Thirty-Somethings Poorer Than In the Past, Obama Gets Green, Putin Tweaks the U.S. Over Snowden: P.M. Links


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  1. Mini tsunami hits east coast:…..his-month/

    1. I’m sure man is to blame somehow.

      1. Ha! I know you’re joking, but another article suggested that fracking might be to blame.

        Looking for the link now, but I can’t seem to find it in my history…

        1. Did you look under the midget scat porn?

        2. Fracking seems a bit far fetched, as it affected a pretty wide area. And I would think that the earthquake that would have caused it in that case would have been detected. It would have to be reasonably strong to move a big piece of the ocean a foot.

          1. Yeah pretty sure a lot of explosives could cause a tsunami. Hell, you might even need nukes.

    1. the statue does not convey to a reasonable informed observer that the government, rather than a private party, endorses Christianity

      So, go ahead, folks — Place your statue of Cthulhu on Mount Rushmore!

      1. Something tells me they are not going to grant you a lease for that.

        1. And I suppose *you* are a reasonable informed observer?

          1. Well I am now.

            1. Ah, Nikki, don’t block me. I was just teasing. Sorry.

              1. I was too. I mean, without reading the article I wouldn’t have been informed about the lease.

          2. In Nikkis defense, she did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

    2. Hey Zeus, don’t be afriad;
      Take a sad song, and make it better….

  2. That’s the message from President Obama as he calls for mandatory carbon pollution limits on U.S. power plants.

    Dedicated to fixing the economy.


    2. I think the priesthood of old have become alarmists. Wereas before we were told to repent or sacrifice virgins because natural disasters were happening, now we’re told to sacrifice money.

      1. Also, we’re sacrificing those people over there’s money, so Free Lunch.

      2. Wereas? Is that some sort of lycanthropic distortion of the adverb as?

        1. whereas* dammit

          1. That’s good, because I was worried about how to fend off these supernatural adverbs. Silver bullets?

            1. silver bullet points

              1. Cue canned audience applause.

                1. I use child labor to produce fresh applause.

                  1. Organic is much better after all.

                2. Cue canned audience applause.

                  Here you go.

      3. We sacrifice money because it’s so hard to find a virgin *rimshot* I’m here til Thursday! Tip the veal and try the waitress!

    3. Coal prices are very low now so its a good time to enforce the Clean Air Act.

      Let the denialists deny. The Flat Earth Society needs a few new members.

      1. Coal prices are very low now so its a good time to enforce the Clean Air Act.

        Isn’t that the reverse of logic? Wouldn’t you want to reduce Coal usage when coal prices were already high?

        1. If it does drive prices up (which is unlikely) then they rise to levels still lower than past prices.

          1. If it does drive prices up (which is unlikely)

            Driving the boundaries of peak derp on a daily basis!!

            In your first post you say that the time is now because prices are low. Why? Because you and everyone who actually has a brain knows that it WILL increase costs. In the very next post you posit the possibility that it won’t even effect prices! If it is so unlikely that it will effect prices, why does it matter the current price?!

            Nothing is more Libertarian Leftist than the belief that government can understand, and centrally regulate faux pollution through taxation.

            1. Driving the boundaries of peak derp on a daily basis!!

              It’s been established that Peak Derp is a myth. Consensus!

      2. Sounds very libertarian.

        1. It’s not. But neither is enforcing existing tax rules.

          Cutting spending is intrinsically good and allows the libertarian goal of cutting taxes.

          Cutting pollution is also intrinsically good and allows the libertarian goal of cutting regulations.

          1. Cutting pollution is also intrinsically good…

            That’s insipid nonsense, even fo you.

            1. It’s a bit like saying if we just stop talking to each other or using the internet, we could cut PRISM.

  3. Reason’s own Scott Shackford is stuck at home, in the midst of a neighborhood-wide lockdown, as Los Angeles police officers look for a man who shot and wounded two detectives.

    And nothing else happened! Also, I hope Reason doesn’t have an office pet.

    1. No, they canned her a few months back.


        1. All the president’s hitmen: tracking Washington’s secret army



          NYT Magazine: How to Invest in Dope.


    2. I am still fucking stuck at home, by the way.

      1. Didn’t Garret Quinn get locked down in Boston? What is it with you guys? Is the lockdown just the cover for searching for you?

      2. Yes, but they didn’t shoot your dog this morning, did they? Count your blessings.

      3. Really? I still am not clear on how this is legal. . .same question I had with Boston.

        1. Yeah, I’m really starting to wonder why my Twitter feed isn’t blowing up with reports of people being held against their will. (Of course I’m kidding, I’m not wondering at all.)

        2. Probably the same way quarantine is.

      4. At least tell us you have some booze while you *wink wink* “work from home”.

      5. Be honest, Scott. You shot those cops so that you could have a day off work, didn’t you?

      6. Seriously? Are they doing a house to house search for black clothing?

        He is described as a black male, 30 to 35 years old with a medium build, facial hair and wearing all black clothing.

        Good luck figuring out who that is in Mid-City.

      7. You mean you haven’t jumped on your chopper and hauled ass out of there by jumping the police barricade? What the fuck kind of libertarian are you?

        1. Or he could just put numbered shirts on his monocle-polishing waifs 1-5, but skip 3 and send them running pell-mell through the streets. While the cops are distracted, he can escape. We might need to take up a collection for replacement waifs though.

          1. You pay for your waifs? You’re supposed to steal them from public daycares to punish their not-stay-at-home mothers.

            1. Of course I pay for my waifs! How else are waif-wranglers supposed to stay in business? Besides, who wants to train waifs in the arts of cane and monocle polishing, coat tails ironing, and top hat delinting? My time is better spent swimming in my giant vault of gold coins.

      8. Scott,
        Bribe ’em with a goddam donut.

        1. Bribe? Show it to them and then throw it.

          Look! A sudden hole in the police line has magically appeared.

          1. A sudden donuthole in the police line has magically appeared

      9. Try getting a drone-delivered pizza.

        That oughta be good for lulz.

    1. interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence not justified by context

      So they’re saying there’s contexts where sexual violence is justified? o.O

      1. Well, if you were having sex with a prostitute and she turned into a zombie or a werewolf, it might be justified…

  4. In news sure to fuel conspiracy theories, journalist Michael Hastings reportedly sent an email to friends and colleagues warning that he was being targeted by the feds just hours before he died in a fiery car crash.

    ………………………………… ?.?

    1. Bush advisor: Hastings crash ‘consistent with a car cyberattack’

      Richard Clarke, a State Department official-turned-special advisor to several United States presidents, said the early morning auto crash last Tuesday was “consistent with a car cyberattack,” raising new questions about the death of the award-winning journalist.

      “Car cyberattack” isn’t even a good name for a band.

      1. What in the fuck? Is this one of those places where cyber got randomly inserted?

      2. Would “Cyber Drone Attack Mercedes” be a good band name?

      3. What the hell is a car cyberattack? I guess it’s time for me to bust out my 1975 Mercedes diesel from the garage — no computer thingees on board.

      4. So the Cylons killed Hastings. Damn, Battlestar Galactica 1980 warned us this would happen. Why didn’t we listen?

      5. Each new model year brings more and more automation (control and monitoring by the car’s onboard computers). Especially for higher-end cars like Mercedes. So what these people are speculating is that Hastings’ car’s controls were compromised and the car was deliberately crashed as a result.

        This is scary.

        1. Drive by wire has always seemed like a bad idea to me. I like having the steering wheel actually mechanically attached to the wheels and the brake pedal connected to the hydraulics that drive the brakes even if the engine is all fancy and computer controlled.

          1. This.

            I have actually converted an automatic transmission car to a manual 5-speed – retrofit a clutch, modified/fabricated parts for the transmission to fit, etc.

            I’m no Luddite (currently deciding between Drupal or WordPress to support my company’s website) but I know too much about technology to trust my life to the cheap electronics most cars have under the hood.

      6. This is why it’s best to stick to an 82 Ford Granada if you plan to, you know, do reporting and stuff.

        Seems like most reporters have already gotten that message.

        1. (Plus (Plus double) plus)

  5. Bloomberg vindicated!!!
    Woman drinks only sodas for 16 years and suffers heart problems

    1. Depends on whose property it is. Protected classes have rights to their own property, and possibly to others’ as well.

  6. IRS targeting of political groups reportedly extended to at least some progressive groups, too. Anybody who opposed administration policy, eh?

    How quickly will this be used by the administration water carriers in the media as to why it was OK? See, they did it to everyone! That makes it OK!

    1. Equal Lack of Rights Amendment.

    2. “reportedly” is the key word there. From what I have read they flagged a few liberal groups. BFD. There is no evidence at all that they harassed these groups. Just flagged them. My guess is they flagged them to cover up what they were doing.

      1. flagged them for expediency.

      2. Yes, and now it is easier to say that there is nothing to see here, please move along. On CNN Sunday some Dem spokeschick kept saying that there was absolutely no IRS story, that no one had done anything wrong, and the whole thing was all made up by the Republicans to distract everyone from the important issues of the day (she really said this!)

        1. that no one had done anything wrong,

          Then why did Lois Lehrner plead the 5th. I am sure no one asked him that question.

          1. No, the voice from the Right they were using was Cal Thomas, who mostly stammered and smugly said something about abortion or Jesus or something like that, rather than calling her on the BS.

        2. Which one of these scandals is the distraction, and which one are we supposed to focus on again?

    3. How quickly will this be used by the administration water carriers in the media as to why it was OK? See, they did it to everyone! That makes it OK!

      They started that pretty much immediately.

    1. What, all at once? Someone call the Red Cross!

    2. That second sentence is missing a period, Matrix.

      1. You’re worse than Hitler.

        1. You know who else had blood on his hands?

          1. Jesus?

          2. Sweeney Todd?

          3. the artist’s boyfriend?

            1. To fingerpaint is not a sin
              I put my middle finger in
              Your monthly blood is what I win

              1. Up to my ass in alligators
                Lets get it on with the alligator haters
                Did what you did did what you said
                What’s the point yo what’s the spread

          4. Alexei Nikolaevich?

        2. Considering that Hitler has a 3.8 rating on Amazon, that’s really not so bad.

          1. Activia!

    3. each cloth is sprayed with a disinfectant, eliminating all odors. That, however, hasn’t stopped patrons from trying to sniff the art

      From non-conceptual to performance, this has something everyone can appreciate!

      1. Go to a race track during, oh, practice for a vintage event.
        Some car will leak some fluid in the pit lane. It doesn’t matter who does it, just watch what finger they use to wipe a bit up and sniff it.
        Yep, same finger…

        1. Ahhhh, the smell of Castrol in the morning…

      2. the cost of admission is blood money?

        1. “I went to an art exhibit and fucking “Carrie” broke out….”

    4. Excuse me while I pull this out.

    5. “Dear, I thought we were going to a minstral show!”

      1. This, sir, is brilliance. Go talk to Tonio about puns and wit.

      2. Bloody *genius*, period. 😎

      3. I approve this message.

      4. Oh-ho! The jokes are flowing now.

  7. Reason’s own Scott Shackford is stuck at home…

    And yet no Macaulay Culkin aftershave in the mirror look for us anywhere on the site.

  8. …journalist Michael Hastings reportedly sent an email to friends and colleagues warning that he was being targeted by the feds just hours before he died in a fiery car crash.

    So the NSA was well aware he was on to them.

  9. “charter school students have better educational outcomes”

    Oh, no, inequality! Best rid of those schools.

    1. In Oakland CA the school district has done their best to close the highest-performing school in the district, a charter school with great test scores for formerly low-performing kids, and far less cost-per-pupil, by insisting the head of the school mishandled funds (and therefore rather than punishing him the school must be closed). Biggest problem is: it makes the teachers’ union and the grievance industry look bad and therefore must be eliminated.

      Of course, the usual suspects in the local media only report about how terrible it is the guy mishandled funds, shake their heads and agree the only possible solution is to close the school.

      1. They’re accusing him of mishandling funds with getting better results at a lower cost per pupil? Then what the frack are the regular school administrators doing with their funds?

      2. C. Anacreon| 6.25.13 @ 4:59PM |#
        “In Oakland CA the school district has done their best to close the highest-performing school in the district, a charter school with great test scores for formerly low-performing kids, and far less cost-per-pupil, by insisting the head of the school mishandled funds (and therefore rather than punishing him the school must be closed). Biggest problem is: it makes the teachers’ union and the grievance industry look bad and therefore must be eliminated.”

        I’ve seen articles about this, but in skimming them, I’m damned if I’ve found what he’s accused of.
        Other than pissing off the unions and that turd Quan, of course.

  10. Nice alt-text.

    1. Yeah, worthy of the last frame of a Vladimir Putin Action Comic. Any new entries in that series lately?

    1. Does that mean they had to endure even more skunk-face commercials than the 1990s did?

    2. Good beer requires a ton of sanitation at all steps where the beer or the wort are potentially exposed to bacteria. I imagine that was damn near impossible then, nor would they have known the cause of the problem of bacteria making the beer go bad (tastes like puke when it does).

      1. Yeah, but the sanitation is for taste, no health. Beer was still better than drinking water.

      2. unless it’s a lambic.

    3. Or not. I remember watching a show where they tried to recreate a Roman catapult using the same raw materials but modern tools, and it was a piece of shit. Then they tried using more modern materials and it was a slightly better piece of shit (that broke after use, IIRC). There is no way to quickly replicate a process that developed over a long period of time, too much expertise has to be redeveloped. I’m sure the ancient brewers had many tricks they developed to make a better beer.

      1. I see your point and you are likely right. Say, to minimize bacteria, all they would have to have known is that brews that are kept separate from the air around them and are boiled thoroughly taste better than those that don’t. They would have not have needed to have known any more than the processes that prevented their food from spoiling in order to accomplish that.

  11. Russia’s President Putin is … having a really good time over the whole Edward Snowden flap.

    There is literally no upside to any of this for the Obama Administration. It’s pretty much all good.

    1. Did you really think his administration would handle this any better than everything else they’ve botched?

      1. Their competence is so great that you simply cannot conceive it.

        1. They were pretty competent at ramming that healthcare bill through.

          Made me sad.

          1. Not really. They went completely to the mat and still barely got it through. That wasn’t competence, that was expending a shitload of political capital.

            1. That law needs to die a horrible death.

              1. We have to kill it to find out how much we miss it.

        2. Good luck lecturing other nations on human rights now.

    2. I always find it funny that whenever outsiders attack Putin for being a dictator, Putin then turns around and follows the law to the letter and it pisses off those who attack him as a dictator. They want him to use dictatorial power and he refuses.
      Snowden had not actually entered Russia so Russia has no legal control over him

      Snowden has not broken any Russian laws so Russia has no reason to arrest him

      Russian and the USA have no extradition treaty so Russia is not legally required to deport Snowden

      The same with Pussy Power, Putin refused to overrule the Russian legal system and his critics hated it.

      1. This is what an actual intelligent, not-quite-psychotically-monomaniac can do with power.

      2. It’s not so difficult to follow the law when, for all intents and purposes, you have control over what is enacted into law and what is not.

        1. However, I do agree that Putin is much more rational a quasi-dictator than the usual.

          1. Unless he is coveting a ring, and then he goes all Gollum on you.

    1. The city claims (quite correctly) that these services are “rogue taxis” that are “bypassing all safety regulations created to protect riders and drivers.”

      Remember when liberals were all about saving the world from CO2? Neither do I.

      1. How about we each get to decide what’s within our tolerance for safety?

        1. you would think that if a car had a licensed driver, with insurance, that whoever she wanted to ride with would be her own business. Why are taxis a special class of driver/car? Oh, because of greedmoney!

          1. I have no problem with Taxis being a special class of car/driver per se (particularly if it were certified by a non-government body). Just let people choose a taxi if the extra cost is worth it for the assurance that it is safe and legit. Let the market decide how much that is worth.

        2. Citizen db: report to Education Booth #39 immediately for cognitive re-alignment.

    2. LA is broke. Cabs are a revenue source, ride-sharing not so much.

    3. The article wasn’t as aggressively stupid as I expected and neither were the comments.

      1. it hasn’t been posted long enough. Give it time…

        But then, Gizmodo isn’t normally as bad as the main Gawker site.

      2. Of course, there are also the aggressively stupid “gotchas” that are standard replies to any libertarian-sounding comment.

        Then taxis should be able to run unregulated too, no? It is someone’s property and they should be able to do with it what they want.

        People should be able to run stores and bars out of their houses as well, it is after all their property, they should do with it what they want.

        Having said that, I think people should be able to sell rides to strangers if they’re going the same way or to the same place, but not because it’s simply their property. But because it cuts down on cars on the road and pollution. Today 4:09pm

        1. Useful idiots, Brandon. We may not like our allies, but we accept their support and then let them fall by the wayside when an issue on which they are hostile to our ends comes along.

          1. And the funniest thing is they are useful idiots for the established taxi companies. Mandatory taxi licensing has nothing to do with the environment or traffic congestion. It’s just protectionism.

        2. Of course everything should be regulated up the ass. All we need now are new regulations allowing two people going to the same place at the same time to do so, provided they’ve received mandatory training and applied for a license and know basic first aid and have passed a reasonable background check and their vehicle conforms to current safety standards and the fees they charge are within set limits and they have no history of drug use and their student loans are not in arrears. Anything less would be chaos.

        3. Having said that, I think people should be able to sell rides to strangers if they’re going the same way or to the same place, but not because it’s simply their property. But because it cuts down on cars on the road and pollution.

          He thinks this activity is ok because it lessens pollution, but it’s inherently dirty because someone is making money off of property that isn’t specifically sanctioned to be profitable.

          Bah, the stupid is strong with this one.

          1. Special pleaders are unscrupulous assholes. This one is just a stupid, unscrupulous asshole.

          2. Although it gets worse:

            CaptainJackUMatt Novak11L
            Seattle is fighting the same issue. If these were real rides-haring programs, you know where actual duplicate trips were eliminated, I don’t think the cities would be so against it. I checked into a few of them recently and was stunned how not-ridesharing they are. I commute by boat and have no ground transportation in town, so I can often use a lift. I don’t care for taxis for numerous reasons, but these are just taxis. These are people driving people around all day for money… Just like a taxi service.

            They should really regulate how the term ridesharing can be used. If the driver is not already going that way, it shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t see a way to keep it honest as long as money is changing hands, so maybe they should just focus on stopping the money part of it. Today 4:24pm

            The noble and selfless city governments wouldn’t have to fight this if it wasn’t for the dirty profits! They should regulate how words are used, that would solve everything!

            1. I don’t see a way to keep it honest as long as money is changing hands

              Really? I think money changing hands is one of the basics of honest trade. It’s when money doesn’t change hands that the trouble starts, CaptainJackUMattNovak.

        4. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that people think that things like this sound obviously absurd:

          Then taxis should be able to run unregulated too, no? It is someone’s property and they should be able to do with it what they want.

          People should be able to run stores and bars out of their houses as well, it is after all their property, they should do with it what they want.

          Of course people should be able to do that.

          1. Particularly amusing, since in most third-world countries this is exactly how many people earn their keep.


        5. Bars used to be private homes where the owner brewed up a large quantity of beer and set out a sign advertising the ad hoc “tavern” was open for business.

      3. Yeah, I should have waited for a bit.

  12. Today’s thirty-somethings have a net worth 21 percent lower than that of people in their age group just a few decades ago…

    Cloward-Piven says hi.

    1. Thanks, Fist. I just looked that up. Scary. And typically socialist.

  13. I am thinking about heading to the gun store today to get myself an early birthday present. Any recommendations for a semi auto/combat 12 gauge shotgun?

    1. you damned terrorist! get out of here! Guns are evul!!

      1. Caveat: A break-action double barrel shotgun is okay, says Uncle Joe.

        1. But only if you have a second-floor balcony to fire it off of.

    2. I love my 11/87 tricked out with an extended tube. I put a short slug barrel on it (still legal length) and a rifled choke. That spreads the pattern out a bit. Then mount a sidesaddle carrier for some extra loads. The rifle sights on the slug barrel can be replaced with a ghost ring and you can’t miss.

      The 1100 is a good gun too and will shoot lighter loads than the 11/87.

      1. I was looking at the 1187 and the Versa. Also the Saiga-12. Unfortunately, they are all sold out locally right now…

        1. I have not seen a Saiga that didn’t need some work to be reliable. I still want one. But if you’re looking for out of the box reliability the Remingtons stand tall. I shoot 3-gun with mine and it is the most reliable of the three.

          1. Benellis are nice, but spendy. My dove hunting buddy swears by his.

            I’m still rocking a beat up old 870 Express. You kids and your newfangled semi-autos!

    1. The two major industries win WV are coal and federal government. Government can’t expand jobs, so the next best thing is to kill coal and make all those people dependent on government handouts.

    1. Oh, good. Cyborg roaches controlled remotely. That can’t possibly go wrong.

      Wait, this is familiar to me somehow. The Fifth Element?

      1. Dude, the Mondacheewans were the good guys.

        1. If by “good” you mean painting an enormous target for The Embodiment of Evil on an unsuspecting planet.

      2. That’s no way to talk about Chris Tucker’s performance.

    2. Microsoft versus cockroaches. Can’t they both lose?

      1. I’ve actually been impressed with the Kinect. And they gave it capabilities far beyond those currently being exploited. Some of the hacks have been amazing.

        1. My senior project in college involved exploiting some of those capabilities. That thing is very, very fun to play with.

        2. Yeah, Kinect is one of those accidentally badass things that gets built from time to time that started out as a gadget and is going to be really useful in a lot of places. Like duct tape.

          1. The open-ended capabilities were intentional–I read something about that before the thing was even released.

  14. No cheap power for you! That’s the message from President Obama as he calls for mandatory carbon pollution limits on U.S. power plants.

    If you love him enough, he’ll turn the heat back on.

    1. I’ll stay cold.

  15.…..?hpt=hp_c3’s headline states that today’s SCOTUS ruling will make the 1965 Voting Rights Act “harder to enforce.”

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the provision under dispute, Section 4, merely a qualifier to the enforcement of the law and not an actual enforcement provision in and of itself?

    1. Yes. DOJ has been hit with all kinds of court fees for misusing it. They tried to stop Alabama from collecting DNA from felons.

    2. And really, how much has the 1965 Voting Rights Act done to stop the biggest and most egregious violation of minority enfranchisement? The Drug War?


      Pretty good description here. They invalidated a test that determines who has to jump through the hoops. Although the hoops are still there, there’s no way to pick the people who have to use them.

      1. And racists former confederate states like New York and Michigan were some of those subjected to it. Funny how that never gets mentioned.

        1. THE CRA stopped being properly enforced when the Johnson and Nixon administrations got away with institutionalizing Affirmative Action.

      2. So, this will in no way dilute the federal government’s enforcement powers? In fact, it might actually improve the enforcement of the Act by doing away with an outdated vestige from the 1960s.

        So, how, again, how does the ruling make enforcement of the Act any “harder”?

    4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the provision under dispute, Section 4, merely a qualifier to the enforcement of the law and not an actual enforcement provision in and of itself?


      Today’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder, a new challenge to the preclearance requirements, boils down to a new message to Congress: we warned you, you didn’t listen, and now it’s your problem to fix. The Court did not invalidate the actual preclearance provision of the statute. But it did something just as significant: it struck down Section 4 of the Act, which contains the formula that is used to identify the state and local governments that have to comply with the preclearance requirements. The upshot is that although the preclearance requirement survives, none of those jurisdictions have to comply with it unless and until Congress can enact a new formula to determine whom it covers ? a prospect that, given the current state of gridlock in Congress, might not happen for a while or even forever. (It is also possible that the federal Department of Justice could bring new lawsuits under a separate provision of the Act to extend the preclearance provisions to new jurisdictions, but today’s decision could make it much harder for the government to win those suits too.)

      1. Did I miss something?

    1. I proclaim these planets to be named D, J and F and they will be the home worlds of my Galactic Empire.

  16. The queer feminist response to that trans kid in Colorado

    It’s scary and uncomfortable when people are seemingly obsessed with how and where you go to the bathroom. It’s even scarier when people are trying to force you to use a men’s bathroom when you’re a woman. Imagining how that fear and unease must be amplified for a little girl makes me physically ill. Forcing a first grade girl to use a boys’ bathroom isn’t only opening her up to bullying and weird looks outside the bathroom, it is more insidiously opening her up to violence and bullying inside the bathroom. Imagine being a scared young girl in a place that already probably makes you feel uncomfortable. Now imagine there are half a dozen boys aged 6-12 in there with you and that they can take one look at you and see you don’t belong. If the school district had it’s way, this is what Coy Mathis would have had to face every time she had to use the bathroom. Normally, it’s the school’s job to protect it’s students from dangerous situations like this. But instead, the school decided to join in with any potential bullies and say that she is different and strange and doesn’t deserve to be treated like a “normal” student.

    1. “””half a dozen boys aged 6-12 “‘

      Yeah, like girls can’t be as unwelcoming as boys. What are they going to do with this he/she/whatever?

      1. Try having a bit of sympathy for Coy. If Coy is the puppet of the parents, then Coy deserves sympathy for that. If Coy is genuinely TG she’s already in a world of hurt.

        1. yeah. everyone should have sympathy for the kid. He is six years old for God’s sake.

        2. I am just pointing out that I don’t think that Coy will be treated any better in the girls bathroom then the boys bathroom.

          1. “I am just pointing out that I don’t think that Coy will be treated any better in the girls bathroom then the boys bathroom.”

            Doesn’t matter. A win is a win for these people.

        3. I’m not really sure the right thing to do in this sort of situation. It seems like many parents opt to encourage their kids to go to school in “normal” wear and let them dress up at home until they get a little older. Whatever the right thing to do is, turning this kid’s life into a complete circus is not even a tiny bit it.

  17. From the vault of ‘Mandyisms…

    But what’s fascinating is whether or not a rape victim’s account is given social weight by being collaborated by a Be-penised American, the same slurs come out as would if rape apologists thought they could get away with calling the victim a liar.


    1. I’m so much more amused by “collaborated” for “corroborated.” That was awesome.

      1. That’s just like a Vagina American, although who am I to judge being be-penised and all.

        1. The proper term is “Envaginated.”

      2. Proofreading is the enema! I think I spelt that write.

    2. Is that a person with a penis or one who later acquires one? Or is that a reference to women taking control of male genitalia, as described by Sam Kinison?

      1. You need to BE the penis, ProL.

        BEEEEEEEEE…..the penis….

      2. No Danny, see your penis. Be…Be…Be your penis.

    3. Sounds like a Harry Potter spell.

        1. Two penetrations to Gryffindor!

          1. This does raise the question of what Rowling is going to do when she inevitably returns to the Potter universe.

            1. She has a huge world to set stories in. How about tale from the American public wizarding schools?

              1. Better be a charter school.

                1. I know, the Robert Byrd Grand Wizard Academy!

                  1. A lot of hoods at that school.

    4. She’s referring to all dudes with what she rates as a “B level” penis. I’m not familiar with her rating system so I’m not sure what the qualifications are, but I’m sure you don’t meet it because you obviously have a “D level” penis. I’d say F level but I generally reserve that just for NutraSweet.

      1. D is the highest rating, moron. It stands for “Dick level” penis. It’s just like a Z-peen to get such obvious facts completely backwards.

        1. I don’t use the English Standard rating system, you limey-loving buffoon. I use the American Porn Industry rating system, it works better for me.

          Why don’t you just go back and report your tiny dong to the queen.

          1. Dude, Ron Jeremy just told you that to make you feel better about the Z-rating.

            On second thought, nevermind. Koreans in bathroom stalls laugh at you because they’re jealous. Yeah, that’s it, you stunted Sicilian.

            1. Sicilian?!?

              1. OK, fine, Bosnian. Happy now?!

        2. Z-peen is a little harsh. That’s reserved for the worst hair-covered monstrosities.

      2. I think it’s guys with 2 dicks. You know that “fuck a B, it has more holes” joke? Well, this is specifically about being raped by a guys “B” penis.

    5. Nikki will back me up here, but this is why professional writers need editors. They get caught up in their own cuteness and write a giant turd of an article. And the less often they experience criticism by people who actually understand the rules of written English, the more indignant they get when you point out how shitty their writing is.

      1. If I ever becoming some best-selling author, one thing I’m going to not do is ignore editors. It’s destroyed many a writer and has resulted in some very, very long books.

        1. Still angry about The Wheel of Time, ProL?

          1. I wish. Sure, I’d be ashamed of what I’d done, but I could relieve my shame in money baths.

        2. Be nice to Neal Stephenson! I’m sure any editor would have left in that random scene in Cryptonomicon with the entire four page Penthouse Forum letter instead of a five line excerpt.

          1. He’s one of them. But there are many others. Heck, even a woman writing kids books went down that path.

      2. Have to be a mighty masochistic editor to put the effort into revising Mandykins’ brain droppings.

        Still, seeing as how she has written a couple of published books I have to assume that such an editor exists somewhere.

        1. Someone should edit comments around here. Tighten them up. Reduce them to their basic meaning, free of unnecessary adjectives and waste. Simple.

      3. A decent rule is, “The more the writer likes it/thinks it’s cute, the more you should CUT CUT CUT.” So, yeah.

      4. She doesn’t need your penis logic mansplainin’ how to write for feminist audiences that are more interested in content than the oppressive patriarchal rules of grammar devised by men like Strunk and White. Fascist.

        1. Hmm, I submitted that prematurely. I could have added a couple more clauses to that sentence.

          1. The Be-penised are continually subject to pathetic displays of premature submission.

    6. Nothing says ‘I’m not a sexist’ like basing your opinion about someone on whether they have a penis or not.


    8. I’ve read this paragraph five or six times, and I still have no idea what she’s saying.

      1. That’s a sign that your brain is still functioning as normal.

        When you begin to understand her ramblings, you should consult a doctor, a psychologist, and an exorcist to remove the poison from your soul.

      2. Well, out of context it doesn’t make a lot of sense, though it actually does in context. It’s from an old post about Roman Polanski, and she’s talking about how even though he admits he did rape a 13-year-old girl, people still defend him and do so by saying the same types of shit about the girl that they usually do when claiming something “wasn’t really rape” or whatever. I.e., even when a man corroborates a woman’s claim of having been raped, the woman is still going to have people say she was lying/asking for it/etc.

        1. Not talking about the Polanski case, as I think the guy should be in prison, but why is believing that someone making a rape accusation is lying any worse than believing the guy denying it is lying, as long (as long as it’s based on logic and evidence and not simply based on sexism)? Women are humans too. They lie, just like men do.

          1. Well that’s not exactly what she’s saying–she’s saying that even if both a man and a woman agree that the man raped the woman, people will say she is lying. Which, I don’t know, it’s true in the Polanski case but in how many others? I truly don’t know, but it is fucked up.

            1. My comment wasn’t necessarily aimed at the writer of that paragraph, although from that paragraph, and the use of term “slurs” it seems like she does not approve of thinking a woman making a rape accusation is a liar (obviously anyone who thinks this in every instance is an asshole, I’m talking about someone who simply isn’t convinced that by evidence that a rape took place). And yeah, I do agree that people who excuse Polanski and guys like him, even after they admit to wrongdoing, are fucked in the head

  18. Stephen Walt via Twitter: If Snowden were Chinese or Iranian, had leaked info about their spying and then sought asylum in US, we’d grant it and call him a hero

    1. HIYO!

    2. But, to be fair, if he were *Russian*, we’d hand him right over.

    3. Of course if Snowden were Jewish and had gone to Israel, I doubt old Walt would have very much good to say about him.

    4. China and Iran are dictatorships, America is not. I’m not defending the NSA but equivalencies like that are stupid.

      1. I did not realize that an individual ruled over China.

      2. What relevance is democracy when the people don’t know what the government is doing?

  19. Ancient Egyptian statue at British museum moves on its own.

    1. Rooby-Dooby-Doo!

  20. The average charter school student showed reading gains equivalent to those that would be expected from an extra eight days of school compared to traditional school students, the study said. Math gains were about equal among the two groups. The results were much improved from the 2009 study, when charter students lost the equivalent of seven days of learning in English and 22 days in math.

    So we can just extend the school year for one and a half weeks and get the same result? What is the margin of error on this? How many days will be needed to achieve the dream of equaling Europe in test scores? Charters ain’t solving the problem. If libertarians had balls, they’d put the blame for the education nation crisis where it belongs, on the degenerate culture of these blacks and Mexicans.

    1. Shut the fuck up.

      1. Problem with what I wrote? Are you really saying the black and Mexican cultures *aren’t* degenerate?

        1. Since you haven’t defined “degeneracy” (and mostly haven’t thought of what it might mean besides being a rhetorical broadside), there’s no point in discussing what is an effectively meaningless assertion.

          1. Also, he should shut the fuck up.

            1. Good point.

            2. Irish, good call on nailing this guy as American earlier. I suspected it, but wasn’t 100% sure

          2. I have to define “degeneracy?” What are you a lawyer? Degeneracy is the quality that leads people to make stupid decisions, to beat each other up, to do drugs instead of study, to get pregnant in high school, you get the picture now?

            1. No. You’ve listed a large number of unrelated things, many of which are common in low income white communities.

              Define degeneracy, racist.

              1. Wow, you never stop with the cliches? Did I say degeneracy was exclusive to blacks? They are on average more degenerate than whites.(The statistics, on virtually everything, crime, low test scores, teen pregnancy, back this up) Look even at whites and blacks from the same income groups, the white students do better.

            2. Why yes, yes I do get the picture (look down)

            3. Stupid decisions like being an open racist in a society where such is an enormous impediment to success? That kind of stupidity?

              Just trying to gauge how degenerate you are, exactly.

              1. I guarantee you this loser doesn’t have the balls to say this shit in public so he trolls Internet boards to get his release.

        2. A

          1. I haven’t seen an acrostic in a while.

      2. This is awesome. Since Arco or whatever was memholed it looks like you and the others are telling ASM to fuck off over his link.

        1. Since I came late to this thread, I must admit to a moment of serious confusion over A Serious Man’s supposed racism, as well.

    2. If libertarians had balls, they’d put the blame for the education nation crisis where it belongs, on the degenerate culture of these blacks and Mexicans.

      Most libertarians are either D- or B-peens, as has already been established above — except for Episiarch. God, what a loser.

    3. If libertarians had balls, they’d put the blame for the education nation crisis where it belongs, on the degenerate culture of these blacks and Mexicans.

      Or they’d go to the source of said degenerate culture and blame Head Start, Food stamps, the WOD and other gov’t programs that reward laziness, criminality, and a general lack of concern for personal responsibility?

      Nah, let’s blame black people instead, that’s just easier.

      1. stupid formatting… i can’t ever get it right

      2. There, there, Alac. Just because you’re a degenerate collectivist doesn’t mean everyone else is.

      3. I’ll blame the government, but even if you blame these programs it isn’t like only black people can get them. As many incentives exist for Mormon women to be single mothers as exist for black women. Many of the poor Asian immigrants get these programs after they first arrive, but soon they work their way up and pay them back in the form of taxes. It is hypocritical to demand personal responsibility from people and then blame their lack of personal responsibility on someone else.

        1. It is hypocritical to demand personal responsibility from people and then blame their lack of personal responsibility on someone else.

          I absolutely agree, and that’s where the government comes into the picture. When out of one side of their mouth they preach social programs, and the other side they rue the lack of educational equality in these communities, I see tons of hypocrisy.

          I also agree that individuals and families are accountable for their actions, however much of that accountability is learned through experience, both first-hand and observed. How are the people in the impoverished culture supposed to learn to be accountable for their actions? They see no consequences, they perceive no harm. They are shielded from the results of their irresponsibility and only hear the tsk-tsk of a bunch of perceived do-gooders.

        2. Blacks were disproportionately poor when the Great Society kicked into full bloom (and none of what you said is relevant to his point about the WOD). Asian immigrants are not an apples to apples comparison to native blacks or Hispanic immigrants. On average, they’re wealthier even before coming here, and much better educated. The relatively poor Asian immigrant groups have higher levels of crime, less educational achievement, etc.

          1. Seriously. The demographics of Cambodian and Hmong immigrants are very similar to those of blacks in America.

    4. I wouldn’t say it the same way Alac does, but only a dumb cosmo would try to say that the culture of some of the black underclass doesn’t affect their test scores. I’m not saying ALL blacks follow this culture and ALL black culture leads to bad results, but there are definitely parts to it that do, see things like “acting white.” Many blacks make similar points about black culture, are they also racists?

      1. Agreed, but I wouldn’t call it black culture, persay. Thomas Sowell has quite persuasively argued that both black and white underclass culture in the South was very similar until relatively recently, and that it is traceable to borderlands Scots-Irish culture moreso than any supposed African or slave culture, or a supposed racial difference.

  21. Texas state Senator 13 hour filibuster for women’s liberty.…..-progress/

    Not bad to look at either.

    1. CHRISTFAG!!!

      Shreek take your meds before you start trying to eat your box again.

    2. Well fuck, Kirk Watson is now the State Senator for the Austin area? I wish the homeless transvestite who lived on 6th street won that mayor’s race (1998?2000?).

    3. “women’s liberty”

      You think any of the founders of this country, and for that matter, any of the women who supported them, would have considered it a part of liberty to kill their unborn child? And you call yourself a classical liberal. You have a leftist’s conception of liberty, the right to do whatever the hell you want and impose costs, ultimately including death, onto others.

      1. Sock puppet fight!

        1. How much you want to bet that American would stop being anti-abortion if it was made illegal only for White Babies?

          1. And mandatory for black people.

            1. *And Hispanics Irish. And Hispanics.

              1. The Zimmerman-Martin case must a a real conundrum for American. Hurrah a niglet is dead, but a dirty spic got the honor of killing it.

                1. He’s probably glad Martin is dead, but still wants Zimmerman convicted.

            2. I thought you and I were racists for not wanting people who move here get to vote immediately afterwards — and now we’re godless nihilists who want blacks and Hispanics overrunning the country?

              I’m so confused.

              1. That’s your brain on American logic. And IT, aren’t you Puerto Rican? You know American demands you go back to your home island. Your mere presence offends him

                1. Yeah, I’m Puerto Rican. ‘Twas amusing to be accused of being an anti-Hispanic racist in the weekend threads. And don’t be absurd; as a US territory American believes that Puerto Rico should be cleansed of Hispanics and repopulated with white or Asian immigrants.

              2. Are you talking to me, IT?

                Yeah. It is pretty interesting that we were super racist for thinking this immigration bill is a mess but now we’re race traitors.

                1. It’s a damned shame, really. I already ordered my white hood off of Amazon and everything; guess I’m going to have to sell it off to pay my Black Panther membership dues.

                  1. The scheduling is what tends to get really fucked up. When you accidentally walk into a La Raza meeting wearing your Nazi armband, they don’t want to hear that it was just an honest mistake and you must have read your calendar wrong.

                    1. It’s especially awkward when you’re toastmaster for the National Socialist party, and you accidentally pull out the notes for your “Death to Whitey” speech. I tell you, talks around the whites-only water cooler got pretty frigid after that.

                  2. I am torn on the Zinnermann case. On the one hand, Martin as a black, was obviously an aggressor in that situation. Blacks have been shown to have much more criminal tendencies that Mestizos, who have higher concentrations of European blood. However, you can’t have Mestizos running around the country killing blacks, it is bound to lead to disaster. A white girl could get hit from a stray bullet.(very likely considering the notoriously low visuospatial intelligence that group displays.) So I think he should just get five years behind bars and then be deported back to Peru.

                    As for Puerto Rico, I doubt it could make a good colony for white or Asian stock, considering it’s southern tropical climate. I favor giving the land independence, the people aren’t real Americans anyway.

                    1. ^^ If this is a parody, it’s wonderful. If not, then I weep for humanity.

                    2. So I think he should just get five years behind bars and then be deported back to Peru.

                      Okay, definitely a parody. This part made me laugh.

                    3. NEEDS MORE PHRENOLOGY!

                    4. I think that’s a parody, and it’s a really good one. I can almost imagine American saying that word for word

                    5. Although honestly, if not for the line about a random white girl, and the comment in the parentheses, I would be really unsure

  22. I think I’ve found the worst thing on the internet today: Jezebel writer explains why Justice Clarence Thomas is the worst ever.

    3. He’s Scalia’s “black friend”

    One of the worst things about Justice Thomas is, because of his visibility as a Supreme Court Justice, his vile worldview is given undue credence by conservatives. “How can this be racist?” they ask innocently. “My black friend thinks it’s OK!” Justice Scalia has essentially admitted as much, saying that he has followed Thomas’s lead on certain issues?that it was Thomas that led Scalia down a more conservative path, not the other way around.

    Nowhere is this “tokenization” of Thomas more evident than the circumstances under which he became a Supreme Court Justice in the first place. Thomas replaced Thurgood Marshall?the first black member of the Court, crusader for civil rights, and former chief counsel of the NAACP. When Justice Marshall retired in 1991, President George Bush, the first of his name, replaced him with Clarence fucking Thomas. Like, oh, Clarence Thomas is black. Good enough. Basically the same as Thurgood Marshall, right? Yeah, sounds good.

    These people are the lowest form of life on Earth.

    1. ‘I’m not racist, but I think when black people disagree with me it’s because they’re pawns controlled by white people.’ /A disturbing number of liberals

    2. They are total racists. What you have here is a bunch of white women who can’t under deal with or understand a strong black man who forms his own opinions. They are utterly puzzled and threatened by Thomas. They to use their own phrase, have not checked their privilege.

    3. What this person wrote says a lot more about them than they realize.

    4. Epi is right about the projection thing. Racists see racism everywhere.

    5. She lost me halfway through the lede.

      Everyone knows Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the best Supreme Court justice

      Wait, what now?

      1. Yeah. All the best Supreme Court Justices vote with the majority in a case that decides it’s okay to take the land of poor people and sell it to a corporation.

        What a wonderful person Justice Ginsburg is.

      2. In one of its worst opinions of all time, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional.

        Sorry, lady, if you really think this was one of the worst opinions of all time, I have a few others to remind you of. How do you like Dred Scott? How do you like Korematsu, motherfucker?

        1. Buck v. Bell. Schenck v. United States.

          Of course, both of those were products of early 1900 progressives, so neo-progressives like to forget that they happened.

          1. Let’s toss Wickard v. Filburn on the list while we’re at it.

            1. Kelo v. New London. Plessy v. Ferguson. Muller v. Oregon (a case that upheld an Oregon ban on women working more than 10 hours a day.) Hamdi v. Rumsfeld.

              1. Now, Plessy Fergusan made a good tractor back in the day. It was a racist tractor…but a good one.

                It kept the other tractors in their place – separate, but equal places.

          2. Yep those are two more good ones. I know people care about voting rights, but do they really think they are more important than not being just fucking imprisoned or maimed because you are a minority? I kind of don’t think so.

            1. Dred Scott really takes the prize. It says in so many words that the natural state of the black man is enslavement and any white person is free to enslave any black person wherever they may be found.

              But telling the feds they can’t control how the states gerrymander districts is just so much worse than that.

              1. It’s a horrible decision, but I love the guy’s name: Dred Scott.

                1. Yes it is. And he was a good guy too.

              2. Exactly; it completely demolished the rights of free blacks in the north.

                People wonder why I find the CSA’s supposed stand for states’ rights a bit hard to swallow.

                1. What bothers me about the lost role of the states in federalism isn’t that the South was right but that the Union was wrong. Not about slavery, but about the political structure itself.

                  1. I suspect that this change was in some ways inevitable. Half of CONUS was administered as federally-chartered territories; the other half was torn apart by slavery and conflicting economic impulses. Secession wouldn’t have solved those problems, and frankly a Unionist-led CSA which went to pains to preserve its own union through force of arms (see e.g., Georgia or Virginia’s attempts to assert states’ rights in the region) would have been no better on that issue than the Union.

        2. Nikkis,

          Stop with your mansplanning with all of that history and stuff.

        3. The natural end result of the type of hysterical partisan politics that TEAM BLUE uses to whip its sheep into line is that everything that just happened is the most important thing EVAR. Already dumb people are getting massively worked up and making themselves even dumber.

          1. It is about narcissism. How dare you imply that anyone has ever suffered more than her or fought in more noble and important causes. Everything that just happened is the most important ever because she is the most important ever.

            1. And narcissism is the primary driver of the “self-esteem” movement, which leads to identity politics.

              As they’ve been telling 3 going on 4 generations now “you’re special, and you’re unique, and nobody knows the hard times you’ve been through”

              1. As they’ve been telling 3 going on 4 generations now “you’re special, and you’re unique, and nobody knows the hard times you’ve been through”

                It’s like they never left adolescence. Well, intellectually they never did.

                They should have a few more tantrums. Those are always effective at persuasion.

                1. Even intellectually, some have matured, but not emotionally. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met were emotionally immature.

                  People completely forget about emotional maturity because it’s been absolutely obliterated over the last 60-75 years.

                  Try telling a girl of 14-16 today to go round up 10 chickens, cut their heads off with a butcher’s knife, drain the blood, and gut them. With most girls, you’d get a river of salty tears and no dinner.

        4. And among all those problematic opinions written or joined by Thomas, nothing about Redding and the fucking Advil strip search.

          1. That is because they agreed with him on those. Or more likely they are really stupid and uninformed and have no idea such cases were ever decided.

    6. Thomas was an affirmative action hire – deny it all you wish.

      OF course he had the minimum requirements too.

      1. Thomas was an affirmative action hire

        So you are saying the Senate all voted for him because he was black? Like when all of the racist white people like you voted for obama? Like that

        Take your racist bullshit elsewhere. We put up with your sock puppeting. But you and Alec need to stop posting racist shit on here. Stop it or we will call the moderators like we do on Mary Stack.

        We all laugh at you shreek because you are retarded. But sometimes even the retarded kid gets out of line. And when you post your racist rants on here, that is one of those times.

      2. Before the Peanut Gallery spins out of control:

        In those days, U.S. presidents submitted lists of potential federal court nominees to the American Bar Association (ABA) for a confidential rating of their judicial temperament, competence and integrity on a three-level scale of well qualified, qualified or unqualified.[39] Anticipating that the ABA would rate Thomas more poorly than they thought he deserved, the White House and Republican Senators pressured the ABA for at least the mid-level qualified rating, and simultaneously attempted to discredit the ABA as partisan.[40] The ABA did rate Thomas as qualified, although with one of the lowest levels of support for a Supreme Court nominee.[41][42][43][44][45][46]


        And Bush 41 told Toobin that he wanted a black replacement.

        1. Yes Shreek. We know, you are a racist. Stop posting your racial trash and move on. Come on shreek, go back to screaming Christfag and throwing your own shit like you usually do. Racist rants against Clearance Thomas is bad even for you.

          1. You can’t even fake PC well, John. Clarence Thomas is Team Red so you support him.

            1. Stop insulting Thomas for being black. We put up with a lot from you because we know you are retarded. But racism is something that is just not allowed. Take your white supremacy over the Kos where its only white people and they will accept it.

        2. It’s nonsense. I’ve read a number of Thomas’ opinions. He’s as good and as well-reasoned as any other sitting justice. Regardless of whether you agree with his politics.

          1. People like Shreek can never accept the existence of a brilliant and strong black man. There is nothing they hate more or find more threatening.

            1. It’s pretty telling how much hate is thrown at individuals from certain identity groups who “betray” the leftist cause.

        3. It really is sad to see you hide behind the ABA when what you really want to do is scream about how that damned nigger took another job away from the whites.

          Let it all out.

          1. Yup. No one ever calls Scalia or Alito affirmative action hires. Shreek just can’t stand that a black man took a white man’s job.

            1. OK. I will remember how much you guys support Affirmative Action the next time there is a ruling on it.

              1. We support equality shreek. We judge Thomas as a human being not by his race, something you can’t do.

              2. ^^This is your brain on stupid^^

      3. I hate to defend this shithead, but he isn’t saying anything inaccurate. Are you really going to imply that his being black had nothing to do with his appointment? The definition of political correctness is that you can’t say something factually true without being labeled a “racist.”

        1. Well Thomas was and is qualified to be a USSC justice. Affirmative Action, to me, is when you promote someone who is less qualified due to their race or gender or sexual orientation.

          1. Exactly.

            If you wanted to hire a black person and the person you ended up hiring for the job was both the best qualified in your eyes *and* black, that’s surplus value — not affirmative action.

          2. I could see your point, but still, if two people had identical qualifications and the black ALWAYS got the advantage, it would still seem unfair wouldn’t it? I’m not criticizing Bush’s decision, I would have done the same thing in his position, but I don’t think it is “racist” to point out the truth.

            1. If both applicants are equally qualified then in either case the decision is arbitrary.

              Since I think Thomas is far and away our best Justice, I’m not even sure there are grounds on which to claim that there were better or equally situated applicants for the position.

    7. Like, oh, Clarence Thomas is black. Good enough. Basically the same as Thurgood Marshall, right? Yeah, sounds good.

      Is it any surprise that Thomas hates these people and affirmative action so much? A bunch a pampered white women taking a shit on a black man who grew up in the Jim Crow South only to become a Supreme Court justice. They really are unbelievable repulsive people. It is not even intelligent writing. They are vile but then make up for it by being comically stupid and uneducated.

      1. They’re really going out of their way to prove Thomas’ main opposition to affirmative action right, aren’t they?

        Like, oh, Clarence Thomas is black. Good enough. Basically the same as Thurgood Marshall, right? Yeah, sounds good.

        Any black in a position of power is there only because they’re black and not on merit.

        1. In their defense, they’ve been promoting affirmative action for decades to bring about that exact effect. So it should come as no surprise that somewhere along the way they forgot just what was in the Kool-Aid.

      2. The writer is biracial, but I otherwise agree with your point. And then are a ton of 100% white liberal women who agree with her (ignoring their own advice of “checking one’s privilege”)

    8. Justice Scalia has essentially admitted as much, saying that he has followed Thomas’s lead on certain issues?that it was Thomas that led Scalia down a more conservative path, not the other way around.

      When a person from an oppressed group tries to share their experience, the proper response is to stop talking and listen. You might learn something.

      Unless he’s a no good conservative, in which case it will just make you more racist.

      1. It’s definitely impossible that the arguments and evidence Thomas put forth influenced Scalia. No, it’s just because he’s Scalia’s black friend.

    9. It really is projection, like Epi said. Many white progressives (especially upper-class white women) in their heart of hearts don’t believe that blacks can succeed on their own.

    10. A Fugitive Ideological Slave Act is just the answer they’re looking for.

    11. returnofthehoneyUMeagan Hatcher-Mays101L
      I’ve always said that the worse kind of person is one is a traitor amongst his or her own, racially, gender-wise, religion (e.g. hurting fellow Jews), or sexual orientation. I’ve despised Thomas for so long I’ve forgotten he exists. I can’t wait for his fall, which will be the day he looks in the mirror and realizes he’s been black all along. 45 minutes ago

      He reminds me of Clayton Bigsby from the Chappelle Show. At least Bigsby was blind. 37 minutes ago

      Yeah, but I see more of Uncle Ruckus (The Boondocks) from him. Scary! 31 minutes ago

      1. And a white person has so much standing to call a black person a race traitor.

        1. They might not be white. I mean, they’re on Jezebel, so they’re probably white. But one of them could be a black person.

          All three of them probably aren’t though, so there are at least two racists.

        2. Clayton Bigsby and Uncle Ruckus are modern Uncle Tom characters taken to a comedic extreme. It’s racist as shit to call him that.

          1. Uncle Tom himself was the protagonist of the novel. The novel ends in him dying to protect runaway slaves.

            1. Well I meant the later derived characters that the modern insult comes from.

          2. And the really sad thing is that Uncle Tom was a character of dignity and integrity in the eponymous novel.

            1. As much as one could be under the circumstances, of course.

      2. I’ve always said that the worse kind of person is one is a traitor amongst his or her own, racially, gender-wise, religion (e.g. hurting fellow Jews), or sexual orientation.

        So we can expect a similar denunciation of George Soros sometime in the near future?

        1. First thing I thought of.

      3. I’ve always said that the worse kind of person is one is a traitor amongst his or her own, racially, gender-wise, religion (e.g. hurting fellow Jews), or sexual orientation.

        But I thought these are all social constructs? What’s the crime in “betraying” social constructs? Can’t that also be called changing your mind?

        Interesting that family, friends or other people you’ve intentionally made promises and obligations with are not in the list. Betraying them isn’t as bad as betraying someone who shares your skin color.

        What a piece of shit.

  23. Did you enjoy your lunch? Was it pleasant?

    Well, prepare to vomit it back up.

    FTA: Rizzo is among the fraternity of Chicago cops who, despite repeated run-ins with the law, have continued working for the department.

    Some have been convicted of misdemeanor crimes ? including assault and battery and theft. By law, the police department can’t employ convicted felons.

    Just how many officers have misdemeanor convictions, the department won’t say. Three have been convicted of misdemeanors since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in May 2011, but the department won’t say how many others were convicted before then and remain on the job.

    The department has stripped 74 officers of their police powers. Sixteen of them have been suspended without pay, and five have taken a leave of absence.

    The other 53, including Rizzo, are on “call back” ? working desk jobs. That’s less than one half-percent of the department’s workforce, according to a spokesman for police Supt. Garry McCarthy.

    1. It’s 5:15 here in God’s Timezone. I’m on my 3rd drink.

    1. The Vital Records Services’ … were able to verify Grimes’ gender eventually by using her son’s birth certificate.


    2. I’m not seeing the issue here. “It’s obvious!” is not way to run a records department, government or otherwise.

  24. Psycho-nutball cop shoots and kills somebody (and of course will not face charges). Chief says the officer committed over 100 serious violations of department policy prior to the killing and wants the guy gone. The union disagrees.

    FTA: The 58-page complaint, which Wray filed late Friday, alleges 118 violations of 13 department policies, including the department’s equal protection policy aimed at assuring the community the police are not biased in enforcing the law. The complaint also cites violations of harassment, workplace violence and weapons handling policies.
    Most of the alleged violations involve comments Heimsness made about citizens, dispatchers and fellow officers and supervisors, many of them filled with obscenities and remarks that could be considered racist or sexist.

    Thank God we have strong unions that protect people like this from termination. Without them, there would be total anarchy!

    1. otoh we have DUE PROCESS and its funny how you ‘libertarians’ would deny it to people just because they work for the GOVERNMENT.

      we still have DUE PROCESS and my years of service are nothing compared to you


      1. Smooches!

      2. due process and work rules are one and the same for union employees. if you worked for a public sector union and were FORCED into the line of fire like we are, you would be entitled to the same due process we negotiate separate from the laws we gt to enforce.

        i have a spotless 20 year record and you are a pissant civilian. i will not back up my claims, but i will tell you that you BIGORATI couldn’t be on the streets like i am, fighting for truth, justice and the american police state. except, of course, for the 8 months out of the year when i’m on long term disability. but that’s negotiated in good faith and even though i am a drain on the state’s taxpayers and do not provide value for the money i am paid, that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t remain on the payroll.


        1. very nice. I need to practice.

        2. lol!


          ow! pulled another muscle – probably tore it. shit, now I’ve injured myself again. per our negotiated agreements, which are contract law and therefore legal and justified and correct, I will now extend my medical leave. plenty of case law backs tha up – it’s clear once you understand the total fact scenario.


  25. Clarence Thomas is Racist!!!

    Today, though. Today was the white hood on the top of Thomas’s racism cake. In one of its worst opinions of all time, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. That section prevented jurisdictions with a history of suppressing the minority vote from changing their voting procedures without approval from the Department of Justice. This procedure has been so effective in improving voter turnout and ending discrimination that the Court decided we don’t need it anymore. Not only did Justice Thomas agree with this, he wrote a separate concurrence just to point out that he’d strike down the other sections of the Act that protect minority voters! WHAT? BECAUSE FUCK BLACK PEOPLE TRYING TO VOTE IN ALABAMA, AM I RIGHT?

    1. Dammit, missed the link by serious.

    2. Today was the white hood on the top of Thomas’s racism cake.

      I see that competition for the Thomas Friedman Prize in Botched Mixed Metaphors will be stiff this year.


      2. The raw imbecility contained in that sentence just took 5 years off my life.

    3. I heard someone once say in Newsweek that he heard Clarence Thomas refer to a black guy as a “nigger”. He should be impeached and forced to walk a day in a black man’s shoes to see what pain his words cause. There is no place in this world or in the American court system for outdated bigotry like his.

      /Kos Kids

      1. Clarence Thomas isn’t nearly black enough. He doesn’t listen to the kind of cool black person music that my maid does.

        /Privileged white liberal

        1. Back when he was being confirmed, it was pretty obvious that the left really feared the idea of a prominent black conservative being named to the court. The crap thrown at him was really shocking, capped, of course, by what in hindsight appears to have been a totally political set of accusations from Anita Hill. Note that nothing has even been suggested like that about him in his subsequent career, which is atypical of the sort of person who was supposed to have done what he did.

          By any means necessary, right?

    4. Speak it! Black turnout was so suppressed these last few elections.

  26. From my neck of the woods: I think it hits all of the SWPL tropes. Although why they would work for North Florida CC in Tallahassee (which has TCC) puzzles me.

    In Tallahassee, Fla., two women are upping the urban-farming ante. Claire Mitchell and Danielle Krasniqi started Ten-Speed Greens last November. They not only grow lettuce, tomatoes, and other produce on a formerly vacant lot in the city, they literally pedal their wares to local restaurants and cafes on a pair of bicycles.

    If that wasn’t eco-friendly enough, Mitchell and Krasniqi make their deliveries with a pair of bikes made by a Tallahassee-based cycle-maker who uses their city-grown veggies to supply his other business ? a vegan restaurant.

    Although the vegan restaurant, Sweet Pea Cafe, is good.

    1. If they didn’t fertilize only with their own bodily waste and menstrual blood, then they haven’t hit all of the tropes yet.

    2. Good for them. I can only hope they’re trolling the local businesses and actually run their A/C 24 hours a day with the windows open and line their fields with used motor oil to separate the crops.

      Meh, I can’t get worked up about this. I am, after all, still trying to get my organic artisinal mayonnaise company off the ground.*

      *Fucking California OSHA and DFA fucking me up at every turn.

      1. I just love the checkboxing of the article.

        1. Reminds me of the comments at PoliceOne:

          Had it coming…check
          UOF continuum…check
          Furtive movement…check
          Menacing look…check
          Went for waistband…check

          And that’s just from an article where a cop shot a guy 14 times at point blank range as he stepped out of his truck!

  27. Washington State cop sexually assaults woman under color of law. Will not face jail time, of course.

    Because, you know, an armed civilian who sexually assaults a victim never gets jail time either.

    1. Union rules allow 2 sexual assaults a year without jail time. Now if he commits a third, he might have to take a paid administrative leave.

      1. Ah, yes. The “Three strikes and you’re on vacation” union rules.

        How did we live without this great advance in workers’ rights that is called the Public Sector Union? I bet Washington State was like one big 365 day a year version of The Purge prior to the PBA.

  28. By my accounting, the litany of crimes this cop is purported to have committed should result in a bot more than $300 in fines.

    And I wonder how that breathalyzer and blood test they surely took him in and had administered came out. Oh, they never did? Wow, I guess that’s just lucky for him.

  29. Experts say this is likely because of higher school loan debt, and losses from the housing bubble burst.

    In other words, nothing to do with the economy, just poor money management.

  30. Cops cuff 7 and 8 year old kids and take them to a holding cell.

    They agree top pay $25k in restitution, but will not have to admit they did anything wrong in the settlement.

    This is the shit I was talking about in the Shackford Can’t Move Freely About SoCal article earlier today. People need to take these to trial and show there was wrongdoing. If they don’t, every following case is treated like a first offense and there can’t be any enhanced discipline or punitive damages.

    1. OT: Is neoliberal Kochtopus the old TAO?

      1. Not sure. I thought I got into it (shocking, I know) with TAO on here the other day. Why would he change his handle? Did I internet-kick his ass so bad that he had to rebrand?

        1. He’s changed his handle more often than Liberace changed costumes.

          1. Or more often than the Boss hired and fired Billy Martin.

            1. I realized I was having an old argument with him a few months ago. Has he changed it again since then?

              1. It would appear so.

          2. And bed linen.

  31. sloop-

    Suppose the two of us hosted a morning drive time sports talk show in Akron. Suppose further that on the very same night that the Heat win game 7 of the NBA Finals, Ohio State fired Urban Meyer.

    What is our lead on our show the next morning?

    1. What is our lead on our show the next morning?

      Probably how I went all Budd Dwyer and blew my brains out on live TV because the best I could do was land a gig in Akron.

      Now if the show was in a civilized part of the world, say Cincy, it would probably be the Meyer firing.

      1. Doesn’t the NBA Finals game 7, no matter the teams, merit the lead, even if there is a significant local story?

        Or, for that matter, the college football national championship over the significant local story?

        For example, take the 2002 national championship game. In my view, that is the lead whether our show is in Columbus or Boston or Santa Barbara or Coral Gables.

        1. It depends on the city and their local sports fans’ dedication to a particular team, IMO.

          Barring an earth-shattering story like Meyer getting the axe, the lead in Cincy would certainly be the Heat winning the NBA Championship.
          Lewis gets canned by the Bungles? The Heat is the lead.
          The Lizard gets fired by the Reds? The Heat is the lead.

          But if it has to do with TOSU football and is big, you can bet your ass that’ll take top billing.

  32. Cuttlefish, attack!

    1. Indeed Brett, indeed.

  33. Charter schools select students. Stop buying this bs.

  34. lol, dude is a hero man, I hope he is never caught!

  35. I wonder how much home values have to do with the net worth thing. I’m contributing to the decline by not owning a house at all, I bet.

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