30 years ago in reason


"Rather than blame advertisers for the allegedly shoddy tastes of the masses, self-appointed refiners of community tastes and improvers of community values should thank advertisers for revealing the enormity of their task."  

'"John K. Williams, "And Now, a Pitch for Advertising"

"By saying that Dulles Airport is 'under­utilized,' the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] means that thoughtless travelers are not using it as much as the FAA had hoped."

'"Paul Feldman, "Free the D.C. 2!"

"For Superman to turn bad as a result of some rays from Krypton is not only out of character, it tarnishes the image of Superman as a Good Guy, whose do-good exploits are the main reason that children (often chronologically adults) go to the theater to see him." 

'"John Hospers, "Superman III"

'"September 1983