Drone Over Protest in Turkey Shot Down by Police, News Drone Over Protest in Brazil Mistaken for UFO

UAVs not UFOs


shot by cop
Jenk K/Vimeo

Unmanned aerial vehicles are playing a role in recent protests in both Turkey and Brazil. In Istanbul, police shot down a remote-controlled quadcopter one protester was using to capture video of demonstrations in the city. The shooting down of the drone was also captured on video. Protesters in Turkey accused the media of ignoring them and many Turks relied on social media and citizen journalism to learn about what was going on at protests in their country.

In Brazil, meanwhile, media outlets are using news drones to capture footage of massive nationwide protests that have gripped the country. There, one Sao Paulo cable channel's UAV was mistaken for a UFO by protesters. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff told protesters her government was listening to them, but that didn't stop the protests or the often violent police crackdowns.

Video of police shooting down the remote-controlled drone in Istanbul:

And video of the news drone over Sao Paolo: