Disaster Diet


Thanks to The Prepper's Cookbook (Ulysses Press), the next political upheaval or natural disaster could be surprisingly delicious. Tess Pennington's book, designed for people fearing social and economic collapse, provides diverse recipes for food made from nonperishable items, such as shepherd's pie, beef and potato tacos, and breakfast quinoa. It also explains vital safety practices, such as how to ensure that you have clean water and how to store your packaged food supplies.

While Pennington is not explicitly motivated by a lack of faith in government, she does note how long many people had to wait for assistance after Hurricane Katrina. She also says that her suggestions will prepare you not just for unexpected natural disasters but for economic ones, such as inflation. The Prepper's Cookbook is a welcome reminder that humanity, with proper preparation, can not only survive disaster but can do so while enjoying tasty meals. —Matthew Feeney