Sheriff's Deputies Beat and Jail Attorney For Comforting His Client


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When it comes to Third World-style thuggishness, there's nary a gold-bedecked generalissimo or a brigade of sociopathic enforcers haunting any of the jungles of the world who can hold a candle to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, and his merry gang of loyal psychopaths. Their misdeeds range from jailing journalists who have rubbed him the wrong way to torturing a paraplegic, with numerous others worthy of mention, and litigation (prosecution is too much to hope for). You can add another one to the tally if yet another lawsuit pans out. This time, sheriff's deputies apparently beat an attorney half-to-death for daring to go a-lawyering in proximity to officers of the law.

From Courthouse News Service:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawyer-hating deputies beat an attorney so badly his brain bled and his shoulder was dislocated as he tried to calm down a client at the scene of an accident, the attorney and client say in separate lawsuits.

Daniel Kloberdanz and his employee and client, Valarie Lingenfelder, sued Arpaio, Maricopa County, its Sheriff's Office and other county employees, in Maricopa County Court. …

Kloberdanz says he "asked [Officer Joseph] Pellino, very politely, words to the effect, 'Can I please go over and try to calm her down, I'm the only person she knows here.'"

Pellino then asked Lingenfelder "words to the effect, 'Do you know this man?' Lingenfelder then said, 'Yes, he's my friend, [then a slight pause] and he's my attorney.'

Pellino then walked back towards Kloberdanz, and before Kloberdanz could finish a sentence again requesting to approach Lingenfelder, much to Kloberdanz's surprise, Pellino shoved Kloberdanz in his chest so hard it knocked him over," the complaint states. (Brackets in complaint.)

The complaint continues: "Pellino shoved Kloberdanz so hard it left bruises on Kloberdanz's upper chest below his collar bone. From the shove, Kloberdanz slipped on the gravel and rolled on the ground, avoiding hitting his head on the gravel. Once Kloberdanz got his footing back, he stood up.

"Kloberdanz did not do or say anything that might intimidate or aggravate Pellino, knowing he had a gun and short temper.

"Again, Pellino immediately approached Kloberdanz aggressively and began yelling words to the effect that 'I don't need you guys telling me how to do my job,' as he tackled Kloberdanz to the ground.

The injuries inflicted on Kloerdanz were … mind-boggling. In addition to the brain injuries and dislocated shoulder described above, the deputies so brutally ground his face into the gravel that stones were forced under the skin. He ended up in jail too, of course, and without medical treatment, though charges were later dropped.

That's unbelievable, you say. But as Ray Stern writes at the Phoenix New Times:

One point that runs in Kloberdanz's favor, as far as we're concerned, is that Kloberdanz claims Deputy Steven Carpenter helped hold him down as Pellino beat him. As we've previously reported, Carpenter, in September 2012—about three months after the Kloberdanz incident—went on a road trip to North Dakota to help another deputy ambush and attack a man.

This can't happen in America? Yeah. And the government can't listen to your phone calls, either.

You can read the full text of Daniel Kloberdanz's lawsuit here.

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  1. Why can’t it ever be Congressmen or Senators they do this to? Or at least a Kennedy?

    1. Take heart! Our simian brothers have begun to strike back at the thin blue line!

      Victory is at hand!

  2. Wishing with all my heart that Scalia crosses paths in a dark place with some of Sheriff Joe’s finest.

    1. Scalia? This isn’t some kind of citizens united gripe is it?

      1. Nope….it’s a “new professionalism” gripe…something Scalia cited (shit… I don’t even recall the case now)…about how law enforcement was better trained and somehow held to a higher standard…..hah!.

        1. I missed that one. Duly noted.

          1. I missed that one.


            There isnt a Scalia thread without a new professionalism mention around here.

        2. That was from his opinion on a fourth amendment case, which has little to do with this incident.

          I seriously doubt Scalia sanctions the stuff described in the article.

  3. Of course the Tea Party loves Joe Aripaio. But if you suggest the Tea Party’s libertarianism is in anyway phony, you must be an oikophobe.

    1. you must be an oikophobe.

      What does a crippling fear of homes have to do with the Tea Party?

      1. It’s apparently the new slang term in some tea party circles for people who criticize the tea party. It’s supposedly the opposite of xenophobia.

        For example:…..4630/posts

        1. Whenever I see it, I just think of piggies. Won’t someone think of the poor, poor piggies? Especially the ones that fit in your pocket.

        2. Geez. You’d think a British conservative (A Cantabrigian no less!) would remember enough of his Greek as to not employ such a ghastly neologism.

          Enoch Powell must be turning in his grave.

          1. You mean like television, automobile, homosexual, etc?

        3. It’s supposedly the opposite of xenophobia.

          I.e., xenophilia. However, “oikophobia” is used to imply that a xenophile is driven more by a distaste for his own home and culture than an appreciation for others.

          1. All this time, I thought it was “oinkophobe.” You know, like Sloopy.

            1. I like that much better than “bigorati.”

            2. Hey! I take offe…never mind. That’s pretty accurate.

    2. Of course the Tea Party loves Joe Aripaio.

      We’ve been over this. ‘The Tea Party’ loves no one. There are libertarian leaning people in the Tea Party, and there are odious Socons within the Tea Party. It has no central leadership, so saying ‘The Tea Party loves X’ is just ridiculous.

      1. Oh joy, and now we play the “nobody is actually in the tea party!” game.

        1. No, we are playing the “there is no central tea party leadership” game.

          Which is true.

          There is no such thing as a tea party leader.

        2. If I said “Moviegoers love Michael Bay” would you not find anything to quibble with?

          SOME != ALL. That’s the game we’re playing.

      2. Remember how Stormy was talking about how judges start with what they like or don’t like and reason from there? Well…

    3. That’s the really disturbing thing. He & his people know they’ve got a cheering section, and that therefore they can behave like total shits, and as long as they’re inflicting injury on someone, their cheering section will uncritically take it as someone who needed it. Because in their minds, Arpaio’s a vicarious victim for them, and that it’s all he (they) can do to get back.

      Either that or there’s just a lot of people out there who are sadists and just glad somebody is hurting somebody, preferably somebody innocent so it hurts better.

      1. That description fit Bammy perfectly.

      2. Its worse than that – he’s been investigated for civil rights violations by the federal government who basically told him he was a naughty boy and if he does it again he *might* get into real trouble.

    4. The *Tea Party* is a group of people with diverse views on social issues who only agree that the taxes are too damn high.

      But I guess that’s the same thing as racism to a true blue Dem like you.

    5. Of course the Tea Party loves Joe Aripaio.

      Bullshit. Joe Arpaio isn’t noted for fiscal conservatism.


  4. How the fuck can they get away with doing this to a fucking lawyer? Not that lawyers should be some special class but historically haven’t the cops been super wary of fucking with lawyers because lawyers know the law and courts are run by fellow lawyers called judges? And now they’ll just beat the ever-loving shit out of one and nothing happens? Are they so unafraid of the “civilians” at this point?

    (Obviously they are.)

    1. …courts are run by fellow lawyers called judges?

      And those courts are filled with politics as much as any public office. Some attorneys are liked by their fellow but black-robed litigators and some are not. It’s possible this guy is not in favor.

    2. Are they so unafraid of the “civilians” at this point?

      The police are pretty much signalling that no, they don’t give a fuck about you and yes, they will kill you if ordered to do so. And they’ll sleep well that night.

      They long for the day when martial law is declared.

      1. These are the cunts for whom I wished that Hell was real.

        I’ll settle for an ironic death.

    3. Due, his deputies STOLE paperwork from a lawyer, in the middle of a trial while the lawyer was talking to the judge, right as the judge was looking right at the deputy doing it (and didn’t say a damn thing).…..-stea.html

  5. Based on the photo of the fairly comely Ms. Lingenfelder the cop probably freaked when Kloberdanz had the gall to interrupt his probable next step in the “investigation”: sexual blackmail/outright rape.

    1. Oh, and the best online comment to a news story ever:


      I know Kloberdenz too. I know him very well because his horribal client sued me few years ago. During my trial he strangled a little puppy in court to scare my key witness. It worked and I lost the case. The judge was so surprised to see a lawyer kill a puppy he did nothing. Its all caught on video but the Marcopa County Court conspired to keep it secret.

      Please, please, please tell me this was written in earnest!

      1. Nahh….only representatives of the state get to kill small animals during court proceedings. Usually biting the head off a live bunny in the presence of the jury or a hostile witness is sufficient to turn a trial in the states favor.

    2. just shows the face. I used to date a girl with a drop dead gorgeous face, but she weighed in at 300lb

  6. Yet another case where were the officer wearing a video cam justice could be served. Can’t we afford $50 per pig to get this done?

  7. What the fucking fuck? I expect them to do this to Joe Schmoe, but they’re generally smart enough not to mess with attorneys. A new low.

  8. Why did they bring the suit in state court? Don’t they have a federal claim?

  9. Man Arpaio vs. a lawyer. Is that a Koyabashi Maru test for libertarians or what?

    1. Are libertarians anti-lawyer?

      1. At times!

        I’m curious to know at what point so many of these things rack up at once that insurance becomes impossible to get or the city/county blows through it’s entire law enforcement budget in the first two months of the fiscal year ala Chicago due to bad cop behavior?

      2. Aren’t non-lawyer PEOPLE anti-lawyer?

        1. You’re fucking idiot.

          1. You must be a fucking attorney.

          2. joez law!

    2. A Kobayashi Maru test for libertarians would be attempting to rescue a ship full of hot libertarian women against attack from a fleet of ships crewed by the Jezzies and Double X staff.

      Do you abandon the precious resource of libertarian women to their fates or do you sacrifice your ship to try and save them?

      1. Hah! It’s a trick question. There are no libertarian women!

        1. There’s one. She posts here sometimes under different aliases, something about Nikki. Although we speculate that she’s part of a new breed of XYL gene type.

          1. By my count we have: Nicole, Dagny T., Kaptious Kristen, and Pagan Priestess?

            1. and the rare Ms. Flashman

            2. We’ve also got carol and Spartangirl!

              I like that every time this comes up, we inevitably end up listing the…chickertarians? Femmetarians? Galetarians?

              1. Liberafeminians

            3. You left out several, snapper. But I’ll let your young mind figure that out on your own…

              1. Oh Hyperion, no one could forget you and your rabid feminism.

            4. Isn’t “invisible freaky hand” a woman too?

            5. I don’t post much, but… *raises hand*

              And I’m not just a libertarian. I’m an ancap.

              1. And I’m not just a libertarian. I’m an ancap.

                If you’re single and, presumably, breathing, you should expect a marriage proposal sometime in the next few days.

            6. Well, I know at least one is gay, and as for the others, well believe it not, sometimes men pretend to be women on the internets! My point being, that’s the reason libertarians are such a small group; we have to convert, we can’t increase our numbers the fun way, like the religious right does. I think libtards reproduce by parthenogenesis, or perhaps the One is like Zeus, and fathers them all.

              1. perhaps the One is like Zeus, and fathers them all.

                It’s possible, he has a very big head.

          2. I refer you to my upcoming book, The Nikki Myth. Available at fine bookstores everywhere, and Books-A-Million.

            1. I see what you did there, Fatty.

            2. You should rename to The Nicole Paradox

              Long as I get a h/t in the forwards.

          1. Hey, if they aren’t posting at H&R, they probably don’t exist. She’s obviously a hologram.

      2. Judging by posts here, Libertarian men are the same foolish bastards as other men. So, abandon all hope to save the hoes.

      3. My #1 priority in that situation is to destroy the Jezebellian vessel.

        Chances to do that don’t come along every day.

        If I can save the libertarian women, so much the better. But that’s not my primary goal.

        1. That would be the correct solution. You won’t be rescuing anyone while under attack.

          Once the enemy is destroyed, you can get back to the rescuing and peril. I hear there might be spanking and oral sex involved.

  10. So they shoot dogs but let the lawyers off with a merciless beating? What gives?

  11. Well he did resist having his head hit the pavement following the shove, so… our heros merely gave a bit of tough love.

  12. Meh. I’d like to believe this guy’s story, but you know what liars lawyers are…

    1. Something about this story don’t pass the smell test. Why would a lawyer wait 13 months to file suit?

    2. We also know what liars Arpaio’s minions are.


  13. Son of a deformed pig! Why hasn’t we thrown a net over this asshole yet?

  14. Evil personified.

  15. Im suerprised someone hasnt taken that pompous windbag Arpaio out yet.

    1. You know they’ve gone too far when they radicalize the pedo-bot.

  16. His mug shot at the source article doesn’t look like a picture of a man just beaten half to death. He’s got a small laceration on his left cheek, but that’s consistent with the officer’s story (which claims that he got in the officer’s face and that’s why he was pushed back), which JDT puzzlingly chose not to include in his article.

    The cop could be lying, sure. They’ve done it before and will do it again. But the lawyer could also be lying. The timing of the suit is curious as it comes over a year after the incident, and on the eve of the lawyer being investigated by the state bar for wrongdoing. (another seemingly relevant fact JDT must have missed in the source)

  17. Pigs bro.

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