Ira Stoll on Anti-Capitalist Hypocrisy from Liberals


Democrats in Congress and their allies at The New York Times are preparing for another assault on Goldman Sachs, this one based on the claim that an aluminum warehouse owned by Goldman is increasing the prices of canned beverages. As one Times staffer tweeted: "Don't miss: damning story on how Goldman Sachs manipulates aluminum market….This story will fuel notion that Goldman is a 'giant vampire squid.'"

There you have left-wing hypocrisy in a nutshell, write Ira Stoll. When a government official like New York mayor Michael Bloomberg tries to reduce the public consumption of sugary beverages with a tax that makes the drinks more expensive, he's a public health hero. But when it's a profit-generating company that stands accused of increasing beverage costs, it's a greedy manipulative Wall Street blood-sucker.