All Aboard for a Sun-Filled, Intellectually Stimulating Week at Sea! You Won't Want to Miss Fixing the World: Reason Seminar Cruise 2014!



Join Reason's own Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, and some of most interesting speakers around for a spectacular week in the western Caribbean on board the brand-spanking new Celebrity Silhouette! Beginning February 9, 2014, you'll embark on a seven-day cruise through five countries and enjoy thought-provoking seminars, exclusive gourmet dinners, and private cocktail parties with other liberty-loving friends. Currently joining us on board will be: 

  • Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg,
  • Historian Johan Norberg,
  • Reason editor in chief Matt Welch,  
  • editor in chief Nick Gillespie
  • Reason science correspondent Ron Bailey, and
  • Reason senior editor Jacob Sullum

Make your reservations now and start planning how free minds and free markets will fix the world! For more information, or to register today, visit

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  1. What would happen if the zombie apocalypse happened during the cruise, and the people on board this ship were the only ones left to restructure civilization once the zombies inevitably rotted to the point of being a nonthreat? Now that’s thought provoking.

    1. How would they manage that with no women?

        1. In before “DON’T TALK ABOUT LUCY!”

  2. private cocktail parties

    I guess SIV won’t be joining yall.

  3. I have a follow up question: Why don’t you offer Edward Treytur Snowden sanctuary on your ship? At the very least steam up to Russia and pick him up and drop him off at Blueseed.

  4. private cocktail parties

    COCKTAIL PARTIEZ!!!111!!!!! COZMOTARIANZ!!!!!!11!!!!

  5. I’ll stick with meeting Doherty at Burning Man.

    1. YEah – this is always tempting. Hell, I’m thinking of going just to go.

      1. I took him trucking with me On Playa while I was shunting trailers around for Arctica. Spent half a day with him, he’s a great guy.

  6. I like the decidedly Scandinavian flavor of the current guest-list. Meanwhile, the other 6 arctic libertarians are wondering why they weren’t invited.

    Also, you really ought to take the most “productive” members of the H&R commentariat. No one’s going to enjoy this shindig if Warty, Sugarfree, and Fisticle aren’t there at a minimum. Think about it.

    1. Comp the “Beloved Commenters”! It’s the right thing to do!

    2. if Warty, Sugarfree, and Fisticle aren’t there at a minimum

      Well that’s one person, but who else?

  7. If the ship is wrecked, will the survivors make it ashore and seek sanctuary in Gilligan’s Gulch?

    1. You know they’ll go full Lord of the Flies Somalia, cause, CHAOS!

  8. The guest list doesn’t include a single commenter? Talk about poor advertising.

  9. Staring price: $1,634 per person. That’s a pricy cruise.

    1. Yeah, I actually kind of want to go on a cruise, cause never been. “Mrs. Almanian – let’s join the Reasonoids – it will be…”


      “Sooo…I’ll take that as you’ll think about it….”

      Then she saw the price and I understood that we wouldn’t be participating next February…

      1. what’s the problem with the price? Just get one of your refugee child employees to go down into the smaller of your underground treasure hoards and fill a bag with doubloons and pieces of eights

      2. The last time I went on a cruise (which I greatly enjoyed), I spent $1600 on the room. Which was for 2 people. And over New Year’s (e.g. prime week).

    2. Unless I completely misread the pricing page, the Reason cruise costs twice as much as 70,000 Tons of Metal (with 40-42 bands playing). How the crap is that? I guess averaging $400+ per person on booze makes up for a lot, and/or they cram more people into smaller cabins.

  10. I recently sent a spit sample to 23andMe the DNA testing outfit. One of the results is that I may be immune to the norovirus. Perhaps I should consider a cruise.

    Another result is that I’m 99.6% Northern European. A single DNA segment is Native American and another is Sub-Saharan African. Both are 0.1% of my DNA. I demand my rights!

    1. A single DNA segment is Native American and another is Sub-Saharan African.



    2. “One of the results is that I may be immune to the norovirus.”

      You are VERY fortunate!

    3. Yeah, I was pretty stoked I had that marker. It makes me feel less bad about eating street food in developing countries.

  11. “So honey, I was thinking… the baby will be 2 months old, we could go play with my internet friends for $1800…”

    1. We’re going to have Baby Reason watch the new one. It’s about time she pulled her weight around here.

      1. It builds character.

    2. But …. beaches!

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