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Southern University, a public university in Baton Rouge, has collected some $816,000 in yearbook fees over the past four years. But the last yearbook it actually produced came out in 2011, and that yearbook featured students from the 2007-2008 school year.

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  1. University administrations collecting bullshit fees? Say it isn’t so! Don’t worry, we can fix this with more Pell Grants.

  2. I have met a few Southern U grads. It is pathetic. They hand out diplomas for attendance and crank out whordes of illiterates who go into state jobs.

    My wife had one working for her in a fairly important position. The man was completely illiterate. He could not read or write. I tried to read one of his notes once and was unable to even distinguish individual letters. He faked it by scribbling chicken scratch that vaguely resembled the form of writing he had seen. When he was asked to reread his notes because no one else could, he could not. Since he was in a state job it was nearly impossible to fire him.

    It is a black university. I had a black female friend in college who had gone to Southern and then changed to the LSU system. She left Southern because she was very dark skinned and said she was discriminated against. In her words “if you arent exactly the right shade of dark, like creamed coffee,(think Barack Obama ) you arent accepted there.”.

    If I were doing hiring the first ones culled out would be Southern grads.

    1. They hand out diplomas for attendance and crank out whordes of illiterates


      1. I cant help but laugh

        1. I’m not sure whose law it is, but it’s funny.

    2. At least they have a kick ass marching band.

  3. What does this have to do with George Zimmerman?

    1. He applied for a Louisiana license so he can hunt children at Southern?

      1. Whew. I was worried there might not be an angle.

    2. After ethnically cleansing his housing complex, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists, KKK George Zimmerman planned on invading Southern University as part of his Lebensraum plan.

      1. that wiley bastard…

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