Protests, Counterprotests Continue in Egypt, Obama Calls for Talking, Not Violence

At least three dead Friday, including one American


U.S. President Barack Obama called on Egypt's government and opposition on Saturday to engage each other in constructive dialogue and prevent violence spilling out across the region.

Bloodshed on Friday killed at least three people, including an American student, and mass rallies are planned for Sunday aimed at unseating Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

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  1. Occupy made it over?

  2. Egypt is just another disaster that was championed by clueless American leftoids; remember a year ago how we were constantly hearing about how great the “Arab Spring” was, and that Egypt was ushering in “progress”?

    Yeah, about that, where is all the American media coverage of Egypt now? Since the Muslim Brotherhood took power, murder is up 130%, their economy has imploded (no more tourism), their currency is collapsing, civil unrest, it’s a fecking disaster.

    FORWARD! Into the nihilistic abyss of leftoidism.

  3. Yay for open borders! Can’t wait for that to happen to us here. Probably 20-30 years, but it’s inevitable

  4. In yet another example of US Foreign Policy genius we replaced a pretty benign dictator and friend to the US with…a radical Islamist regime who is destabilizing the region.

    You thought the NeoCons were bad? Sheesh.

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