Political Nominees Fingered as Responsible For IRS Targeting, President Says Obamacare is Working Just Swell, General Says Syria May Get a Visit from the US Military: P.M. Links


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  1. Apparently, spectacular failure is a design feature.

    You joke, but…

    1. As I keep saying, we need to take every “reform” foisted upon the health care system and foist it upon the business of lawyering.

    2. Spectactular failure may just be part of the Grand Plan to force single payer as the correct “fix”.

      1. That would require forethought and a working brain.

        I doubt it.

        1. That would require forethought and a working brain.

          See there’s your folly. Just because the didn’t plan it that way doesn’t mean BHO cannot ACT like it was planned that way, or just take his socialization scheme to its logical and terrifying end.

          There is no impediment for the true statists to grow government or at least just try.

      2. “single payer” is a system where government runs a previously private industry and rations out their product to people. Single payer is effectively nationalization. If it was farms, we would have no problem calling it communism.

    3. Communist health care has always been the goal.

  2. Next stop for U.S. troops: Syria! At least, that’s what the White House is considering, says Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Over there! Over there! Spread the word, spread the word over there! That the Yanks are coming!

    1. that war boner is not going to fap itself.

    1. Word. Racist.

    2. Which happens first: Robocop or The Crow?

      1. Are there any corporations left in Detroit that have the same ability to innovate that OCP did?

        1. Did you *really* have to ask?

          1. Did you *really* have to ask?

            I suspect Mike Illitch will stick around long enough to turn half the city into his own personal Versailles.

        2. ” This could look bad for OCP, Johnson. Scramble the best spin team we have.”

    3. Everyone knew this coming for months and months of course, but it’s still sad. It wasn’t very long ago it was truly one of the greatest cities in the world, and now it’s a burned-out husk.

      1. And should be held up as the pinnacle of progressivism.

      2. What a perfect day for the Big Ten to announce the location of their new bowl game!

        1. In Detroit? It’s really sad how far the Big Ten has fallen.

    4. At least it is not in an apartheid state like Florida. They respect the mob’s civil right to being outraged in Detroit.

      1. Man, that’s not totally insane or an insult to people who actually endured apartheid. Or an insult to the millions of blacks who thought Florida was a nice home until now.

    1. BTW, there’s an Expedia TV commercial where a woman says she got to swim with a turtle friend.

      And I’m thinking, no he’s not. I mean really, will he pick you up at the airport?

      1. Hahaha, every time that one comes on I think “that turtle is not your damn friend and if he could he would probably eat you.”

        1. Nice bod on the chick, though.

          1. Interestingly one comment on the site mentions this (which was my reaction when I saw this live on air). The other comments are all about how it’s illegal to touch sea turtles.

          2. Yeah, if she needs any other underwater friends…

      2. Every time I see that commercial, I think about how good she looks in that bikini bottom.

        1. Ass model. No, really, it’s a profession. The casting director doesn’t even look at the face.

          1. That’s actually not a bad life philosophy.

            1. One of my regrets is that I didn’t begin utilizing my “go for the one with the smoking body regardless of her face” strategy earlier.

              1. If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
                Never make a pretty woman your wife
                So from my personal point of view
                Get an ugly girl to marry you

                But who’s to say she can’t have a smoking hot body?

      3. Aieeee I hate that fucking commercial. In my mind that same hippie chick is the one who sings in the “Prius For Everyone” commercial.

        1. Prius For Everyone


    2. That Sea Turtle? You Can’t Free That!

      I love that the official charge is violation of the Endangered Species Act, yet the quoted NOAA spokesmouth only cites a few generic safety concerns as reasons why this type of thing shouldn’t be attempted. Say…this act wouldn’t possibly serve double duty as job protection, would it?

      1. When the Jamestown reinforcements were shipwrecked on Bermuda, which turned out to be an island paradise despite its bad rap as the Devil’s Island, they found abundant sea life and dined on the massive turtles.

        Then they built a boat and sailed north to starve to death in the swamps of Virginia.

  3. A Tucson cop lost his job after getting loaded and pulling a gun on a gas station attendant.

    I look forward to the union overruling justice.

    1. You obviously don’t know that totality of the circs, you bigorati. HTH, surf team, etc.

      1. I don’t know why everyone here is so in awe of my modest accomplishments.

    2. Fired. But no charges for assault under color of authority? No DUI?

      1. Is he under color of authority in that tank top?

        1. I think that’s his department issued bullet resistant vest.

          1. It’s grainy video. Who can tell? 🙂

        2. Is that a tank top or a bullet proof vest? In any case, I’ll eat one of my shoes if the asshole didn’t include the old “do you know who you’re fucking with?” line during his “misunderstanding” with the cashier.

          1. If he wore tank tops he wouldn’t have such gnarly farmer’s tan. I’m betting on bullet proof vest.

            1. Bullet-proof vests are the new black

      2. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Of course, he was still a probationary hire so it wasn’t much to throw him to the wolves.

      3. But no charges for assault under color of authority?


  4. Primitive human society ‘not driven by war’

    1. Was it driven by gamboling?

    2. I presume it was driven by sex?

      1. Driven? I thought it was primitive. Wouldn’t they have walked?

      2. So, pretty much like modern society?

      3. It was driven by Warty.

        He has always been here.

    3. Meh. War requires a lot of time and it’s hard to take that much time out of your hunting and gathering schedule. Also, what are you going to fight over that you couldn’t get just as easily yourself with less risk?

      Agriculture and villages give you both the leisure time to make war and something to fight for.

      1. Soooo, White Indian was right?

        1. Damn you to hell for all eternity, RBS.

          1. More GAMBOL less WAR

      2. So, you’re sayin White Indian was right? Gamboling is the existence of peace.

      3. Uh, food and rape?

    4. “”Over half the events were perpetrated by lone individuals and in 85% of the cases, the victims were members of the same society.”

      , according to figures released by the Bureau of Gamboling and Hunter-Gatherer Statistics..

      1. There was no Stand Your Ground Law at the time, but any caveman was free to fight or flee as he saw fit. Also, no trials and no bans on cruel or unusual punishments. They made for good sport.

    5. Obviously an attempt by Modern Man to cover up his crimes against the Neanderthals. What war? What genocide? We didn’t do those things back then. I see nothing!

  5. The news and gossip website Gawker, which organized a so-called “crackstarter” campaign to raise money to buy a purported video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, has given up on its original mission.

    1. Gawker… has given up on its original mission.

      Pushing Dr. Who and annoying the shit out of em?

      1. I suppose they realized that annoying the shit out the supervisor of agents with licenses to kill is probably an unsound mission.

  6. Holy Shit! Me and Chuck Hagel agree on something.

    The Washington Post reports that “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday that he has ordered a 20 percent cut in the number of top brass and senior civilians at the Pentagon by 2019, the latest attempt to shrink the military bureaucracy after years of heady growth.”

    1. I agree with Hagel as well, but would like to see him included in the 20% cut.

      Lead by example, motherfucker! And take that asshole in the whitehouse with you.

    2. Gates also tried to cut the top brass, I think he ended up with more then he started with.

      In order to cut 200 generals you need to promote 400 to supervise it.

      1. I saw that episode of Yes, Minister.

    3. Are we sure that’s not a 20% cut in the rate of increase?

    4. You know who else wanted to purge the military?

      1. Emperor Justinian?

      2. Sitting Bull?

      3. Mary Kate Olsen?

  7. The Cuban National Baseball Team is in the United States playing exhibition games, and it has already demonstrated its unbeatable defection style. Player Misael Siverio went in search of a new nationality after only a few hours in the country.

    I’d be fine with normalizing relations with Cuba if it meant more ball players like Cespedes and Puig.

    1. Pug is a beast. Fun to watch. He runs hard, throws hard, and swings the bat like he was trying to kill a grizzly bear. But he needs to take it easy. Los Doyers will need him healthy if they plan on making/winning in the playoffs. I just keep seeing Puig going out of the lineup in late August with a season ending Achilles or shoulder injury. That would suck.

      1. Just when the crew at Coors Field had finally fixed that Matt Kemp-shaped hole in the center field wall (where last season he wrecked his shoulder crashing into), Puig a few weeks back went and did the same thing crashing into the right field wall.

        Enthusiasm is great, recklessness not so much.

      2. Screw you EDG….I hope Puig gets hit by a bus!


        1. The bus is hoping Puig doesn’t hit it.

    2. It will, and I’d be fine with normalizing relations with Cuba even if they didn’t have any baseball players.

  8. “Next stop for U.S. troops: Syria! ”

    We have always been at war with East Asia.

    1. and expanding into West Asia.

      1. “They’re here already! You’re next!”

  9. Next stop for U.S. troops: Syria!

    But this time it will be different. We’re going in with a civil war already in progress.

    1. And not just *any* civil war — a “full-blown” civil war.

      1. And not just one of those boring two sided civil wars, this one has at least three (Government, FSA and Islamists) with some others making their own moves.

  10. “J.D. Tuccille is managing editor of Reason 24/7”


    1. He needs the overtime pay.

      1. If Reason would pay a living wage he wouldn’t have to.

      2. Has to fund that weed habit.

    2. How much work could there be? I presume Reason just has ragtag orphans do all the heavy lifting and eliminates them when they outlive their usefulness (*cough*Lucy*cough*).

    3. NO! In a survey I filled out for Reason I demanded more Tuccille and I will get more Tuccille, goddamnit!

      Give him another child laborer to polish his monocle if you must, but don’t you dare deprive me of Tuccille.

    4. it doesn’t say 24/7 365…just sayin

    5. I thought they stopped posting articles at night, and on the weekends?

  11. Veteran IRS lawyer Carter Hull said tax agency political appointees took charge of the screening of Tea Party applications.

    How could this be?

    1. He was off fighting crime with the Justice League, and looking for Hawk Girl.

  12. FEMA fucks up flood maps.

    I have a suggestion. Run a contest with a $50,000 prize for the best flood zone mapping on Google Maps. They’d have 5 good solutions for $50k.

    1. Shit, you’d get better maps than the government could come up with for $500. No need to spend that much.

  13. It’s official: Detroit is now bankrupt.

    1. beat ya

      1. His doesn’t require a subscription, though.

    2. Obviously they need more government handouts.

      And the federal government should probably require that we all buy American cars. Given the Obamacare precedent, that shouldn’t be a problem constiutiionally. Just force people to pay a penaltax if they buy foreign cars.

      1. I believe it’s called a tariff.

        1. You bitch!

      2. “Just force people to pay a penaltax if they buy foreign cars.”

        Isn’t that called a tariff?

        1. Almost feels like you’ve been Fisted, huh?

          1. Yes. Go on…

      3. Just force people to pay a penaltax if they don’t buy a domestic car.

        1. My Forrester was built in the US. What is a domestic car?

          1. One in which the glorious People’s Government owns stock, most likely.

            1. So is Ford a foreign company then?

              1. They knew the risks when they refused to take any money and made the others look bad.

        2. That’s probably what I meant to say. Derp.

      4. I saw a US govt Hyundai yesterday, so if the USG wants to it can start buying American and leave us out of it.

    3. In 20-30 years after that city depopulates, they can rename it the Coleman Young National Wildlife Preserve.

    4. And filing for bankruptcy is not the same as a declaration (right word?) of bankruptcy.

      But, yeah, this is pretty delicious.

    5. My mother is from Detroit and a year or so ago she went back for a trip She cried and cried her eyes out seeing her old neighborhood in absolute shambles. Counts herself lucky for getting out in the 70’s.

      1. It’s incredible — one of the greatest cities this world has ever known, in an utter shambles.

        Politics truly is a cancer.

    6. Detroit is now bankrupt.

      Shining example of progressivism. Right out of Atlas Shrugged.

      …but who could have seen this coming?

      1. If we had been told in the 80s that the Soviets had depopulated a major city to the point where half its population was gone, and that they had completely devastated our major industrial area, there would have been nukes headed for Moscow.

      2. No kidding. It’s basically Starnesville, except orders of magnitude larger.

      3. In answer to your query Franky d’Anky, in 1961 Jane Jacobs was writing about how Detroit was a dying city in her excellent book The Death and Life of Great American Cities.


        Not a libertarian per se, but Jacobs did understand a sort of Hayekian spontaneous order was vital to thriving cities. She was opposed to top down planning and other zoning schemes. Now Jacobs ideas are co-opted by new urbanists, smart growth weenies, and environmentalists. But if you actually read the book, she specifically cites the major auto companies hubris, as well as increasingly unreasonable labor union demands for forming a death spiral for Detroit. Oh, and Federal, state and local government was the glue that pulled the death spiral together.

        If you get a chance, I highly recommend you read her books. Unfortunately some on the Left have embraced her works, but cherry pick and mis-characterize her theses.

        1. It was assigned reading in one of my classes, and it was the only book for that class I hadn’t gotten around to purchasing. By the end of the class it was clear it was the only book on the list that had been worth reading (and the primary source for our final).

        2. Interesting. I considered the decline to start with the riot in 1967, and then the OPEC embargo and the shift to Japanese cars and the Big Three’s poor responses to them (Pinto, Vega, etc.).

          1. Jacobs actually says the decline began in 1936 when the UAW staged a successful sit down strike. The Governer mediated, the auto companies acquiesced, thus legitimizing the union. Down hill ever since.

            1. Well, that may have planted the seeds of the fall, but I can assure you that Detroit did quite well in the ’40s and ’50s.

    7. HuffPo, your take?

      tissaBecome a fanCONVERSATION STARTER
      POLITICAL PUNDIT?4,646 Fans?Chicago Liberal /Sales/Marketing Director
      This is directly a result of the Tea Party Governor who has done nothing to stimulate Michigan’s economy. He is one of the most unpopular governors ever. Rick Snyder is a former Venture Capitalist–translation: another Mitt Romney who likes to prey on struggling companies by laying off all of their employees to turn a profit.
      Snyder did the same thing to Michigan–he sat and watched this state go down and did nothing. People laid off, struggling and he did nothing to stop it. Flint Michigan is also in the same condition—along with other major cities in Michigan.

      What has he done? Shut down schools in the Detroit area and other parts of Michigan in order to save money. Pathetic.

      Of course. Detroit didn’t spend enough money, and it was the R governor’s, not any of the D mayors or city councilmens’, fault.

  14. Veteran IRS lawyer Carter Hull said tax agency political appointees took charge of the screening of Tea Party applications.

    Is there anything that this administration can’t find to inject its politics into?

  15. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees: ‘I want to keep the music alive’

  16. New surveys indicates that a substantial number of people are fine with ending a relationship via text message.

    Pop singer Katy Perry recently revealed in a magazine interview that British comedian Russell Brand asked her for a divorce via text, and Brand apparently has company. A new survey of 1,500 daters ages 21 to 50, provided to USA TODAY, found that 59% would or might break up with someone they are casually dating via text; 24% would or might end an exclusive relationship that way.

    “It removes confrontation,” says Naomi Baron, a linguistics professor at American University in Washington who studies electronically mediated communication. “You don’t have to have a big knock-down-drag-out fight, but you also don’t get that experience of having to interact in uncomfortable situations ? face-to-face live situations.”

    I guess there is something to the notion that social media and phones destroy social skills.

    1. yes, god forbid that there be any confrontation or other unpleasantness in any aspect of life. Coming soon – firing by text. Which has probably already happened.

      1. Last week, some people were fired by text.

        1. My preference would be to get fired by Norm of Cheers fame.

      2. I’ve seen firing via a FedEx of someone’s desk contents with their last paycheck. Doesn’t seem so far fetched.

        1. Ha I once got a FedEx of my desk contents a few days after I was fired in person by my boss’s boss’s boss.

          1. Sounds like you annoyed someone too high up.

      3. Riley quit the Knicks by fax. He’s always been ahead of his time.

    2. A friend of mine broke up with boyfriends in whatever medium they had first said I love you. There was at least one text message one.

      1. That Jumbotron breakup had to be messy.

      2. That’s a bizarre fetish.

      3. “You can’t text message break-up.” -“Kelly” (of the Shoes video fame)

      4. I hope one day a boyfriend says that via a flash mob.

        1. I don’t think she’s dated anyone with enough enthusiasm for that, although I agree that would make for a fun breakup. That or singing telegram service.

      5. If both parties in this relationship follow that same rule, I’d like to be there when their marriage breaks up based on the circumstances of their engagement.

      6. in whatever medium they had first said I love you

        Am I odd for thinking anyone who doesn’t say that first in person is kind of socially clueless?

    3. Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      I’m getting married
      But not to you

      1. It’s been great
        And I really hadn’t oughtta
        But I’m dating your best friend
        Because she’s hotter

        1. I had some fun
          But it got too weird
          I’m tired of being
          Your f___ing beard

          BURMA SHAVE

          1. I’m tired of you
            You’re not what I need
            I’m letting the gardener
            Plant his seed.

    4. I broke up with a girlfriend by text. A week after we had a face-to-face discussion about how when we made plans to spend time together while I was going to school and working full time, I expected her to actually show up for those plans. So really, I guess she broke up with me by passive-aggression.

  17. A Tucson cop lost his job after getting loaded and pulling a gun on a gas station attendant.

    He was pissed the guy sold him a losing lottery ticket.

  18. Baskin-Robbins reveals what your favourite ice cream flavours say about you

    1. WTF is a ‘flavour’?

      Speak american!

    2. Interesting, but what does the NSA think our favorite flavors say about us?

      1. That we’re suspicious and bear watching.

        What flavor doesn’t really matter.

    3. Damn right and I’m sick and tired of me and the other Rum Raisins being othered by you assholes.

    4. If your favourite flavour is Mint Chocolate Chip, you’re more likely to be argumentative, frugal and cautious.

      Well, that’s my wife’s favorite flavor and that is her personality. But I would have replaced “frugal” with “thinks husband’s paycheck is “our money”, while her paycheck is “her money.”” I guess that’s not as concise, though.

      1. All wives do that.

      2. Or replace frugal with “thinks using a coupon to buy something you weren’t going to buy is saving.”

      3. My sister is the same way, but replace husband’s paycheck with everyone she knows’ paycheck. She is also a mint chocolate chip with jamoca almond fudge rising.

    5. Vanilla people suck!

    6. If your favourite [sic] flavour [sic] is Rocky Road, you’re more likely to be aggressive, engaging and a good listener.

      This is just great. Now Baskin Robbins doesn’t understand me either.

    7. (Kliban cartoon)

      “We’ve got four flavors, Corn, Liver, Wood and Vanilla. And we’re out of Vanilla.”

      … Hobbit

  19. Gina McCarthy approved by Senate as the new head of the loathsome Environmental Protection Agency.

    No official word though on whether she’s had time yet to give herself a phony e-mail account complete with fake “ethics certificate” for dodging FOIA requests and congressional oversight.

    1. They put her in the witness protection program with a all new identity.

      Nobody will be able to track what she is doing.

    2. At least she’s hot.

      1. You bastard.

      2. Fuck you. I actually clicked on the link expecting to see some MILF type. This woman looks like her bureaucratic soul.

        1. She looks like Barney Frank.

          That’s 2 diversity checkmarks for the base.

          1. No, Barney is more feminine.

      3. god fucking dammit!

    3. Barney Frank’s lost some weight.

  20. A good article on the Chinese economy.

    “China had lost external demand, so the country doubled down on investment. China had essentially been keeping GDP growth high by creating new infrastructure, housing, factories. The problem is that, in order for this all to be real, there has to be an end-user. In the past, demand from overseas could make up the difference. But that’s not going to materialize anymore. The demand has to be domestic.”

    1. So wait, you’re saying government spending *doesn’t* produce wealth? That counting government spending into GDP is accounting shenanigans?

      Damn, my whole worldview – just shattered.

  21. He brought Mandela back to life; let’s send the Faith-Healer-in-Chief to Detroit to serve out the remainder of his term.

  22. Why Tim Hortons is failing to score in America

    1. So it’s kind of like all the Canadian hockey teams.

      1. Oh, you mean Canadian hockey teams based in Canada. Not Canadian hockey teams like the Blackhawks.

    2. The problem is Tim Horton’s has ‘flavours’, unlike Baskin Robbins.

      1. “Fla” clearly refers to Florida. “Vour” comes the Latin to consume.

        “Eat Florida?” What kind of strange Canadian plot is this?

        1. Well, Florida is America’s penis. So maybe Canada wants to give the US a blowjob?

          1. I’m having trouble conceiving how all of these analogies actually would work in the real world. Maybe they mean to move Canada physically south of Florida?

            1. No, they mean to invade. To ‘devour’ the US all the way down to Florida!

              Pre-emptive defensive invasion is called for.

    3. They need to educate people about their products better. Who doesn’t want to order a timbit and a double-double? I would take one of each right now…TIMBITS!

      1. Maybe if they weren’t vaguely sexual.

        1. But that’s what makes them awesome!

      2. If it wasn’t rush hour I’d totally go right now.

        1. Full disclosure: I actually used to order triple-triples. I will be thankful that only a few people know what that means and thus my true shame.

          1. Click away people and know her true shame: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tim+hortons+triple+triple

            1. It’s just triple cream and triple sugar? So basically it’s really sweet cream with a splash of coffee?

          2. See, I saw through to the soul of Starbucks when they unleashed the milkshake that isn’t called a milkshake in the U.S. That’s the sole reason they have been successful–they allow people to say they’re drinking a coffee when they’re actually drinking a milkshake.

            1. The milkshake sure tastes a lot like coffee. Which is disgusting.

          3. Well, its still better than ordering a triple-triple at Sonic.

  23. Awesomely cool furniture made out of airplane parts.

    I’d probably kick the nacelle all the time by accident.

    1. What parts do you want?


    2. Nice. My Dad used to jump out of C-119s when he was a paratrooper.

  24. President Obama insists that his signature health care program is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Apparently, spectacular failure is a design feature.

    You mock J.D., but just one more major speech from Obama and all these problems will go away. Remember how he ended all the abuses of the War on Terror when he gave a speech about them? Or how he ended all our problems in the Middle East when he gave a speech in Cairo?

    1. Our Afghan allies are serious about some revenue collecting.

  25. Fresh new stupidity, hot off the presses!

    In America, land was plentiful since you could steal it from Native Americans. That should could have led to an egalitarian distribution of wealth [Really? -ed], but instead an alternative agrarian elite emerged that did happen to own large stocks of land but whose wealthy was primarily composed of owning the human beings who worked the land rather than owning the land itself.

    Three guesses as to who said it…

    1. I had guessed White Indian. Oh, well.

    2. 1. Yglesias
      2. Robert Reich
      3. Krugabe.

      Am I right?

      1. Right on the first try, though the other guesses were also good.

      2. It couldn’t have been Krugabe, as there was no mention of Republicans or (insufficient) aggregate demand.

    3. In America, land was plentiful since you could steal it from Native Americans. That should could have led to an egalitarian distribution of wealth

      Not for the Indians it wouldn’t have, Sadbeard.

      Seriously, the dude is somewhere on the spectrum. Not the autism spectrum, but the one for mental retardation.

      1. Yeah, that was unbelievable.

      2. Yeah, Aspies are super logical, so that can’t be his problem.

        1. Beyond that, why should the notion of land being plentiful have led to an egalitarian distribution, especially if you are assuming that only a portion of the colonists were the ones actually stealing the land?

          No economic analysis would support the notion that an egalitarian distribution follows from the abundance of a resource — not even Marxist economics, which posits its favored state of egalitarianism as a quasi-imposed one following decades of “natural” distribution and movement through the historical dialectic.

          1. Also, it wasn’t *cheap* – those Indians didn’t vacate the land easily – meaning significant capital resources were needed to ‘acquire’ that land.

            As such you’d expect that those who were capable of putting together the capital (ie rich people) would end up owning large swathes.

      3. Not the autism spectrum, but the one for mental retardation.

        One of the retarded aspects of his assertion is that land distribution in the US was egalitarian before the Civil War, with millions of small freeholders. Compare that with the land grant system of Latin America or the feudal land ownership in Europe.

    4. Maybe Yglesias was WI?

  26. Economics and business correspondent, folks.

    I will admit that I’ve always found the “Peak Oil” debate to be a little bit confusing, especially because both the words “peak” and “oil” turn out to have some ambiguity to them.

    1. Ok, that’s my Yglesias limit for the month.

    2. It’s Slate. I mean, really, what did you expect?

    3. I could actually defend the latter, if they go on to discuss, e.g., the use of light sweet crude as a benchmark…

    4. Is that graph even in real dollars?

    5. But even so, America’s oil boom hasn’t pushed U.S. oil prices back down to mid-aughts levels and it certainly hasn’t pushed U.S. oil prices back down to 1990s levels. The good old days of genuinely abundant liquid fuel really do appear to be behind us.

      Of course the “let’s regulate the fossil fuel industry so as to promote green initiatives” over the last 20 years has had NO EFFECT on the price of oil.

  27. I hadn’t seen this posted before, though there are a ton of Zimmerman case threads so I may have missed it:

    Daily Caller intern asks Jay Carney a question about the safety of George Zimmerman’s family, gets mocked and insulted by officials and journalists

    1. What was Carney going to say? “You see, young man, the President is a constitutional officer charged with a fairly limited set of duties, and sending bodyguards for Zimmerman’s family would be interfering with a criminal case, contrary to the reserved 10th Amendment authority of the states.”

      Oops, better just mock him.

      “Ha ha, some dumb kid just said he couldn’t see the Emperor’s new clothes!”

      1. Do you think Carney and the president would be handling this situation the same if Zimmerman was black and Martin a white hispanic?

        Somehow, I think if that were the case, the president would be alarmed by mobs howling for the blood of a black man.

    2. To be fair, I’d mock and insult anyone who asks Carney a question and expects a straight answer instead of bullshit.

      Carney always seems vaguely embarassed to be up there. He lacks the confrontational panache needed for the job anymore. You need to get up there, own the lie, and dare anybody to question you on it.

  28. Sign outside Baptist church in Alabama: “Zimmerman Jury Supports WHITE RACISM.

    Pastor Michael R. Jordan is outraged about the Trayvon Martin case and “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman, and he’s pointing the finger at the jury with two bold signs that accuse them of “white racism.” Reactions to the sign have been mixed, with the church’s predominantly black neighborhood largely supportive despite the barrage of negative comments that have been directed at Jordan online.

    One side of the sign at the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, declares, “George Zimmerman Jury Supported White Racism.” The other proclaims, “Rape A White Woman And You Will Die In Prison,” a reference to the 1983 Baby Doe rape case in Birmingham. He told The Huffington Post in an interview, “The criminal justice system says the value of a black life is much less than a white life.”

    Sad, if Obama had a pastor he’d look a lot like Pastor Jordan. Er, wait…

    1. WTF do black people want and why in the fuck do they think that this is the way to get it?

      1. They feel like they’ve been screwed for centuries and want whitey and brownie to feel their pain.

        That’s what they want.

        A more interesting question to me is what the proglodytes want.

        I think it’s all about gun control with them and they don’t care how much race hatred they have to stir up to get it.

    2. At least it’s ‘white racism’, which implies that there might be some other kind.

    3. Um…

      …isn’t Zimmerman Hispanic?

      1. Sometimes.

    4. Wow, they really got me with that second sign. The idea of rapists dying in prison? What is this world coming to!?

    5. I can’t help but think that there has to be some significant swath of “the Black Community” which is thinking that pushing this “Zimmerman is a white guy” lie is going to draw down the balance on the “white guilt” account to the point that they will have to start trading on actual facts in the near future.

  29. http://geekologie.com/2013/07/…..py-loo.php

    Man ruins at least $30,000 worth of vintage comics (including a 1968 Avengers #1) to make a shitty paper mache sculpture.


    1. just as long as there was no ROMs in the mix, i’m good.

      1. ROM The Spaceknight! I used to love that comic.

    2. “I really love the idea of me creating something out of such expensive things that’s worth less. I think it’s brilliant.”

      What a dick.

      1. Hmmm, his life philosophy seems familiar…

    3. 30,000 pounds not dollars if that helps your rage. Still, he found them in the dumpster. I’d blame the person who threw them out. I think its funny, especially with people’s reaction.

      1. ?30,000 is $45,600. So that just makes it worse.

      2. I’m sure somebody’s mother threw them out when he went off to college. That’s what happened to me. Including my first edition Spiderman, Groo, and Howard the Duck.

  30. Rachel Jeantel schools Limbaugh on the N-word: ‘It is racist for an adult’ to use it

    Clearly, a dumb teenager is best equipped to spearhead this debate.

    Also, what important issues? Someone we don’t like may have used a naughty word!

    1. They really couldn’t have picked a more unlikeable person to get famous as a result of this case.

      1. Worse than Sandra Fluke? Rachel at least hasn’t asked that I be forced to do or pay for anything I don’t want to.

        1. Give it time.

        2. Sure Fluke is worse, but what does she have to do with the Zimmerman trial?

          1. Nothing, just thought I’d throw the comparison of the two most recent progressive darlings out there.

        3. “Rachel at least hasn’t asked that I be forced to do or pay for anything I don’t want to.” My guess is she just assumes it.

          1. “Moar free shit — that’s New School.”

      2. I’d have a beer with her. She seems okay to me. I’ve worked with a lot of kids in her situation. And on top of that, we saw her at a very difficult time. I have never been in the witness stand and I hope I never am.

    2. It is possible for both of the named individuals to be wrong.

      1. Dichotomies are just way too convenient. What you’re proposing is chaos!

        1. No way. One of them has to be in the right; my worldview demands it!

    3. 19 is legally an adult.

      Not that the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality is uncommon, but thought it was worth pointing out.

    4. Race baiters, talk to the hand.

      I’m done with it.

  31. This is entirely irrelevant to anything, and I apologize if most of you have seen it…

    Still, I approve.

    1. Obviously we just need to make Internet Explorer illegal.

    2. I didn’t click the link. Does it have anything to do with Cleveland Browns fans being let down by Golden Girls?

      1. graph of Internet Explorer usage correlating with homicides.

        1. +2 exposed asscheeks

  32. For all y’all under 25 or so “Millenials”:

    This is the America your grandparents tried to leave you.

    Your parents fucked it all up. Remember to thank them.

    1. And I plan on leaving this America to my grandkids:



      1. You plan on leaving a SF’ed link to your grandkids? What kind of sick fuck are you?

    2. No, their grandparents voted in the massive increase of the industrial/military complex in the name of the Cold War.

      Fuck them too.

    3. On the other hand they gave us an entire internet of hotter women in less clothing and in higher definition during our “formative” years.

    4. I don’t miss cone tits.

  33. Some other folks besides Marcotte and Yglesias write articles for Slate. They are equally stupid:

    The British critic Charles Shaar Murray once described the central drive of American popular music as “the need to separate black music (which, by and large, white Americans love) from black people (who, by and large, they don’t).” It’s a glibly polemical assessment that too often feels sickeningly right: You don’t need to look far for evidence that this country values black American culture substantially more than it values the lives of black American people.

    Gets worse from there.

    1. Doesn’t Charles Shaar Murray have a riot to cover, or something? And I hear that a future king has been born.

    2. If Slate were an airplane, I would jump without a parachute.

      1. If Slate were an airplane you’d drop 10 feet onto the tarmac.

        1. 10 feet?

          Wait, it has landing gear?

          1. [Insert Asian-name joke here]

          2. It was a guess based on a “normal” airliner with flat tires. I’m not going to dumb it down for some bonehead mass audience.

            1. I was merely questioning “Airliner.”

              I was thinking more cessna-sized.

              1. See, I was going the “plenty of resources, very poor results” route. Cessnas that can’t fly would be more like indie prog blogs.

    3. “Say it loud-I’m black, and I’m proud!”


      1. I’m black and I’m proud! And it’s gonna say that…in diamonds…on my teeth!”

    4. So when a white person listens to black music that is sickening?

      Slate is sort of a metropolis of stupid.

      1. If I found out tomorrow that the Koch brothers founded Slate as a way to quarantine the insane population of progressives from the rest of us, it would not surprise me in the least.

        1. That is what Double X and The Root are for.

    5. Let me get this straight: some guy who is completely unselfconscious about his own habits of treating other human beings as some kind of homogenous collective entity thinks he’s suddenly going to get other people to think “when you put it that way, I guess I am a big old racist.”

    1. That’s dumb; exhaust gas is mostly inert.

      Leaf blower would be waaay more effective.

    2. what a fag

  34. Official Firefly game launching next year…


    “Cult TV show Firefly will live on through an all-new iOS and Android role-playing game from Fox Digital Entertainment. The company announced Firefly Online this week at San Diego Comic-Con, scheduling the new game to launch in summer 2014.”

    1. Enough with the Firefly already. Pull the plug. The show was good, but it’s dead and it’s been dead for a decade.

      Get over it.

      1. Not referring to Powerbottom, just the whole damned internet and its ridiculous obsession over a good (not great) TV show.

      2. Blasphemy.

    2. Who wants to play an RPG on a frigging phone?

    3. Season 2 would be better.

    4. The game will suck.

  35. Norwegian tricked into believing he’s gone bungee jumping

    1. That’s a bachelor party? I hope that’s just what they were doing to entertain themselves until the two hot Norwegian stripper/prostitutes arrived with a massive keg of beer.

  36. “President Obama insists that his signature health care program is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.”

    Increased costs? Check.
    Decreased coverage? Check.
    Made a muck of the economy? Check.
    Left everyone in the dark about what happens when? Check.
    See? Just ducky!

    1. “It’s always darkest before the dawn!”

      1. I just want you to know that, years ago, when I bothered to read it, Wonkette used the above clip all the time for it’s hip snarky postings.

        That’s all. I’ll just leave that thought right there.

    2. But I just heard him say on the radio that Obamacare is already lowering costs all over the place.

  37. Southern Prison music doc

    1. Was that Leadbelly in the beginning?

      1. Yes. Lomax found him in prison in either Texas or Louisiana. He was actually a really dangerous guy. Killed a couple of people, threatened a lot of others. Sang his way out of two different prisons. Ended up dying young of ALS.

        1. Ah, the way the Blues should be.

          1. Right? I read Jhon’s post and thought, “A fella’ could really write some good blues songs living like that.”

  38. OK folks, really good news from Dtown:
    “Detroit emergency manager files bankruptcy”
    Now, let’s see if we can identify the missing words:
    “A number of factors ? most notably steep population and tax base falls ? have been blamed on Detroit’s tumble toward insolvency.”
    (hee, hee)
    Or your fave AP reseller.

    1. The population just dropped. The tax base just went away….unexpectedly. It was just bad luck.

      1. Procedures were followed, contracts were signed, living wages were paid, the passive voice was invoked!

        1. Kinda funny how “living wages” equals nobody living there.

    2. If only they’d been allowed to raise taxes just a few percentage points higher they could have build that monorail, and surely that would have saved the city.

      1. Yeah, you’d have thought the bankruptcy judge would have required one.

    3. Re: Sevo,

      “A number of factors ? most notably steep population and tax base falls ? have been blamed on Detroit’s tumble toward insolvency.”

      That’s the kind of simplistic and economically-ignorant drivel that would come out of Tony’s pretty little hands.

      “Being bankrupt – it just happened! Nothing to do with us! Honest!”

  39. Philadelphia woman posts ad on Craigslist looking for a woman to take her Harvard-bound son’s virginity.

    1. I hope that’s just viral marketing for a remake of True Romance.

      1. Brad Pitt’s finest role.

        1. Get some beer and some cleaning products!

    2. This has to be some kind of identity theft scam. Nobody offers to make all of your financial difficulties go away for taking their son’s virginity. Maybe it’s just a pervert with a creepy idea of what fun is, but I can’t believe that’s real.

      1. How much do you want to bet that he is trying to find one that will let him do a test drive to be sure she knows what she’s doing?

    3. For the amount of money that Harvard charges shouldn’t they be providing this service as part of an all round education?

      1. They do, but the service consists of matching you up with another incoming Harvard virgin.

  40. Qvothe coming to TV?

    New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox Television have optioned Patrick Rothfuss’ fantasy trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle to develop into a drama series. Eric Heisserer (Hours, The Thing) is attached to adapt the series and will exec produce. Arnon Milchan, Andrew Plotkin, Brad Weston and Robert Lawrence (Die Hard With A Vengeance) also serve as exec producers.

    But how will they do Felurian on Fox? That needs the HBO/Showtime treatment.

    1. Maybe this will get Rothfuss off his backside and get the third book out.

  41. Military resisting integrating women into Special Ops forces, some citing sexual attraction as being problematic for unit cohesion.

    Some ex-military members contend sexual attractions and relations are inevitable if male and female Special Ops members are placed in self-contained groups (as small as 12 or two) for long periods in lonely places. Those encounters, they add, could spark competition, jealousy and general havoc within tight teams where mutual trust and a laser attention to detail keep those troops alive.

    1. You mean they are not warrior monks and will start screwing? Never. They are going to totally fuck up those units. But to Obama and the feminists, that is a feature.

      1. This is my only problem with removing DADT, as well.

        There is no place for sexual tensions in a combat unit.

        1. The thing about DADT is that it really doesn’t affect men that much. There are not that many openly gay men who want to join. But there are a lot of openly gay women. If it affects anyone it will be women not men.

          1. 1. *openly gay men* haven’t joined in large numbers in the past BECAUSE IT WAS ILLEGAL.

            2. Have you been in the military in the last two decades? There’s a ton of gay men, men their collegues know are gay, who have simply kept it discreet so no official notice needs to be taken.

            1. This.

              When I was in over 30 years ago I knew of two in the same unit I was in who were pretty much known to be gay – one basically flaunting it. From others in other services I have hear dsimilar stories – one guy in special forces who others refered to as their “rasberry beret”. Troops didn’t care so much as long as they did their jobs and didn’t push anything on others.

            2. There’s a ton of gay men

              To my knowledge, they are all gay. “Entire Military Comes Out Of Closet, Confirms They Are All Gay”:

              WASHINGTON, D.C. ? In a shocking turn of events in light of the Supreme Court striking down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, the entire United States military has confirmed they are all gay.

              “I can’t tell you what an unbelievable day this is,” said Specialist Jim Ruckers. “Even with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repealed, I wasn’t comfortable telling anyone. But after today, I came out, got a boyfriend two hours later and now we’re getting married!”

      2. An ex-neighbor of mine was a doctor in the army, which had also put her through med school. She was insanely cute and had a perfect little petite body, not to mention being a real girly-girl.

        I finally saw her in her fatigues one day and I noticed that she had a Rangers patch on the sleeve. All I could think was that this very attractive woman, whom I wanted to schtup 15 different ways, could probably kill me with her bare hands. That would be interesting sex.

        1. She didn’t go to Ranger School.

          1. US Army Ranger school is closed (always has been) to female applicants :


            I highly doubt there are more than 0.01% of the female population that could complete that school anyway. I’ve known two close friends – one Marine Recon, and another who makes Jack Bauer look like a wannabee – who didn’t make it (both medical drops). Both were physical & mental warriors – I saw one take out three guys in a bar fight faster than the three could clear their seats. It would be an extraordinary physical mutant of a female to have the skeletal/musculature structure to withstand that training.

        2. Re: JW,

          She was insanely cute and had a perfect little petite body, not to mention being a real girly-girl.

          You miss her, don’t you?

          1. How’s that song go?

            I want to do an Army Ranger….

          2. Just a *little.*

    2. And what should keep women out of special ops is that they will never meet the physical standards. But I am sure they are busy lowering those as we speak.

      1. I know jack shit about spec ops, except that navy seal training is fucking brutal.

        The last thing I’d personally want though is my squad mate not doing what I tell him, getting me shot, because I was banging the squad hottie.

        Also, any chick that could get thru seal training probably isn’t bangable anyways.

        1. Army training is just as brutal. There is no way any woman could get through it. It is insane.

          1. I know some babes that are (1) fitness contestants, (2) bodybuilding competitors and (3) crossfit enthusiasts. They could totally outclass some jarheads I know.

            Sure, they are the minority; but, just sayin’.

            1. There have been two full classes of cohort pass through the Marine Infantry Officer school since the change in regulations. Both classes included four women. Not one in eight made it through. I assume these were the best female candidates available because the push for this to be successful is obvious given the statements by high ranking officers. Not one came close. Just saying.

              1. – or cohorts-

                1. And if one were to someday make it through I would be perfectly fine with that. That should of been the talking point all along: get through with the same standards and your good. Not all this bullshit about sexual attraction.

                  1. It’s not the attraction John and I are worried about, it’s the distraction.

                    1. The article said sexual attraction but one way or the other too bad. I would think people in our special forces would be professional enough to handle having a woman around (one who was capable of passing the same standards as them).

                    2. Oh yeah, “unit cohesion” – soldier boyz can’t kill as efficiently if GI Jane is in their unit.

                    3. There’s no fucking distraction. When you’re outside the FOB for two weeks with maybe babywipe ‘showers’ and everyone is covered in dust, tired, and smells like arse, no-one is thinking about a quick shag.

            2. See the problem is you think “bodybuilder” when you see special forces, Think more along the lines of The worlds strongest men competition. A bodybuilder would not last more than a couple of days in the jungle or desert where food an water are limited , much less the months they spend out there.

          2. Army training is just as brutal. There is no way any woman could get through it.

            Hey, I saw Stripes. It didn’t look that hard.

        2. Dude, no-one is going to fail to follow orders because you’re banging the squad hottie.

          It doesn’t happen in the regular military so I don’t know why you would expect it to happen in spec-ops.

      2. This is the ONLY legitimate reason to be hesitant to allowing women in these jobs.

        But the solution is not to forbid it, its to ensure that your senior leaders have enough balls to not allow the standards to be watered down. If you can make the (single) standard, you’re in – if not, go pack sand.
        Fucking ‘diversity ratios’.

    3. I was never in the military, but I worked on a steel-climbing crew, and saw the dynamic change completely when a woman was part of the team. It’s not sexism against women. It’s how men act around women.

      1. Yes, that’s the fear, that the men will spend too much time worrying about protecting the women rather than focusing on their own job.

        1. Worse yet, remember when Jessica Lynch was captured in Iraq there was a male soldier who was awarded for going beyond the call of duty basically to protect her from the Iraqis. I have always expected that there were at least a couple other male soldiers there doing the same thing who did not live through the encounter. It is male instinct to protect women in danger. That changes the dynamic in a combat unit from everybody fighting for each other to the males taking additional risks for the sake of the females.

    4. So wait, gay guys can be in spec-ops but not women? Because of ‘sexual attraction issues’? So gay *guys* (about as traditionally promiscuous a group of humans as has ever existed) will somehow never become attracted to one of their battle-buddies, like, ever, once their training is complete?

      And I’m supposed to accept this excuse prima facia?

  42. President Obama insists that his signature health care program is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

    I believe that. Physically. Philosophically. Politically. Absolutely. 100%.

  43. Grandfather of US citizen killed in Yemen will petition a Federal court to hold the administration accountable.

    Nasser al-Awlaki, father of high profile al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki and grandfather to Anwar’s son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, made the announcement in an Op-Ed in The New York Times today.
    Abdulrahman was 16 years old when he was killed in a strike in Yemen in the fall of 2011 just weeks after Anwar was killed in a separate strike. Altogether, American drones have killed at least four U.S. citizens since 2009, but Anwar was the only American purposefully targeted, according to Attorney General Eric Holder.
    U.S. officials referred to Anwar al-Awlaki, who was known for long online videos in which he called for attacks on the U.S., as a “senior operational leader” of al Qaeda and he was linked to more than a dozen terror plots. However, as referenced in Nasser al-Awlaki’s letter, the U.S. government never charged him with a crime.
    “Nearly two years later, I still have no answers,” Nasser al-Awlaki said in the Times. “The United States government has refused to explain why Abdulrahman was killed? My grandson was killed by his own government? Shouldn’t it at least have to explain why?”

    1. I bet I don’t see any of my progressive friends switching their avatars to a picture of that particular assassinated brown-skinned teenager.

      1. My grandson was killed by his own government? Shouldn’t it at least have to explain why?”

        All together now:

        Because fuck you, that’s why.

    2. Grandfather of US citizen killed in Yemen will petition a Federal court to hold the administration accountable.

      I’m sure it will be completely ignored.

    3. It was murder, nihilistic neoconmen nonsense notwithstanding.

      1. Wow, so it turns out that being in Al Qaeda is risky, huh?

        1. Is there any proof Alwaki’s son was in Al Qaeda?

          1. The son, no, not as far as I know. I was referring to the father. Perhaps I should have written: “So it turns out that hanging around with Dad and his fellow Al Qaeda companions is risky, huh?”

            1. His dad had been dead for some time before the strike that killed him. Maybe he was hanging around with Al Qaeda. The administration has never tried to defend its actions at all, so who can say?

  44. President Obama insists that his signature health care program is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

    What news of the chocolate rations, Comrade?

    1. It’s increased to one whiff of chocolate a month.

      Actually eating chocolate would make you a fatty and rob the rest of us of healthcare.

  45. We keep learning more and more about Warty’s ancestors.

    1. That pic is wildly appropriate.

    2. I wouldn’t have expected him to have roots in Utah.

    3. “Nasutoceratops was a four-legged (quadrupedal) herbivore.”

      Does that seem right to you?

  46. Federal review of death penalty cases finds everyone was rightfully convicted.

    HA! HA! Not really

  47. The Cuban National Baseball Team is in the United States playing exhibition games, and it has already demonstrated its unbeatable defection style. Player Misael Siverio went in search of a new nationality after only a few hours in the country.

    Wait until he’s briefed on Obamacare and you will find him swimming back to Cuba in no time…

  48. Lord Humungus posted about Oregon’s mileage tax in the A.M. links but no one mentioned Bob Poole’s enthusiastic support of it with these doozies:

    In addition to requiring non-GPS options, the legislation requires personally identifiable information to be destroyed within 30 days after it is used for billing. (These MBUF privacy provisions were vetted and approved by the ACLU.)

    Maybe Bob should read HnR once in a while to see how those “privacy” promises work in the real world.

    all proceeds go into the State Highway Fund and will be distributed 50% for state highways, 30% for county roads, and 20% for city streets.

    Except that the highway funds for all three are not exclusive to roads.

  49. Lesson: Don’t be black and go against the predominant black opinion about the Zimmerman trial
    Actually, don’t be a black non-Democrat for that matter.
    (PrisonPlanet.com link)

    1. Elder tweet: “For the ladies who hated ‘my tone’. Be advised that pre show, @piersmorgan called me a ‘coward’, said I lacked “the balls” to confront him.”

      Wow, saying that to Larry Elder was such a good idea!

      1. Then when the cameras roll he turns on the old British charm – “why are you so angry, let’s be reasonable!”

        During Commercial Break: “You’re going down, you teabagging, self-hating, Uncle Tom!”

        “And we’re back, trying to calm Larry Elder down so we can have a rational discussion about the American justice system!”

      2. Larry’s a lot better when he’s not angry, so that douchey tactic may have worked for Piers

    2. Morgan admitted that he had booked Elder to appear because he had been critical of Morgan’s assertion that the key witness in the failed prosecution of George Zimmerman is a “smart cookie.”

      While Morgan attempted to railroad Elder into calling Rachel Jeantel “stupid”

      Jeantel is at best borderline retarded. Calling her stupid would be a compliment.

  50. “I look forward to the union overruling justice”

    Darn that due process!

  51. A sportswriter who is not a moral crusading git, will wonders ever cease?


    “Wednesday, Dawson was asked if he could “explain to the 10 women in the room why racism is unacceptable and sexism clearly is?”

    “The nature of the “question” meant that no answer other than total agreement would be acceptable nor will dissent ever be acceptable. Like a kid hungry for ice cream, we won’t stop screaming until we get what we want.”

    1. Nice article. I especially like when he mentions the women’s only golf groups. For some strange reason, there’s never any outcry over how sexist THEY are. How curious.

  52. A Tucson cop lost his job after getting loaded and pulling a gun on a gas station attendant. Having the incident captured by a surveillance camera (yup, that’s him, in the photo) probably didn’t help his cause.

    And why isn’t he facing charges of assault?

    1. Assault with a deadly weapon and abuse of office.

      If convicted, the prosecution would seek a sentance enhancement for the gun, right? And make sure that he loses his pension benefits.

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