All Aboard for a Sun-Filled, Intellectually Stimulating Week at Sea! You Won't Want to Miss Fixing the World: Reason Seminar Cruise 2014!



Join Reason's own Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, and some of most interesting speakers around for a spectacular week in the western Caribbean on board the brand-spanking new Celebrity Silhouette! Beginning February 9, 2014, you'll embark on a seven-day cruise through five countries and enjoy thought-provoking seminars, exclusive gourmet dinners, and private cocktail parties with other liberty-loving friends. Currently joining us on board will be: 

  • Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg,
  • Historian Johan Norberg,
  • Reason editor in chief Matt Welch,  
  • editor in chief Nick Gillespie
  • Reason science correspondent Ron Bailey, and
  • Reason senior editor Jacob Sullum

Make your reservations now and start planning how free minds and free markets will fix the world! For more information, or to register today, visit