The village I grew up in voted to dis-incorporate after the village council passed an income tax. I still get weepy (in a good way) when I think about it. And the place is as good as ever — better, actually, since they fired the speed-trap cops.

    7. Now what Arizona really needs is a professional curling team…

  14. CBC recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security post

    “because she understands the importance of increasing border security and maintaining homeland security” and is a “voice of reason”.

    Any Houston members of the commentariat care to chime in?

    1. I wholeheartedly approve.

      If we are going to have a gigantic intrusive government, incompetence is our only hope.

      1. Can’t wait for the first national emergency when she insists on wearing some crazy, bright pink cowboy hat to address the nation.

        1. “Da System worked!”

    2. Where’s all this Republican gerrymandering that’s supposed to be going on in Texas?

      1. A proper gerrymandering often requires conceding a single highly concentrated district to the opposition.

        1. The stupid shall always be with us.

        2. Yes, this is her map which I am unfortunately stuck in. If you look at a map of the racial distribution of Houston you can see why it is drawn that way.

          1. Make sure to get the blue and red people but exclude the orange people?

            1. Blue is african american, red is white and orange is hispanic. That chunk of red is an area recently gentrified.

          2. I suspect that pure black district was mandated from DC when Texas was still under double secret racism probation.

    3. Ah yes, the woman who thinks that Neil Armstrong landed on Mars, and who bitches about hurricanes not having black names.

      1. …bitches about hurricanes not having black names

        Superstorm Shanaynay would have cost at least $10 billion more.


    4. That would be a thing of squamous, rugose beauty.

      1. She has the perfect blend of intellectual curiosity and public-mindedness for the job.

      2. Don’t forget callipygian.

        1. I always thought callipygian was supposed to be a positive adjective.

          1. Perhaps he meant “steatopygian.”

    5. She is all the proof you need that you can have a Yale law degree and still be a goddamned idiot.

      As one of the local radio guys put it, “we’re all gonna die”. I’d pick her over Ray Kelly because Kelly, while a loathsome fascist prick, is competent. Sheila, not so much.

      Also, Sheila keeps getting reelected because she understands her district and shows up to every freaking event in her district while she’s there. HS graduation? Neighborhood association picnic? Sure, she’ll show up. She’s very good at retail politics in the ward. Tell her there’ll be a TV camera there and she’ll run your ass over to show up.

      But aside from that, she’s a disaster. Her husband, strangely enough, is a pretty nice guy.

      1. I hope he walks around half-drunk and mildly bemused at all of these things. I’d be okay with that.

        1. He works at UH. I’ve met him at a couple of alumni functions since the wife is all involved with that. He seems nice and rational enough for somebody married to an overflowing bucket of crazy stupid.

          1. Fringe benefits are probably okay, plus she’s in DC a lot. All you need as the husband is a reason NOT to be in DC and its probably a maangeable life.

      2. She has a Yale law degree?!? She is one of the dumbest humans in Congress, and that’s a tough competition.

    6. That woman is one of the dumbest creatures to ever be elected to public office, so DHS sounds like a perfect place for her.

      1. Never seen an elected member of a local schoolboard, eh, Lokester?

        1. Admittedly, no.

    7. I posted yesterday with my approval, get her the fuck out.

    8. She’s an embarrassing imbecile, but if she goes, someone just as bad will surely replace her.

  15. Fire Brigade Tells People Not To Put Their Private Parts In Toasters

    “Some of the incidents our firefighters are called out could be prevented with a little common sense. I don’t know whether it’s the Fifty Shades effect, but the number of incidents involving items like handcuffs seems to have gone up. I’m sure most people will be Fifty Shades of Red by the time our crews arrive to free them.

    “I’d like to remind everyone that 999 is an emergency number and should only be used as such. When firefighters are out attending to some of these avoidable incidents, someone else could be in real need of emergency assistance.

    1. Back when I first bought this rural property, the local weekly had a story about the Sheriff responding to cries for help. Both “victims” were naked. The wife was tied to the bed. The husband had on just a Batman cowl and cape and had hit his head on the ceiling fan jumping off the dresser, knocking him out.

      1. Now that’s entertainment.

      2. If I knew someone who did that I would spend the rest of my days saying “I’m Batman!” in the gravelly batman voice everytime I see him.

      3. I’m going to be laughing at that mental image for the rest of the day

  16. GAO: Dead farmers might be reaping millions in subsidies

    The Agriculture Department might be sending millions of dollars in subsidies to dead farmers, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) said Monday.

    The agency looked at crop insurance data from 2008 to 2012 and “found that $22 million in subsidies and allowances may have been provided on behalf of an estimated 3,434 program policyholders two or more years after death.”


    1. No wonder the plants hate them.

        1. Ragmanha oawpiwii garshgar!

    2. Both Dead Farmers and Zombie Farmers would be good band names.

      1. They could tour with the EarthQuakers (a western PA Amish band).

        1. But the Amish are not related to the Quakers in any way save they are both Christian sects.

          1. Well, that’s what they call themselves.

    3. Are they reaping more than the Mellencamps?

      1. Ain’t that America?

    4. Yes, but they were being paid not to farm and being dead really helped them accomplish that.

    5. That’s how the Democrats keep winning their votes.

    6. Do zombie farmers approve or disapprove of GMO crops? I’m really confused…

  17. Few See Adequate Limits on NSA Surveillance Program
    But More Approve than Disapprove

    While this change has been broad-based, the transformation among Tea Party Republicans stands out. Today, most Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters who agree with the Tea Party are more concerned that government programs are going too far in restricting civil liberties (55%). In October 2010, Tea Party Republican voters by about three-to-one (63% to 20%) said the programs did not go far enough in protecting the country.

    Among Democrats and independents, increasing percentages also say their greater concern is that anti-terror policies have curbed civil liberties. About four-in-ten Democrats (42%) express this view, up from 33% three years ago. And the share of independents expressing greater concern over civil liberties has risen 17 points since 2010.

    more charts, etc in the link

    1. Gee, after news comes about how big and intrusive the NSA really is, fewer people support it. Who ever would have thought?

  18. Obama’s Fed Circus
    Democrats put on a spectacle of Wall Street and gender politics.

    Janet Yellen, the current Fed vice chairman, has emerged as the favorite of the Democratic left. As an economist with long experience at the Fed, she doesn’t lack for professional credentials. But her cause has been taken up by the liberal diversity police as a gender issue because she’d be the first female Fed chairman.

    Nancy Pelosi has bellowed her support, and Christina Romer, who was chief White House economist for the first two years of Mr. Obama’s Presidency, has all but said it would be a defeat for women if Ms. Yellen doesn’t get the Fed job. That led our friends at the New York Sun to wonder if they had somehow missed the creation of “the female dollar” given that they thought the Fed’s main task is to preserve the value of the currency.

    1. Why not? It’s not like she’d be any worse than any of the other losers they’d put in the post.

      The only thing she has to say to get confirmed is, “QE will continue.”

    1. I saw this before on a much better model.

  19. My Canadian brother is coming to visit this weekend. Weird things I’ve noticed since his conversion – he now spells the word color with a u. And he also enjoys hockey – and he HATED sports when we were growing up. Maple Syrup does weird things to people.

    1. Ask him why Canada hasn’t won the Cup in 20 years.

      1. Every time a team mostly consisting of Canadians wins it all, Canada wins.

    2. Did he used to be a Yooper? That would explain his latent frostback tendencies.

      1. nah, a West Coaster Michigander like myself. With flat vowels. And who drink pop.

    3. Does he say oot and aboot?

    4. It gets them all antsy in their pantsy.

    5. Hockey is like soccer, except invented by people who know how to make a sport entertaining to watch

      1. Make it faster and add hitting.

        1. And offside base on position on the field, so the defense can’t do that boring “stand in a big line in front of the goal while the offese tries to sneak a pass past them.”

  20. OT: Abortion? Y/N

    1. 9/10

      This is the AM links. Everything is assumed to be O/T.

      1. If you’re going to say something on topic you have to specifically say so, usually by quoting the specific link you are talking about.

      2. I favor aborting the trolls.

        1. Trollgenics?

          1. Trollgenics would be used to improve the overall race of trolls.

            Wait. A. Damn. Minute.

            New crazy conspiracy theory: Tony, Tulpa, and PB are part of a trollgenics program. Using us as a test bed. That’s why they sometimes disappear for a while. They’re being gene tweaked and re-bred to be better trolls…

    2. Abortions for some, tiny American flags for others.

      1. swirling, twirling, toward democracy.

  21. Mahmoud Abbas begins the latest chapter of the phony Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” by declaring that Palestine must ultimately be a Judenfrei land. Good luck Mr. Kerry!

    1. I think there’s a difference between a Jew and an Israeli, but I’m a goyim, so whadda I know?

    2. Considering that his definition of Palestine includes everything between Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, that’s probably not a good start.

      “We have a two-stage plan for peace.

      (1) You leave.

      (2) We take over.”

  22. Moscow Subway To Use Devices To Read Data On Phones”Moscow Subway To Use Devices To Read Data On Phones

    Police chief Andrei Mokhov said the device would be used to help locate stolen mobile phones

    and it may have other uses as well.

  23. OK, which one of you sickos is this?

    1. Eewww!!

    2. Just wait until “Brad” discovers, well, you know.

      1. Brad, who has a degree in finearts

    3. Brad, who has a degree in fine arts, describes his first experience of eproctophilia ? when he heard that a girl that he had a crush on in school had passed wind during a lesson.

      “This blew my mind,” he said.

      What he did there? I see it.

    4. It’s got to be one of Epi, Warty, or SugarFree.

      1. Or Palin’s Buttblug.

        1. the expansion of the anal cavity will do that… or so I’ve heard.

      2. How dare you suggest that I live in Illinois!

    5. I’m guessing he is a diabetic…

    6. Depends… is it redheads farting?

    7. I once knew a girl who when she laughed heartily would fart, which made her laugh more, which ….

      This vicious circle made her the life of the party.

      1. Someone needs to introduce her to this guy, quick.

      2. Someone needs to write a limerick about her. And about this guy. There once was a man from Tinley, and when girls farted it made him feel sinly.

    8. James Joyce?

      1. First case of man ‘sexually aroused by flatulence’

        No, seriously, James Joyce.

        “It is wonderful to fuck a farting woman when every fuck drives one out of her. I think I would know Nora’s fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women. It is a rather girlish noise not like the wet windy fart which I imagine fat wives have. It is sudden and dry and dirty like what a bold girl would let off in fun in a school dormitory at night. I hope Nora will let off no end of her farts in my face so that I may know their smell also.”

          1. I thought everyone knew Jimmy was a fart-huffer.

        1. You’ve managed to kill off any desire I might have had to read Joyce, and I should probably thank you for that.

          1. My work here is done. [throws down smoke bomb, disappears]

          2. SugarFree just killed my desire for reading – period.

            1. If SF didn’t kill off your desire to read with the Warty Hugeman choose your own ending book (spoiler: they all end with the reader being raped) then you’re not even the least bit bothered by this.

        2. You know who loved James Joyce?

          1. Nobody? They just they are supposed to to, so they go along with the gag?

  24. Did you know that in Howard the Duck, Jeffrey Jones played a demon w/ a steel rape tentacle coming out his mouth, AND that the film was set in Cleveland, where a man asked Cleveland Browns to be his pall bearers, so they can let him down one last time?

    1. Lea Thompson’s ability to look sexually aroused by a man in a duck costume should have either gotten her an Oscar or a career in Japanese porn.

      1. As a teenage, I saw that movie as a “freebie” sneak preview. I watched it until the bitter, bitter end. (hey – it was free!)

        1. College, but same here. I never paid to see Howard the Duck.

          1. As far as I can tell, no one did.

            1. Whether I paid to see Lea Thompson in Japanese porn…what happens in a Tokyo video store stays in a Tokyo video store…

            2. I did, but in my defense when I was 16 I’d have paid to see anything that had Lea Thompson in it.

    2. Howard the Duck was the first clue that George Lucas had blown his load early with the first Star Wars trilogy, and tempered their enthusian for the prequels.

      OK, second clue. Ewoks were the first.

      1. George Lucas was always a hack. The real talent was his ex-wife Marcia. She was the editor for all his good movies, which were only good because she was able to edit around his horrible directing. When they divorced during the production of Return of the Jedi, the fact the emperor had no clothes quickly became apparent.

        1. It’s not that he never has good ideas, it’s that he’s unable to tell the good ones from the bad ones. When he first started, he had to listen to feedback. After he became a mega-producer, he could jam his “vision” down people’s throats.

          With predictable results.

          1. like sleeping in a mansion made of money.

  25. The Near-Zero Interest Rate Trap: If long-term rates rise to normal levels, banks holding government bonds would be de-capitalized?a disaster.

    What have central banks wrought? As Andrew Haldane, a top official at the Bank of England, declared in June of his own institution, “the biggest government bond bubble in history.”

    The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and European Central Bank all have used quantitative easing to force down their long-term interest rates. The result is that major industrial economies have all dramatically increased the market value of government and other long-term bonds held by their banks and other financial institutions. Now each central bank fears long-term rates rising to normal levels, because their nation’s commercial banks would suffer big capital losses?in short, they would “de-capitalize.”

    1. Gee golly willikers who could have seen that coming?

      1. Foreseeable consequences…ah fuck it.

    2. Monetarist clown gets blindsided by bubble of his own making. Dog bites man. News at 11.

      1. Govt will just mandate, for ‘safety’ reasons, that 401Ks put a larte % of their funds in ‘safe’ investments. We all ‘know’ govt bonds are safe and those will keep fund managers out of jail. The govt won’t explicitly say those are the only safe investments; they’ll just let the threat of jail time for violating the “consumer protection” law ‘nudge’ fund managers in the right direction.

    3. Reason #17 why the FED can’y end QE.

      1. the FED can’y end QE

        Is that Scottish?

    4. Even then which normal levels? Pre 1992 or post?

      Prior to 1992 they pretty consistently hovered around 7%, in 92 they were effectively permanently cut in half and averaged about 3.5% until 2008 following which they have essentially been under 1%

    5. That’s only half the trap. The other half is what it will do to the budgets of deficit-financed governments. When your interest expense on a per-unit basis, and the number of units is growing, you are capital F fucked.

  26. A question for the infamous HnR dating advice column…

    I recently went back to school, which has greatly increased the number of potential dating partners (from a low of zero. it got pretty bad for a while). I’m wondering if it’s moral to pursue and try to sleep with young women who I’m attracted to, but not really interested in dating long term.

    1. 1) Many of them are looking for the same thing.

      2) “Moral”?

    2. What? I am disappoint.

      Dude, stop mooning over ethics and go get some for the rest of us whose heydays are behind us.

      I don’t ever want to speak of this again.

    3. There are plenty of women looking for the same thing. Find one of them. They’re everywhere, especially on college campuses. Why would you assume any woman is looking for a long-term relationship?

      1. I almost feel like he has to be trolling us.

    4. As long as you aren’t lying to them about wanting to date them long-term, then yeah, go for it.

    5. Just don’t lie about it.

    6. As long as you aren’t trying to make them think you are looking for something long term, I think you are all good.

    7. you only live once…

      if it ends badly – oh, well…

    8. I think it is moral. I’m doing it right now. GF of 4 years recently ended it with me out of the blue, the only thing making me feel better is seeing someone else to pass the time. The girl I’m seeing knows my situation and has flat out told me she realizes she is just a rebound, so I’m not tricking her. I made it clear pretty early my situation so there is no leading on going on.

      One question I have though, has anybody else been in a situation similar to this? I was with someone for 4 years, lived with them for a majority of that time, for the last 6 months she was hinting at marriage, than within a month I notice she is different, the girl suddenly breaks up with me and becomes a completely different person. Relationship was great the whole time. I was within a few months of proposing to this girl. I guess the silver lining is at least she flaked now and not in a couple years when we would have kids or something.

      1. Someone else, imo.

        1. Yeah, her mom loves me and is broken up about it. She tells me it wasn’t this. But who knows, she goes out drinking almost every night. She has completely turned into somebody I don’t know and wouldn’t get involved with if I was meeting her for the first time. Weirdest thing I have ever been involved in.

          Luckily I will likely be moving for work soon, change of scenery will be nice.

          1. It was just a guess based on probabilities.

            I was with someone for five years who started drinking herself into a coma every day because her “friends” had convinced her that I was going to leave her as soon as I graduated law school. Her friends turned out to be right, just not for the reasons they thought.

            Bitches be crazy.

            1. I figure she started getting interest from other guys, she had started working as a hostess at a upscale restaurant in town, and thought she could do better. And all of her gf’s there are single, probably gave her ideas. Who fuckin knows really, the weirdest thing I have ever been involved in. I have never seen someone suddenly switch so drastically.

              1. Ah, sounds like might have been backburnered. You’re the guy she wants to marry, but wants to spend her 20s fucking randos first.

                My prediction: She’ll try to get back with you in 3-4 years. Don’t let her.

                1. ^ THIS

                2. Yeah well she has destroyed the trust so it would be tough anyway.

                  There’s enough women floating around that I won’t be waiting around for someone who I have a history like this with.

                  1. That was my feeling as well. My ex GF made a play when she finished grad school, even considering a job near where I had moved. I was having none of it. You’re making the right decision closing that door for good.

          2. I don’t think Moms is right here.

            Regardless, another idea: how old is she? You both sound too young to even be wrapped up in this shit.

            1. I’m 26, just finished schooling, about to start work as an engineer. She’s 22, which is probably why she has done a 180. Wants to sow her wild oats or whatever.

              1. Bingo. She’s been with you since before she was an adult. People aren’t fully formed until they’re 25.

          3. She cheated on you and now realizes she screwed up her life so is drinking the pain away.

            You got away from a bad one clean.

            1. It’s been about 2 months since we split so I’m over most of the initial shittyness. Breakup was clean, I stopped talking to her pretty much as soon as it ended.

              Now I can finally date Olivia Wilde

              1. Now I can finally date Olivia Wilde

                I get the impression that she is on the wrong side of the Hot/Crazy scale.

                1. If she lets me touch her that’s all I need

                  1. A touch and then some clean underwear?

      2. She was cheating on you.

      3. Happened to me many years ago. It was out of the blue but she had recently moved away to grad school. It was definitely another guy–a guy who montge later lost his entire life savings on a scam restaurant in the Bahamas or Jamaica or some shit.

      4. Yeah, probably someone else. She didn’t tell her mom because she’s embarrassed. Sorry, man. Happened to me years ago, some of my friends knew she was seeing someone else and didn’t tell me. It hurt all over again when I finally found that out.

        1. S’way she goes. Luckily there isn’t a shortage of single women in my age bracket haha

      5. My guess is she either met someone else, or presumed you were never going to propose and decided to end it rather than keep hoping you would eventually do so. Her friends may have played a role in the latter, if that’s the case–don’t ever underestimate how evil and jealous a girl’s friends can be.

    9. Yes.

      But if the woman makes it clear she’s only interested in potential LTR partners, then you are violating the TOS and engaging in fraud.

      1. Just wanted to tell you I loved this comment.

        Nobody reads the EULA anymore!

    10. I’m wondering if it’s moral to pursue and try to sleep with young women who I’m attracted to, but not really interested in dating long term.

      I’m really not seeing the moral quandary here. Isn’t that the way god intended it?

      1. Because chicks are delicate emotional flowers who need men to decide the nature and direction of a relationship?

        1. let’s applaud the rare male who sees a moral quandry here. But yeah, be upfront about what you’re thinking. And if it changes to something else that you want to have as LTR, then so be it.

          1. That’s it. Just go in with no presumption and see what happens. Doesn’t have to be a planned thing. I’ve never started a relationship talking about making it a LTR with the girl. Just go with the flow and have fun.

          2. What Smilin’ Joe said.

            Those first dates of discussing what to name the kids could be awkward.

    11. They’re so cute when they’re young.

      1. Not cute! Disappointing!

      2. instead of burned out shells of cynicism and hate. *looks in mirror, turns away*

    12. I mean, I’m currently in a relationship with a girl that I am feeling is ultimately doomed. We’ve been dating a month and its already clear we’re probably ultimately doomed. She isn’t quite my intellectual equal and she is way more intp music than me (as in… listens to music at all. I’m weird). But I’m 24 and she’s 26 and it’s my first real post college relationship… so I figure it’s a good learning experience and to just enjoy and learn from it. Plus, the girl asked me to go to comic convention, so we share enough common interests that i figure we could remain friends

    13. Those FSU/FAMU/TCC girls need an experienced man to teach them the facts of life. Although it wasn’t really that much fun. There are so many hot grad students that need attention and can get legally drunk at dinner with you.

    14. I am unaware of any law requiring that all relationships be till death do you part unless you are a very hard core religious person.

      As long as you are honest with what your intentions and thoughts are then there us nothing wrong with it.

      That said I have known of more than one case where just such a relationship ended up in marriage lasting more than 20 years so you will be taking the risk that one of them will be “the one” (well at least one of the ones since there are way more than 1 perfect match for each of us)

    1. Someone ought to joke back at him about how they want to throw their shoe at him but couldn’t find a fence to throw it over.

  27. The President will apparently be addressing the nation today. Something about teh jobz, I believe. I eagerly await his thoughtful, nuanced economic analysis and results-oriented proposals for empowering people and unchaining their entrepreneurial energies.

    1. I expect that this is the speech that really gets things going!

      1. You can only screw it up so many times before you get one right, right?

      2. Hells yeah! This time his words will propel the economy to even greater heights.

    2. saw this:
      Obama to propose ‘grand bargain’ on corporate tax rate, infrastructure

      Obama wants to cut the corporate tax rate of 35 percent down to 28 percent and give manufacturers a preferred rate of 25 percent. He also wants a minimum tax on foreign earnings as a tool against corporate tax evasion and increased use of tax havens.

      The new twist is that in exchange for his support for a corporate tax reduction, he wants money generated by the tax overhaul to be used on a mix of proposals such as funding infrastructure projects like repairing roads and bridges, improving education at community colleges, and promoting manufacturing, senior administration officials said.

      1. That’s going to go over real well with the proggie base…

        1. That foreign earnings tax guarantees it’s DOA with the Right, and the corporate tax cut guarantees it’s DOA with the Left.

          Does he know how “triangulation” works, do you think?

          1. “Triangulation” to him means throw some shit out there you know is unworkable so you can go on TV and chide the opposition for not offering solutions.

            1. It will be the R’s fault it doesn’t work so he has nothing to lose.

              1. Obama: “I’m open to suggestions.”

                Republicans: “Here is a suggestion.”

                Obama: “That’s a stupid, unrealistic suggestion. Now what we are going to do i…”

                Republicans: “No, that’s not how negotiation wor–”

                Obama: “None of my suggestions work because Republican Obstinacy!!!”

                Lather, rinse, repeat.

                *note: I am not a fan of Republicans but this is Obama’s demonstrated MO.

                1. *note: I am not a fan of Republicans but this is Obama’s demonstrated MO.


      2. Is he sort of admitting here that lowering these taxes will increase tax receipts?

        1. Isn’t the standard progtard claim usually that corporations don’t pay any taxes?

          1. No, if Progessives actually understood that they’d be demaning an end to corporate income taxes and have them be replaced by higher capital gains taxes or a tax on stock trades or something.

            The fact is that corporations do not pay taxes, sure they collect them and remit the check to the government but the taxes themselves either comes out of the customers, the workers, or the stockholders pockets (or some combination of all of the above) and economists are generally in agreement that on average the bulk of the corporate income tax burden is carried by the employees (that is in the absence of the tax wages would rise rather than prices fall or profits rise).

        2. Damn you!

      3. Obama wants to cut the corporate tax rate of 35 percent down to 28 percent.

        The new twist is that in exchange for his support for a corporate tax reduction, he wants money generated by the tax overhaul…

        Is there some kind of admission in here that cutting tax rates generates revenue?

        1. Sounds like it to me.

      4. he wants money generated by the tax overhaul

        That line actually represents an enormous shift from the dumbfuck.

        1. PIVOT. It’s a pivot.

    3. We’re just one speech away from a full economic recovery.

    4. I thought he already did that. He’s great at framing debates no one is having with him.

  28. I’m wondering if it’s moral to pursue and try to sleep with young women who I’m attracted to, but not really interested in dating long term.

    That’s a headscratcher, that is.

    1. I’m wondering if it’s moral to ignore threading. :-p

  29. Now each central bank fears long-term rates rising to normal levels, because their nation’s commercial banks would suffer big capital losses

    You don’t say.

  30. Ron Paul to Chris Christie: F-off fatso. Well sort o FUll interview

    “It’s really I think kind of sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims and say ? ‘I’m the only one who cares about these victims.’ Hogwash!,” Paul said on Fox’s Hannity. “If he cared about protecting this country maybe he wouldn’t be in this gimme-gimme-gimme, give me all the money you have in Washington or don’t have, and he’d be a little more fiscally responsive and know that the way we defend our country, the way we have enough money for national defense, is by being frugal and not being gimme-gimme all the time.”

    1. *crap…RAND paul

    2. Just when you think you can’t like Rand Paul more, he uses “Hogwash!” on national TV.

      1. when referring to His Rotundity, the Governor of New Jersey.

  31. Obama wants to cut the corporate tax rate of 35 percent down to 28 percent and give manufacturers a preferred rate of 25 percent.

    Haha, it’s a trick.


  32. Concord: Half of Affordable Care Act call center jobs will be part-time

    Now, with two months to go before the Concord operation opens to serve the public, information has surfaced that about half the jobs are part-time, with no health benefits–…


    1. It really is a parody of itself.

  33. McDonald’s McDouble: Cheapest, Most Nutritious Food in History? No Way.

    Oh, Thomas and Smith, where to even begin to tear down your crazy claims?

    Let’s start with the plainest of facts: nutritional content. One McDouble contains 19 grams of fat, 8 grams of saturated fat and 1 gram of trans fat, representing a whopping 29 percent, 42 percent, and 65 percent of your USDA daily allowance intakes, respectively, in just a single meal. The cholesterol content is at 22 percent of daily allowance?so if you’ve already had more than one egg for breakfast, you’re sunk, way before dinnertime. Fiber is at a woeful 2 grams, or 7 percent of the daily recommended intake (DRI). And the sandwich contains 850 mg of sodium, which is a pretty high 35 percent of the daily limit.

    So, taking cost in to account, what’s the alternative?

    As a guest on the Freakonomics broadcast, Mother Jones food columnist Tom Philpott wisely suggested that you “get a pound of brown rice, organic, and a pound of red lentils for about two bucks each. And a serving size, say a cup of each of those things, would be about 75 cents.”

    1. Lipid Hypothesis bullshit detected.

      1. References to USDA give it away.

    2. Hmmm, organic brown rice and red lentils, or a cheeseburger… that’s a tough decision.

    3. What the fuck?

      Does this idiot not know you need fat in your diet?

    4. And why the fuck would you buy organic rice if you are trying to find the cheapest food?

      1. The GMOnster is coming for you, Zeb!

        But seriously, it’s Mojo. What do you expect?

      2. exactly, you’d get ramen by the case, or plain spaghetti.

        1. Or just regular rice, which is slightly more nutritious than those other options.

    5. your USDA daily allowance intakes

      Dude, shut the fuck up. If the USDA is your authority for food intake, please go fucking kill yourself and spare me from having to read your nonsense.

    6. There’s like absolutely no reference to satiety in here whatsoever. Also, two cups of rice and lentils? That’s not going to fill me up.

      1. Is that 2 cups, pre or post cooking. Because I’d bet you’d have a hard time eating 2 cups of pre-cooked rice in 3 or 4 days. Ditto Lentils.

    7. And a serving size, say a cup of each of those things, would be about 75 cents.

      And as an added bonus, the food riots when they find out they could be having a burger instead of two cups of beans and rice will kill off enough people that we’ll be able to get everyone some real food.

    8. Mother Jones food columnist Tom Philpott wisely suggested that you “get a pound of brown rice, organic, and a pound of red lentils for about two bucks each. And a serving size, say a cup of each of those things, would be about 75 cents.”

      Failure to factor in time and labor cost of the acquisition. It takes my 5 minutes or less to acquire a McDouble. Making lentils and rice involves me going to the store, coming home, and cooking it.

      Besides, a cup of rice and lentils gives me like no fat, and I kind of need fat to survive and get rid of this hangover.

      1. Besides, a cup of rice and lentils gives me like no fat, and I kind of need fat to survive and get rid of this hangover.

        This reminds me of a Law and Order episode in which Briscoe asks a guy what he’s eating. The response was something along the lines of “A hot dog, even though the wife wants me to eat more salad.” Briscoe replies “Yeah, mine too. But what’s the point of eating salad so yu can live a couple of more years only to eat more salad?”

        Anyone who concerns himself with what others eat should be mocked and shunned out of society, not praised as an expert. There is a special circle of hell for cops and public health nannies.

        1. Like this uggo.

    9. But, but, but wait – aren’t lefties also telling us that you can’t live on $31.50 a week for food? We have to let them know about this whole lentils/rice deal – it might really change some minds!!


      Also, I love this: http://stockman.house.gov/medi…..-challenge

      1. Steve Stockman might be one of the better and trollier congresscritters out there.

      2. 24 servings of Wyler’s fruit drink mix

        Keepin it real.

      3. “Why do I always have to cook the lentils?” – Neil

    10. Come on guys, the human nervous system doesn’t require saturated fat, that’s a myth!

      Also, I’ll take white rice over brown “organic” any day.

  34. Has anyone here ever walked into a restroom, stood at a urinal, started doing their thing, and then experienced a horrifying feeling that they were doing something terribly inappropriate? As if they had just whipped it out and started peeing in the middle of a full conference room?

    Yeah, me neither.

    1. The closest I ever came was the time when I was a teenager and went to take a dump, and then realized afterwards I went in the ladies room by accident. Luckily no one saw me.

      1. if there is no urinals, thats a dead giveaway you aren’t in the mens washroom DEADDDD GIVEAWAAAAYYY.

        1. The couch is usually the biggest giveaway.

          1. Yeah, what is that all about?

            1. Wait. He was serious? That’s a thing?

              1. You only find that in nice places from what I’ve seen. Basically, unless its a single person washroom, the lack of urinals will tell you you aren’t in the right place.

                1. You only find that in nice places from what I’ve seen.

                  A unisex bathroom in the basement of a dorm I lived in in college had both a urinal and a couch. Thats how you knew it was for everyone!

              2. Yup. Chicks dig hanging out and listening to other girls pee.

                1. But you suggest watching one video from the internet and all hell breaks loose!

                2. You’ll pardon me if I don’t take your word on what chicks dig. We have some actual chicks here, maybe they’ll deign to explain to us dumb men.

                  1. I don’t have any earthly idea why any bathroom, with its microbial fecal matter and poop smells, would have a couch. Maybe because chicks go to the bathroom in herds and some finish before others, and they “have to” wait for the laggards to finish, because who in their right mind would walk into a room, like, alone?

                    1. Also, some chicks (maybe dudes, too?) wash their fucking dishes in the bathroom sinks at work. We have a kitchens. With sinks. And running water. Yet every once in a while, someone comes in and washes their lunch dishes in the can. With the fecal matter and poop smells.

                    2. Not quite as bad, but I occasionally see people brushing their teeth in the bathroom at work. I realize that’s standard at home, but at work? Why the hell do you suddenly need to brush your teeth when you’ve already been here for 3 hours?

                    3. Why the hell do you suddenly need to brush your teeth when you’ve already been here for 3 hours?

                      I brush my teeth at work because I have an (admittedly odd) hang up about my mouth not being clean after I eat. I imagine the majority of people who do so are salesmen or execs that need to look as presentable as possible, though.

                    4. Kitchens are usually dirtier than bathrooms. Though they don’t usually smell like poop.

                    5. All teasing aside, I’d imagine that it’s an evolutionary response at trying to avoid going to take a shit and being mauled by a lion.

                    6. How does having a couch on hand prevent people from being mauled by lions?

                  2. We don’t need their femplanations!

                3. Hey, guys dig hanging out and listening to girls pee,… until we get caught.

              3. Yeah. A lot of women’s bathrooms have couches. As if women need further encouragement to take a lot of time in the bathroom.

                1. I was joking about it once and one of the older women at work said it was because they needed a place to get away from men.

                  1. HAHA.

                    Men get the bar and women get a couch in the bathroom.

                    Sounds like a pretty shitty deal for the ladies.

        2. So are all the women looking at you funny. Back in college I turned right when I should have turned left after a long movie and pushed the door to the women’s room wide open. After a quick retreat to the men’s room a guy in his fifties chuckled as he told me he was going to say something but he thought I’d figure it out soon enough.

    2. No, but I did have a moment of horror looking into my girlfriend’s shower recently. It wasnt moldy… but so much hair! And dirt visible on the floor. I mean, she is a gal with long, wavy, white hispanic hair, but still…

  35. I’m wondering if it’s moral to ignore threading.

    “My mother? Lemme tell you about my mother.”

  36. Fake cops robbing Detroiters turn out to be real cops


    1. Stay classy, Motor City.

  37. representing a whopping 29 percent, 42 percent, and 65 percent of your USDA daily allowance

    *Throws down BULLSHIT flag, stops reading*

  38. “American University political science professor Karen O’Connor, who supports abortion-on-demand, told ABC News, “I think we are going to see Roe overturned.”

    “”I’m thinking 2015,” she added.”


    1. This woman lives in a parallel universe. The federal courts defend abortion more vigorously than they do free speech.

      1. Yeah, that is insane.

        So Obama is going to pack the court with anti-abortion justices before his term is up?

        1. She’s just whipping up the female base for the Democrats.

          1. …whipping up the female base…


            1. Perhaps. I don’t know the science.

    2. Not likely to happen, but…

      This is what you get when you support making con law about popularity contests, bitch!

    3. Why did they have to say which school she comes from? Ugh…

      1. To other you and microagress against you, K.

        1. Undoubtedly.

          But I’ll have you know, back in my day, we had badass Arafat-hatin’ warhawk profs of poli-sci, like Amos Perlmutter.

    4. 2015? Why, it sounds like all right thinking women better vote democrat in 2014 then to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    1. Try this experiment: Get in a brawl, and when the cops get there accuse them of favoritism to the other people in the brawl, tell the cops to f off, and then flip them the bird. Then come down to the police station and abuse the cops some more. At what point, do you think, would you be arrested? For these off-duty officers, the answer is “never.” I wonder if their status as fellow-police had anything to do with their colleagues not arresting them?

      1. Oh, and thrown in a couple racial slurs while you’re at it.

    2. There’s already a thread about this.

    1. Dem feels.

  39. An hour later, Thole and Powell went to the Green Bay police station, where the shift commander met them in the lobby. They complained about their treatment, saying they were the victims and the police hadn’t done anything.


    It’s just a shame they did not get tased and beaten on the spot.

  40. Tumblr has worse threaded commments than us!

  41. Mennonites join the Catholic Conspiracy!

    “In a 2-1 decision, a federal appeals court has ruled that the Mennonite owners of a cabinetmaking company must comply with an Obamacare mandate requiring employers to offer co-pay free coverage for contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-causing drugs, regardless of their deeply held religious beliefs against it….

    “…a lower court ruled that the Hahns must obey the mandate regardless of their religious objections, and on Friday, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that decision.”


    1. Here’s what I don’t get:the Catholics run a lot of hospitals, often serving low income populations or charging as little as they can. And “all life is sacred” in an inviolable part of the doctrine. They are also global in reach. They’ll just take their ball and go home on this issue, even under this this new pope. Shutter the hospitals. Yeah sure the proggies will whine and talk about how “well if they REALLY cared the poor”… but what are they gonna do, realistically?

    2. Here’s what I don’t get:the Catholics run a lot of hospitals, often serving low income populations or charging as little as they can. And “all life is sacred” in an inviolable part of the doctrine. They are also global in reach. They’ll just take their ball and go home on this issue, even under this this new pope. Shutter the hospitals. Yeah sure the proggies will whine and talk about how “well if they REALLY cared the poor”… but what are they gonna do, realistically?

  42. Video of Sugarfree on his porch.

    1. Is he the raccoon?

      1. I can see how you’d think that. I’m pretty sure that raccoon has the diabeetus.

        1. Definitely type 2.

  43. What the hell? We couldn’t sue the NSA because we had no proof anyone was actually being harmed, but they can prosecute whistleblowers even if it’s a known fact that no harm came from it… fuck we’re fucked.

    Fuck You, That’s Why

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