A.M. Links: President Obama's Schizophrenic Government a Muddle, John McCain Wants to Talk Debt With Democrats, EPA Renames Headquarters After Bill Clinton


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    James Ogg

    While promising that his re-election would break the partisan fever in Washington, Barack Obama was privately planning for even more gridlock in Washington. Critics and supporters both worry the man doesn't have a plan for his second term and will continue to muddle along leading a schizophrenic government.

  • Fresh off a deal with Harry Reid that prevented the "nuclear option" on filibuster, John McCain now wants a more prominent role in debt talks, something that worries conservatives.
  • Barack Obama is set to make a speech at the White House today pitching Obamacare to the American people.
  • A Republican Congressman proposes a law that would make it legal for Americans to record conversations with federal employees.
  • Edward Snowden fears he might be killed or kidnapped, according to one of his lawyers.
  • John Kerry says the removal of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt could've averted a civil war.
  • The EPA renames its headquarters after Bill Clinton.

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